Living Room 

Christmas living room tour 2018!🎄

you guys it's me Kyla and same could bedoing a livingroom Christmas tour let'sget started so on our door we have areef and all the stockings and we have alot of streaks and then we have thislittle sign which says have yourself amerry little Christmas and then behindthe door is my Henry here ah when youcome over here we have just a littlearea so this is a light that we havesome sense in a bowl or a pot and apicture under here is just nothingreallyand then we have my cabin when I comeover here it's my cat tree and we have await here because when I big cat goes upthere sometimes down so we have that andthen so it's just and we have somebubbles hanging down from it and thenhere we have some of the pictures on ourTV stand we have a snowman and a snowmanand father Christmas or Santiour snow globe which is house music andand we shake it like snow goes aroundand then we have Christmas rain and thisis my TV and inheres dust mites[Music]police station business customers wehave a xbox one and my spy thing here isa snowman and yeah let's move on thankyouwhen you come up to this window isanother snowman and then over there wehave some like cream and all that yeahand a lighter and we keep the lightshere for one of my cameras when you comeover down hereis my awful Michelle he's currently madand the reason why he's got some longfaces actually last night he named andthen when we come over to themantelpiece we have we have an a lightand actually lights on and have a stackand then we have a vase here we have anutcracker and a snowman and we haveanother Christmas candle we have thisSanta another Nutcracker and a bigcracker and love these and then we haveanother light right and then on ourmantelpiece it does work but I'm notgonna put it on then we have loads ofpandas which are actually if you're inBerlin and then we come up to here thisis my mom and dad's calendar so in eachthing there's two of these and then ontop of here we have more candleswe have my not my or these ganggingerbread candlesthey're really nice I love this one somuch gingerbread and then up there is amini reef I made and this weekend andthen here is my plot not my clock hereis the Sun sorryall this a lot not that long ago butthis is our Santa we'd love it and he'sholding a son that's a Merry Christmasand he we just keep on our mantle pieceon our window we have all these stickersand then we have the candy cane hangingdown if you can see yathen here are some candles then we havethese two reindeers or stacks and wehave father Christmas in a sleigh he'snot normally what father Christmas orlook like he's kind of like a it's amore something then here we have enoughcandle which is learn and we have tobutterfly cut their lights and then hereis our Christmas treeit's really nice it's really big as welland we do actually have a spray at thebottom because and then here is a spraybottle and it just by keep going becausewhenever other cats go into this treethey could get really hurt for motherwhich also we spray them and then a hotSun come out it doesn't like I know Ithem or anything it just gets them outbecause it could have really hurt themand then we have we have my picture andwe have a calendar and then morepictures and then it just takes thebackground on that thing we have gotsome college astronauts coconut if youdon't like coconut then maybe ones likethis back

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