Room Colors 

Choosing colors for my room pt.2

hey guys sorry the other video stoppedit's because I accidentally click andyou stop it and and um I meant to clickthe turnaround button for the camera soyou guys saw the color of the room I wasgonna show you in the last video andit's currently uploading right now soyeah let me show you the actual colorit's a very very light blue I reallylike that light blue and I might alsodesign my room to be like this to havesome blind some white blinds or stufflike that I'm not so sure yet so let'skeep[Music]and I was telling my mom I might just gowith black and white stripes I'd be likea white polka dots[Music]I'm pretty sure the pink but not my typeof paperI'm not even doing iron so guys thoseare the only two colors actually I comeup way let me show you guys these aresome ideas I have focus these are someideas I have like find one like this Imight you choose something like this butthat's a living room so like I mightjust go wait that purple I thought butwhat's that blue so I'm not so sure guysso yeahyeah this is a short four minute videothe piece up guys love you guys so muchbye[Music]

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