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Carnival Horizon Team Dining Room 2 walk around

everybody - I like cruise shipswalk-around of the carnival horizon herewe are gonna take a walk through theteam dining room number two it'sactually not open right now but Ithought I'd give you a little bit of awalk around we have hand-washing stationmaybe for some this is not as excitingbut for others it might be so here weare coming into the main line obviouslythere's no food set up but we can seethe little line set up here normallythey have make your own pizzas herebreadssoup station here's the hot be Murray'sand we have other food and then thiswould be where their desserts are okayyou'll actually see guys that it's alittle bit late or a little bit earlyand we'll come around and have a look atthe whole stuff mess so there we go guysyou'll see the back of the line this isthe stuff mess or basically team diningroom number two we have two two twodining rooms just cover that all crewand staff and management on the shipwe'll have a little bit of a walk around[Music]and I hope it's a nice little overviewof what the one of the messes looks likewe have two messes here on board this isour salad station right here we have thewater and ice and I just machine let'shave a look back in the other way and wehave the famous ice cream machine andthen we have the coffee machine waterand then there we go guys let's do onewalk around you gave you an idea of thespace and the area so we have one sideover here and you'll see this middleisland with all of the saucer drinks andsalads and you'll see there's a secondarea here with my least favorite area tosit is this raised stool area so you'llsee here the different seating formatsguys and that concludes your walk aroundthe team dining room number two thankseverybody don't forget to subscribe tothe YouTube channel and have a nice daycatch you later everybody bye

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