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Building a living room for my house!!!

what's going on guys welcome back to mychannel so today we're back inBlacksburg it's been a long time that Idid it up to upload any videos I'm sosorry about that guys but today I willbe promise you guys every Friday orSaturday or Sundayone of these three days I well maybemaybe no I will be sure that I willupdate a video one of these three daysguys so if I didn't upload Friday orSaturday Oh Sunday's you know like thatso this video is supposed to be adecoration video for hop on the forChristmas but because laughs and then umupdate to Christmas so I thought I willchange a little bit something else so Ireally wanted to arm upload a videoabout blog 3 today so I thought thisvideo will be kind of fun kind of boringI don't know what do you guys thinkcomment down below um I was thinking tobuild the living room for my houses anew house that I bought I didn't boughtit I build it it's really tiny butreally cute Kazi but this house doesn'thave a living room yes it doesn't have aliving room god it's crazylet me just show you guys I just spilleda little bit little um like little roomfor living room and comment down belowthat if you like it if you don't Ohchange it so if this it's really small Iknow but it's token Wars maybe we canadd some more rooms in it and stuff likethat and it will look bigger but for nowI think it's pretty good for now becauseyou know like you know like this is tinyand if we have adjoining room it willnot match so if we make this like biggerand stuff we can get a bigger livingroom so now I ran out of money so wehave to go work but first let's meet uplet's move it up our move should I eathmm beans[Music]good matter who you want perfect let'sgo work now but yes for me what sillywhere first pizzaoh it's pretty like I can say far by theway guys go follow my ship social mediaon my Instagram and my Twitter we'realmost therethere you go sir now let's go back ohhello sir nice shirtPizza I hope he's not that far awaythough this was pretty far away though[Music]let's give your pizza there you go enjoyhow many how much money did you makewhoa we made 750 nah that's pretty goodGod do you think I should get like a TVstaror like a um fireplace I think I'm gonnaget a fire place because for umChristmas next pizzaoh this was really far away whyeveryone's so far well you're not thatfar but next time should come close toPizza Planet bye it's pizza we shouldthink like in 2000 and go back to myhouse because um I think two dollarsshould be good we didn't see the TV siteto GazaI think we should delivery one morepizza and go back home yeah that's apretty good idea no I'm stuck there yougo I'm out oh no this is pretty far whywhyokay well let's go I guess why are youso far away I never I never gotta leaverepeat again why he was so far away ahdone let's go back home I was I don'twant to go work I want to go homewhy didn't it says I want to go homewhy does this go to house so maybesomebody has an apartment or condo or wecan say go to plot your stupidblocksberg just joking guys I loveblacksburg high-sticking too long toblow love time to build okay so um Iwant to couch I'm gonna keep those therebecause like if we haven't like a guestor something they can sit there so firstwe have Lighting's because lighting isimportant thing and this is so I don'tsee so I'm gonna put like a picture orsomethingor maybe like Christmas tree candlethere you never know pardis hey I'msorry guys I'm so sorry about the mouseclick my mouse is so noisy most put apicture there and come from trap withthe simple sofa or something expensive Ireally like this so far it is prettyexpensive so guys for now we're gonnaput this one but if you guys have anysuggestions for any couches if I likeI'll put themOh open it right here and let's go tobuild mode and fireplaces that's goodthis one is the cool one the expensiveone is the normal one not that coolsorta connect it just the normal one andfor electronics I was thinking like thisTV but yeah well is this so coolhome side-projects said so for now we'rejust gonna put where is it got itI lost it okay there you go here wasthis the picture wasn't there's a liequite a bithere's my favorite TV so maybe we canput the Christmas tree like there and Ilike move this around a little bitI'd have no ideaoh wow we just ran out of money but justlike a normal carpet and random carpetoh my godproject any night and color this in thewhite and on black and maybe likeWindows does important thing up I got aroof right but roof roof roof okay guysmy house is completed and I have $81 theTV was really expensive with thefireplace oh yeah but I think I'm almostdone in it I'm not actually it's notlike my favorite place in the house buthas nothing is pretty cute let's take alook first let me give you guys a tourof the house this is the house it'sreally cause cozy cozy cozy oh wowright there you saw nothing it's reallyprettyI messed up and this is the garagepinning or when we have a normal car thefirst of a kind bowl of bread we have askateboard pretty cool let's get outthese aren't like the omelets that youcan use like these are the only lightsthat they're already in blocksbergfor like kind of like Christmas so Ijust put them outside they're super cuteoh well so cute like this okay guysdon't look wait I gotta do somethingokay not all fixed so yeah this is adining table I didn't really add a umlike a big one because I know because Iknow that um I'm not gonna have morethan two people in this house for roleplaying you have just two rooms in thehouse oh yeah this is the kitchen prettysimple then oh yeah I forgot this thisis like if I've told you guys like ityes please and this like my daughter andme were playing it's like a bathroomright although without any windows likejail so this is the upstairs it's reallysquishy this is like my room slash roomplayroom and this one is like a guestroom that I never decorated I just putthis to set sail again I think it'spretty cute but I will be decorating itif you guys want me to decorate it oncameracalming upload and this is this in abalcony that one has about 32 in thelast banana leaves it's this busydon't move bathroom it just like it abathroom for upstairs when you'resleeping like oh do I gotta pee I gottapee or like getting ready for bedbrushing your teeth that stuff like thatso this is the living roomthis is blueburn my eyes I thought we could put theChristmas tree here without the prisonsor I thought we could put a picture herebut ran out of money so yeah so commentdown below guys if you liked it um sayyou want me to add anything else in itand of course I will be making a videofor Christmas um for the creating myhouse or role plays I don't know younever know so yeah I hope you guysenjoyed this video if you did smash youlike my down below subscribe the channelto join me fivethank you so much for 40 subscriber gota super amazing thank you so much I loveyou guys so much and I will see you guysin the next time by the way guys gofollow me on social media Instagram ismy home I'm G space love I could saybecause my hope you didn't just it'sjust and Twitter it's my home do - youshould follow me there - um if you gotif you guys like to get a shout out whatyou have to do is subscribe the channelturn on to pulses vacation and commenton below OMG that's all you have to dobye love you[Music]

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