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BUNDLE (2 ITEMS) Table Pad (Leaf Pads NOT INCLUDED) with L&L TABLE RUNNER (Ivory) ORDER YOUR TABLE PAD WITH EASE – Placing your order through Amazon is easy and secure. Just place your order through this secure and trusted page. WE WILL THEN CONTACT YOU THROUGH AMAZON’S CONTACTING SYSTEM TO VERIFY THE MEASUREMENTS, OPTIONS AND COLOR CHOICES BEFORE IT GOES INTO PRODUCTION. All our table top protector pads are custom made to fit your table. 100% MADE IN THE USA – YOU WILL LOVE YOUR NEW TABLE PAD.
PATENTED MAGNETIC LOCKING SYSTEM -Keeping your table pads sections connected and in place can prove to be a difficult task without some assistance. Our custom table pads come equipped with our very own patented MagnaLoc (Invisible Magnetic Locks). All table pad locking devices are NOT created equal…not even close! Compare our quality and magnetic locking system to any other you have ever seen in person or online. We think you’ll agree – there’s no comparison.
HEAVY DUTY – CUSTOM MADE – LUXURY TABLE PADS – The Table Pads that we offer are custom made and cut to exactly fit your table. They have a heavy-duty, washable leatherette wood grain or leather-tone surface with soft velvet bottom. They fold for easy handling and storage. Consist of a solid, lightweight fiberboard core that is basically unaffected by humidity and will not warp when standing upright, thereby saving storage space.
ULTRA PROTECTION FOR YOUR FINE DINING ROOM TABLE- Dropped or knocked over items can easily cause gouges, nicks, scratches, and dents. Exposure to direct sunlight over time can fade and discolor your table’s finish. Heat from platters, hot plates, hot beverages can damage your tabletop. Liquids, such as milk, water, soda, and alcohol spills can stain your dining room table and cause discoloration. With our pads you will be able to keep your dining room table pristine for many years to come.
TABLE PAD FEATURES – Patented Magnetic Locking System, Decorative Vinyl Color Options, 550 Degrees of Heat Protection, Manufacturers Warranty – Custom Made Full 1/2 Inch Thick Table Top Protector Pad. Bundled with a TABLE RUNNER by L&L Table Designs.
BUNDLE (2 ITEMS) Table Pad with L&L TABLE RUNNER (Ivory) Table Pads For Dining Room Table – Top Pad Color: Chestnut with a Brown Dura-velvet Bottom – Max. Size: 80″ Long 54″ Wide, Extension Pads NOT Included. *Solid Fiberboard Core (Not Layered) *Lighter Weight for Ease of Handling *Will Not Bend or Bow (Like Layered Construction) *Exclusive Precision Cutting *Patented Magnetic Locking System *Limited Lifetime Warranty – Made in the USA – Dining tables are prone to scratches, dents, heat and water damage. Accidents can and will happen, so ensure that your dining set is protected. Custom-made table pads! The most effective way to keep a dining room table looking like new and getting the maximum usage out of it is with a table pad protector. TABLE PAD FEATURES: * Heavy duty, washable, waterproof vinyl * Foldable *Protects your TABLE with 550 degrees of heat protection (NEVER PUT HOT ITEMS DIRECTLY ON THE VINYL TABLE PAD, THE VINYL WILL MELT). *Solid construction that will not warp, or be affected by humidity *The Patented Magnetic Locks, lock your table pads together for stability *Many colors to choose from *A full 1/2 inch thick of protection: ~ Decorative Vinyl ~ Insulating Felt ~ Solid Fiberboard Core ~ Soft Dura-Velvet Base ~ Will not Bend or Bow *100% Made in the USA. *Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty *This table pad is limited 80″ long and 54″ wide. Table pad leaf extensions NOT INCLUDED. **If you know the manufacturer and pattern number of your Dining Table we may already have your template pattern in our data base and no measuring will be needed. This information can sometimes be found on the underside of your table top. ***ONCE YOU HAVE CHECKED OUT, ONE OF OUR FRIENDLY STAFF WILL CONTACT YOU VIA AMAZON MESSAGING. THE EMAIL WILL ASK YOU FOR THE DIMENSIONS AND COLOR OPTIONS BEFORE WE PUT YOUR ORDER IN PRODUCTION. ORDER NOW, You will love your new table pad!

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