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okay Malachi in the Minor Prophetssection of your Old Testament in yourBible chapter 3 and we're gonna berolling on here in Malachi behold I sendmy messenger and he shall prepare theway before me and the Lord whom you seekshall suddenly come to his temple eventhe messenger of the Covenant whom hedelight in behold he shall come saiththe Lord of Hosts once we get closerinto the New Testament with Jesusspeaking to the disciples the peoples itdoes appear that John the Baptist wasthat man and yet there shall also be twothat come the two witnesses in the endof the age they shall also come aswitnesses during a very difficult timeon the earth where God is judging theearth for its wickedness God is judgingIsrael for rejecting the Messiah calledthe Tribulation Periodthe john the baptist's he does appear tobend the manned to go before the Lordand yet John the Baptist that we know ofscripturally speaking performed nomiracles but he was a powerful man inthe Holy Spirit if you remember thestory where man and his wife couldn'thave children he was one of the prieststhat went before to minister unto theLord he was struck to be mute so hecouldn't speak well John was bornremember that little storythe Holy Spirit was flowing his motherMary angels were appearing speaking topeople the Holy Spirit was moving and inthe time where God the Father said tothe son this time to start wrapping itupand he came roundabouts 2,000 years agohe came to die that we might live johnthe baptist's and the spirit and powerof elijah came and kind of set thegroundwork for the messiah to have hisministry beginning in israel we move onbut who may abide the day of his comingand who shall stand when he appears forhe is like a refiners fire and likefuller soul those things cleanserefiners fire that's troublethat's hardship fuller soap that'sthings that wash you clean gospelmessages study the Word of God prayerseeking the Lord letting the Holy Spiritmove in your life sometimes it gets youinvolved sometimes it pull you back andget you for a time of study and waitingupon the Lord both have to be done in amystery Jesus sometimes said him pulledaway into the wilderness for longperiods of time sometimes he came intothe people's to minister do you have tohave both in your life you can't put thepedal to the metal at all times come tothe barrage Jim could get a heavyworkout in and you got a rest for awhile gotta have a bite to eat have acup of joe now you got to go to work youknow earn your daily bread so you canprovide and the next day work somethingelse out you know or rest maybe you needa rest in between every workout time orwhatever it is you can't put the pedalto the metal at all times you can'tdrive it like you stole it at all timessometimes you gotta put it in park andturn the key off and go sit on the beachand watch the sunsetAnish shall sit as a refiner and apurifier of silver and he shall purifythe sons of Levi and purge them as goldand silver that they may offer unto theLord and offering in righteousness theuncial the offering of Judah andJerusalem be pleasant unto the Lord asin the days of old as in the formeryears and now will come near to you tojudgment and I will be a swift witnessagainst the Sorcerer's and against theadulterers and against the false swearsand against those that oppress thehireling in his wages the widow and thefatherless in that turn aside thestranger from his right and fear not mesaith the Lord of hosts for I am theLord I change not therefore ye sons ofJacob are not consumed he's speaking tothe sons of Levi because these theseLevitical priests that should be allrighteous because they no have theknowledge they have the truth they'reset aside to minister to the Lord butthey're caught up in all this they'recaught up in sorcery witchcraft smokeand dope and taking drugs of whatevertype the head pharmakeia 'he'sadulterers having affairs and yet comingto the temple and minister fall swearspeople that sped will spread liesamongst brethren to further their ownpolitical causes against those thatoppress the poor guy that's just workinga job to earn a living they oppress thewidow and the fatherless and that turnaside the stranger from his right andfear not me saith the lord he speakingto those actively involved in a ministryback then he called them the Levites nowit be anybody pastors teachers ministerslay lay preachers priests that are inthe Catholic churches where they callthemcongregation or whatever they call themwe're given to share the Word of God weneed to make sure that our own lives arepure and holy and set apart to the LordLord first before we come and share theWord of God to the other fairs to theother sheep yeah their own life in orderand their wickedness was bad and that'swhy the Lord says because I am the Lordand I said you were gonna be the priestis the only reason I haven't wiped youall out basically that's what the Lordis saying even from the days of yourfathers ye are gone astray from mineordinances and have not kept themreturned unto me and I will return untoyou saith the Lord of hostsbut you said wherein shall we return youhave to make a choice what makes a man aman or a woman a woman as the choicesyou make and Jesus is standing right onthe other side of a door a spiritualdoor in your life he wants you to knockand his he knocks back he wants to openand he wants you to walk through hewants you to make the choice of your ownaccord and have your own conversionexperience with the Son of God returnunto the Lord repent therefore the timesof refreshing may come from the presenceof the Lord acts 3:19verse 8 will a man Rob God yet you haverobbed me but you say wherein have werobbed thee entires and offering yourcurse with a curse for you have robbedme even of this whole nation manyministers and missionaries go out toforeign countries and and they're kindof forgotten and their wound up havingto take jobs and get involved in thingsbecause they have not support and yougot to do what you got to do but whenyou do not forget about the people thatare going out the guys that arepreaching and teaching the Word of Godbring you all the tithes into thestorehouse that there may be meat inmine house and prove me now herewithsaith the Lord of Hosts if I will notopen you the windows of heaven pour youout a blessing that there shall not beroom enough to receive it there arecertain promises that really apply toIsrael see in the New Testament churchour rewards are our blessing our of thespiritual gold the spiritual blessingsthe eternal blessings the blessings ofthe Holy Spirit to Israel as a nation itis prosperity the rains coming in andwashing and and feeding their groundwith nutrients because they are a nationand they have their God's people andthey have a covenant between God andthem but that doesn't mean our blessingsare less or theirs are greater or theirsare less but they're just differentbut whether Jew or Gentile once we enterinto the body of Jesus Christ the Son ofGod as we enter into relationship withhim our blessings are eternal ourblessings are spiritual and for thenation of Israel their blessingsto demonstrate that they are abiding inGod's Word was as God brought the reignson time as God brought fruitfulness untothe land it was like a symbol andassigned to them what God would speak tothem like when the cloud and thetabernacle moved it was time to move andwhen the cloud stopped that was time topitch a tent and be kind of nice to havethat now to kind of know when we have tocome and go but we find that we have theHoly Spirit to guide us no but Israeland that day they kind of they had thatthat was their sign God is pleased withthem and when afflictions came to theland they realized something's wrongthat's God trying to get their attentionGod still does that God does judgenations to get their attentionverse 11 and our rebuke the Devourer foryour sakes and he shall not destroy thefirst fruits of your ground neithershall your vine castor fruit before thetime in the field saith the Lord ofHosts and all nations shall call youblessed for ye shall be a delight someland saith the Lord of Hosts your wordshave been stout against me saith theLordyet ye say have we spoken so muchagainst thee ye have said it is vain toserve God and what profit is it that wehave kept his ordinances and that wehave walked mournfully before the Lordof hosts and now we call the proud happyyay that that they that work wickednessare set up yay they that tempt God areeven delivered sometimes this peoplespeak inappropriately on how God isworking on why would God allow this wellGod does not treat us like zombies hegives us the word then we're to obey itand if you're in the nation that servesa pagan god a pagan deity woe to youhowever you follow Jesus Christ don'tworry about your government worry aboutyou worry about where your heart isgoing worry about your relationship withthe Son of God and then let that fruitspread out from your midst you're notgoing to change the world and create agreat political harmony so thateverybody's working together that's notthe way it's going to work out becauseit's a very few people that are on thenarrow road and Jesus had few that bethat find itthen they that feared the Lord spakeoften one to another and the Lordhearkened and heard it and a book ofremembrance was written before him forthem that feared the Lord and thatthought upon his name and they shall bemine saith the Lord of hosts in that daywhen I make up my jewels and I willspare them as a man spareth his son thatserved with him then shall ye return anddiscern between the righteous and thewicked between him that serveth God andhim that serveth him not there's areason that that's what's going tohappen in the future because right nowsometimes in the court systems therighteous man is oppressed and thewicked man goes free there's not abottom line did he kill him or not didhe kill her did he rape herh-he you know kill this person did shedid they do it or not it's how we cantwist the words and hope we can twistthe law bitch this is not the way God isset up the law it's you're guilty oryou're not guiltybottom line and if you're guilty it's atthe capital punishment crime murder rapekidnappingwilter capital punishment crimes deathpenalty so that you purge the land ofthe guilt right now it's not that waymoney gets involved we have lawyers getinvolved they start twisting words andtwisting the laws and one day it willnot be that way chapter 4 Malachi 4behold the day cometh that shall burn asan oven and all the proud yea and allthat do wickedly shall be stubble andthe day that cometh shall burn them upsaith the Lord of Hosts that it shallleave them neither root nor branch butunto you that fear my name shall the Sunof righteousness arise with healing inhis wings and ye shall go forth thinggrow up as calves of the stall and yeshall tread down the wicked for theyshall be ashes under the soles of yourfeet in the day that I shall do thissaith the Lord of hosts remember ye thelaw of Moses my servant which Icommanded unto him in Horeb for allIsrael with the statutes and judgmentsbehold I will send you Elijah theProphet before the coming of the Greatand dreadful day of the Lord and heshall turn the heart of the father's tothe children and the heart of thechildren to their fathers lest I comeand smite the earth with a curse as Imentioned before John the Baptist waslike that he came in the power andspirit of Elijah but John the Baptistsaid I'm not really him jesus said hewas him but he was a type of him sothat's one time in history because Godknows the whole picture we don't knowthe whole pictureGod knows all picture and right hereElijah Elijah was caught up in into awhirlwind of on Chariots of Fire didn'treally face deathbut the Lord said it was appointed forall to die once unless you caught up inthe rapture of the churchnow that could have been a prelude torapture Elijah Elijah had that Enochalso was caught up are the two witnessesin the end of the age before thetribulation and before Christ comes withall of us as Saints we come you knowprobably white horses coming to rule andreign on the earth as God wipes out thefinal war that's going on on the earthbefore the millennial reign takes placethere will be the witnesses during thetribulation one of them does appear tobe Elijah possibly now the one couldpossibly be Enoch because those are thetwo that were caught up into the heavenwithout really having to face death butthat does appear to that's gonna be theway it comes in and Elijah the Prophetbefore the coming and great and dreadfulday of the Lord night when the Lordcomes after the tribulation he's notcoming to have peace he's gonna bringpeace but first it's gonna have to wipeoff the wicked and he's gonna do thatwith a word and slice them all down andwe've talked about that before and someof the other books that we study theprophetic books but the point being isGod did send John the Baptist to preparethe way for the Lord but he's also gonnaprepare the way of the Lord again withthe lives of very possibly one andpossibly Enoch possibly being anotherbut these two guys are gonna come inthey're also gonna prepare the waythey're gonna do some of the things thatElijah did and they're kind of preparingthe way for the Lord Jesus to comephysically the rapture the church hashappened but God physical Jesus Christis going to come on into the heavenswhere all eyes can see himand those of us that are in the churchwere going to be coming with him afterthe Tribulation Period that God willsmite the earth with a rod and cleansethe wicked and there would be theushering in of the millennial reign sowe'll pick that up again in a NewTestament Old Testament studies but thatis the end of our minor prophet sectionof the Old Testament in our Biblestudies and we'll be moving on to otherwonderful books but until then God blessyou all very much and see you soonbye-bye


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