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Building Green: Design a Sustainable Future with Wood

the 19th century was the century ofsteel and that 20th century was thecentury of concrete we're moving into awood century the ability of wood to becarbon sequestering versus somethinglike concrete which is not that I thinkin a really big picture sense isprobably the most appealing aspect thereare several big advantages in terms ofconstruction and from the architecturalpoint of view the fact that theysequester carbon and that the codes arenow beginning to incorporate life cycleanalysis in the code so that you knowhow much energy is and is actually madein the manufacture of the product andwhether it's Questers carbon or notbecomes a big issue that's the hugeadvantage master bur helps us set thestage in terms of the environmentalambitions of the project from from acarbon standpoint but then alsoextending that throughout the entireapproach to the building and you knowenergy efficient building as well as abuilding that's that's healthy andsustainable in terms of its approachability and livability as wellif someone's interested in using maskedamber I think they need to embrace thefact that they will be one of thepioneers at this point you can be partof a revolution of building with asustainable and renewable and naturalresource that sequester's carbon ratherthan expels many times more carbon I'mvery excited I feel like we're just atthe the very beginning and I think we'regonna look back on this five years fromnow I think we'll probably be laughing alittle bit at the things we're doing butI also feel like we don't have really asense of how big this could be and Ithink I'll just become part of the waywe think about building you know in theUnited States and internationally

Discover more about why wood is the building material of choice for a sustainable future:

Wood is the only major building material that grows naturally and is 100% renewable. Mass timber products have less embodied energy, are responsible for lower air and water pollution, and have a lighter carbon footprint than other common building materials. Hear why architects, engineers and developers are calling the 21st century the age of wood.

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