Room Colors 

Choosing My Room Color

today I'm just my colorI need to okay I need to find the paintthat's not it start some eclairs this somy walls are gonna be good so I havethis battalion and I kind of describethem but let me show you what my room isgoing to look like but first of all whydoggy asleep but my dad said most likelyno white because our walls are like abrown and just painting over why eatapparently is hard I'm gonna show yourguysit's gonna be so that's my lamp it'slike a light pink it's a diamond I havesome potable things at allthat's a unicorn thing so my theme isjust kind of like a grey gold in a verylight pink just smash it's my hamper andyeah it's so my thing from my room isjust kind of like a light pink gold andgray diamonds such hearts so I'm firstgonna look through right so that's gonnacome in show okay so I don't women livethrough theseand I'm going to show y'all so our firstone right here focus ultra pure whitenew house ye polar bear sleek white yeahwhite viel mooring dub and she lays alot of Spanish sand I mean you get it sohard part is just there's a card but letme show you the gold look like actuallyfirst so I'm looking for like maybe acoola glided gold and gold and stubborn belike a bit too bright my gold cuz Iwanna go get my goldyeah because if I look up this is moreof the glided gold color so I'm thinkingfor the gold I'm going to do glided goldwhichI think that's a wine burn show you guyswhich wall I'm planning on having togold I think we're going to have thegold on this well the right side of mybed I think we can have the gold on theright side of my bed like I just saidyeah I think we're going with glidedgold but now I need to choose the colorfor the rest of my roomwhich is[Music]soI grabbed a sharpie just to kind ofcircle it's like a sidethis is glided[Music]so the gladdy gold circles now he to dopositive leaping here's the thing Idon't want like gray walls would bereally nice but my parents wouldprobably be like no grace too far but Imean I look at it as like maybe we coulddo off the grid gray tears off the gridit's pretty light so I would think it'dbe a good color positively pink is butmatches but I don't want my room fee isthe thing and I feel like justified it awhole room great doesn't and it's notgonna really match the whole colors Imean that I know that's what it is butlike it just doesn't seem likeso I mean then again this book doesn'tshow me much first page I'm just goingto circle it I just kind of want alittle maybethis is the interim years and prayersand here years interiors so we've gotultra-pure rightOh to prayer old ship prayer Oh toprayer I can't say that I can't say I[Music]can't say old show prayer lights I can'tsay that we've got Swiss coffee thenagain those whitish gray colors[Music]we could do an antique white so that wasfresh[Music]I'm just kind of doing it I push them Ican all just[Music][Music][Music]I just wanna kind ofit's a really hard decision since we'restopping oh I have my gold I don't havemy color[Music]hole we do I'm really bad at making thedecision that's gonna be my room aboutmy whole life[Music]okay I don't know I don't know I know Ineeded us live choosing colors helloanymore well if you didn't miss out whathave I been doingI have been trying to choose out mybrain color which I'm very specificallyfinding with my favorite color like asin general for my room or as in my colorlike let me know cuz I that doesn't ifhere we're talking about my hi I'm doinga live I can't choose my room color likeI chose a gold color I chose glidedGold's for my one of my wallsbut yeah watching my life but that'skind of hard favorite but I chose thisone for one of my mom but I can't find aregular butokay so favorite colors are more likeblack purple and blue probably and whiteice cream today but they're just blackshorts adopting aging yeahdaddy hasn't responded but she hasn'tresponded no you can change it I don'teat itthank youit's really weird when it doesn't showup on here that there's anyone watchingI think it's a glitch just want mycousin's side but comment down belowwhat I should do because I don't know ifwe're going out to dinner so theydon't wanna do something that takes solong but mama what are we doing so I'mthinking if I need to live now becausewe're gonna have a talk about what we'redoing tonight but I make a live leaderof whatever happensso I'm then - here but yeah bye KarinaI'll be sure to check your channel

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