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Christmas 2018 Dining Room Frozen Tree Part 12 in series

hi Lewin Joe here welcome to myChristmas 2018 part 12 in my series I'mhere in the dining room working on thetree and the theme of this room isfrozen it's a nine-foot slimline tray[Music]okay so to bulk it up a little bit Ihave pieces of Garland that I've cut andflocked and I'm going to put them intothe tree I twist the branch from thetree and the garland to hold it in place[Music]and there's a look at the tree with allthe little pieces of Garland put in itit almost looks like the tree is flockedand I didn't have to go through all thatgiant mess next I put in these cool LEDwhite lights that have a little bit of ablue you to them because remember I wantthe tree to look frozen[Music]next I'm looking through my pics to seewhat I'm gonna use because you know likeI told you last time when you have a lotof something it's person like me I tendto overuse it so I'm trying to be alittle bit discriminate in what I'mgoing to use on this tree I did the topof first and you'll notice I used thatpale blue as well as the silver and Imade it kind of look like a cascadingkind of a look from the top[Music]gonna back down off the ladder now andgive you a view from down here[Music]next I'm gonna put beads on the tree andI use a piece of floral wire at the endand in between the pieces so that it'seasier to attach and if you notice whatI do is I make all the loops the samesize from the top to the bottom I don'thave these big giant loops down on thebottom that doesn't look too great sotry to keep your loops the same size andthe same distance apart from each other[Music]next are the bigger ornaments like these[Music]so what I'll do is I'll take thatornament and I'll stuff it into the treebecause we want to give the treedimension and it gets that by havingornaments inside out not just all on theoutside there you go I've stuffed allthose bigger ones inside the tree next Iput on these great icicles they'realmost a foot long each and I reallythink they give that frozen effectnext up I took one of the blueishornaments and a silver one and I putthem together with the floral wire and Iput those and spaced them out onto thetray they're more on the outside someare in but a lot of those are on the outnext some of the specialty ones likethis one or like this kind of a peg orlike this one but in any case whicheverone I put on I kept them more on theoutside of the tree so now already Ihave three layers here of ornaments butmore layers than that already but threelayers of ornaments right the big onesthose blue and aqua and those specialtyand now the pics so I'm gonna start withthese because they kind of look likebirch branches but they have sequins onthem and little mirrors and the leavesare all glitzed up and I'm going to usethese glass snowflakes that are reallyheavily encrusted so they look more icyand snowy and there you go there is thetree with all those different layers onit you don't see much of the tree andthat's what I wanted I wanted to lookvery full as always if you know me youknow I like this stuff to look full andvery frozen looking and I think Iachieved it and I think I am kind ofhappy with itokay guys so that brings us to the endof part 12 in my series I hope you'reenjoying this series as I move on intoother areas now and I will show you atour of the dining room shortly as soonas I clean up in here and I finish upthe table and like always if you juststumbled on me please considersubscribing to me and if you dosubscribe put on that notification bellso you don't miss any of my holidayvideos I have a lot for this yearalready and I have a lot more coming uptoo so as always I love hearing from youguys and I hope everybody's doing welland I'll be seeing you soon so take care[Music]you

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