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CLEAN WITH ME| Cleaning my room, dining and folding clothes MOTIVATION

what's up you guys so today I'm gonna bedoing it clean with me video I'm sorrybut Marcel has something to say as wellI have the photo clothes and the cleanup my room the dining room is washed allmy dishes so I do hope that I bring yousome sort of motivation to get up andclean your own face I know I get it youmake plans what they were gonna do itdon't but today I just had the momentand filling and a desire to clean up mymy room in my house so I hope you do thesame I hope you do enjoy this video soright now I am folding up my clothes Ibelieve I have at least one big basketor basket in the half a clothes that Ireally really need to fold up[Music][Music]so it can be a challenge trying to holdof clothes and take care of your kidsbut I hear you I understand and you justgotta do what we got to do so marsaladefinitely want some attention come overyou're breastfeeding Graham right nowmultitask and that's what moms do that'swhat daddies do we can do it together[Music]so my son will be really reallydemanding so I did not get a chance allmy club like I wanted to she's over herfussing now so the next day I changed myattitude I woke up with good spirit Ichanged my hair I put essential oils onso it smell good I give I guess thevibration and one of my goals that Istarted in January sorry about the phonegoing off but I started making that mybed and when I tell you what I'm goingby room I just keep this file[Music]oh okay there's the exclamation on thismess but it's there and I'm taking careof it mass but I already have to startsome more clothes to wash but part of myrole I have to do my hair like thatblack dress the draw is all my hairproducts have so much and products thatis not gonna fit in the restroom andthis is why I do my makeup is my makeupstation at Penn Stationpretty much this whole room is just forme[Music][Music][Music][Music]so I have all these clothes on the floorbecause I told Miranda hey empty out allyour clothes because we're gonna get ridof all the clothes that you do not fitanymore and so she was separatingeverything but they she was like mommyI'm tired and I'm like okay fine so nowI'm in here trying to wash all thesedishes I have to put up the ones that Inever did put up and then I have toliterally wash all these dishes and ittook me a while[Music][Music][Music]

Cleaning my room, dining and folding clothes

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