Dining Room 

Chris Brazel 29 energy home changes in the dining room

worked it out what I did is got a runnerand you'll find when you working withany of your clients whatever you needthey'll have in the cupboard they'vejust put it away so we've put this goldright on the table and it just brings itup massively I'm still going for myoranges in the in the center we mightget a bigger bowl later on and putoranges and lemons in it but the Angelsnow look gorgeous and there's such abeautiful story with the Angels theywere a gift from a grandmother so youcan really feel like ship around justaround this table because you reallyfeel a grandmother coming through tomake sure that my clients here aregetting where they want to go so if youcome from a distance away the table nowlooks so much more at peace and as soonas they did it one of my clients couldjust could just feel the joy in hervoiceso dining room tables are so importantit sways we haven't bought anythingso if you're with someone who saysyou're going to go buy a whole heap ofthings to create the change to createdlight that's not what it is you willhave in your cupboards what you need nowthis dining room table feels amazing I'mover to my lantern now the lounge roomor simple living room lounge room is thearea where you connect to the outsideworld so it's how you view yourconnection to the outside world so if welook at our relationship corner overthere we've got the top it and put asingle person single plant here singleflower up there see the pushing downhere single push in there and then Creeknow now climb is single so of coursethat's one in the outside world theyseen a single in herethey praise themselves a single bit theyhaven't had a single canopy which Imoved a second ago so what I want to dois when you look at it from this anglethose pictures are wrong I'm going to doa few changes on the couch I'm going totake the flowers that I had there andput in ascended to give up your lift andI'm going to bring the Tibetian Buddhafrom off the TV in here so I bring thiswhole area to some format piece so I'llbe back again soon when I've done thechanges but think of your living room ishow you connect to the outside world andhow you connect to the outside world youare telling that storyso we've accent Cheers

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