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Building an Elfa Shelving Home Office from The Container Store

need a simple storage solution for yourhome watch this video next hey Tori herewith Tori TOCOM the place to be tocreate a homebuyers or anyone for thatmatter will find irresistible so todaywe are inside my brand new apartment inRichmond Virginia and it's a one-bedroomapartment and rather than just use allof my vertical space I need to go uphigh and that's going to require usingalpha shelving products from theContainer StoreI love this product I've used thisproduct in my other home office and I'mgonna use it again as a storage solutionso the ELSA system is a trap system andwhat you need is the top trap up towardsthe ceiling you need to make sure thatyou find studs and that you tightlysecure that trap because that's going tohold the weight of the entire storagesystem and next thing you're gonna needis this easy trap hanger it has theselittle grooves like these hooks in herethat are going to attach to the top ofthe track so for my shelving system I'mgoing to have three tracks these are 102inches there's also ones that come in Ibelieve 84 inches and a couple of othersizes depending on your needs becauseyou're not gonna know where exactly toplace these until you use the actualshelves so this is where my desk isgoing to sit at this length and in orderto create the deskyou need the ELSA brackets that will siton the hanger here your Elfa shelf andwhat happens is is that it connectsright here to the side of your shelvesso the bracket is going to fit right inthereand as you can see this needs to moveover towards the right some more that'sour first shelf this is how you put thissystem together it is so easy now wejust gotta build it up I have a seriesof baskets you need to take the bracketsand the basket pieces you do need to putthese in first you have to start fromthe bottom and work your way up or elseit won't fit properly roll on the piecethat's going to secure the shelf on thebrackets so the next step here is totake the basket and then you're justgonna place the basket in the hole[Music]and that just sits right in there andthen on top of that you can go ahead andcover it or the other side and at theends of each bracket you will put abracket cover if there's not going to beanother shelf or anything there andagain this just makes a look lookseamless and put together yes wardrobechange were on a new day here and wehave the desk area set up we put in thedrawers below the desk and now we'regoing to be working on the upper part ofthis alpha structure we're gonna beputting in some shelving as well as acouple other drawers that could come outagain I'm putting in the brackets andI'm working from the bottom up becausethat's the way this system works and themore shelving and drawers that you puton this alpha system the sturdier thewhole entire thing gets alright so thisone is a decorative shelf so now I'mjust gonna build up above that[Music]I probably didn't want these up on topso I'm just gonna kind of measure outwhere my shelf of hit so it lookslike it should hit right here and I'mgonna have a one that goes straightacross so I just need one more bracketover here and again count down nine[Music]let's save their levelthey are level two[Music]level so one last piece that you maywant to check out is this track coverthat sits on the top of the track that'sholding all of this together behind meand you would just put this inside thetrack it's pretty flimsy and it justmakes it look pretty and it gives itthat finished look so you could find allof this at the Container Store and youcan even find things to decorate youralpha shelving collection this is onesolution for your home office thisstorage unit can actually work for yourclosets it can work in your kitchen itcan work anywhere your imagination takesyou if you want more organizing tipsmake sure you go check out this videonext and check out our organizing plandown below until next time happyorganizing

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I love using the Elfa Shelving System from the Container Store, see how I used this system to create an office space in my new apartment. This system helps you stay organized and use your vertical space.

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