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[Music]hey guys welcome back to my channel uhyeah yeah yeah I know look at thisdisaster so I am in your cleaningAndrews room and I thought to myself Katwhy are you not recording this so here Iam guys I actually took all of this junkout of Andrews closet I swear that isprobably where he's putting everythingevery time I tell him to clean his roombut here we are going through everythingso this video is actually a two daybecause it took me forever to clean thisroom I wouldn't say forever a grandtotal of probably an hour and a half butthere was a lot of work put into here sodon't forget to give this video a thumbsup comment down below and smash thatsubscribe button I really hope you guysenjoyed today's video[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]I'll be ready shot[Music][Music]henkle stopmy ankles stuck my ankle stuff I hateyour stack don't stop[Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]well guys if you've stuck around thislong we're now on day two so I'm justgoing through a box of old booksthis kid has so many books from picturebooks to how to draw books to NinjaTurtle books and novel books it's justinsane so I'm just sorting them goingthrough them and I can't believe thatthis room is taking us this long andrewis 11 years old so a pretty teen heseems to collect everything it doesn'tlike to use a garbage he is definitelynot allowed to eat or drink in his roomso I don't have to worry about any nastyfood or finding any you know a homemadescience experiments in his bedroom so itwasn't too bad it's just so sad to bethrowing out all of these toys guys heis so big he just really plays videogames and watches Netflix you knowNetflix and chill so just throw out someof these items is pretty sad becauseit's just me seeing his childhood justgoing away but it had to get done it isgoing to be so much better for him tokeep clean and I'm making sure thatthere is nothing left in here that hecan you know make a huge mess weactually even had to go buy him newclothes this weekend because he isgrowing so much we measured him he isfive seven five seven at 11 years old Iam in trouble guys[Music]Oh[Music][Music]you know alonegood[Music][Music]and destroy my sister's get up and dance[Music][Music]call me party body mega body spicy letme have some funny Dennis[Music][Music][Music]whoo guys look at this place feels sogood to finally have a done you knowthese kids they never clean anything theway you do wellnot answer anyway he stuffed everythingin his closet I really hope you guysenjoyed today's video don't forget togive this video a thumbs up comment downbelow and smash that subscribe buttonand I'll see you guys next time[Music][Music]

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Hey guys! I’ve finally had enough and had to get into Andrews room and give it a good deep clean. It took me over two days to do it but it’s finally done and I can’t wait for you to see the finished product.
I really hope you guys enjoy today’s video. Let me know down below how often you guys clean your preteen or teenagers room.

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