Budget Bathroom Ideas | Bathroom Remodel Inspiration

these budget bathroom ideas includefresh takes on wainscoting tile flooringand more make it easy to trade up toone-of-a-kind style here are eightbudget bathroom ideas and bathroomremodel inspiration number one subwaywall create an accent wall with tile anda warm neutral color like this soothinggray taking the tile all the way up tothe ceiling will make the room appeartaller number 2 beadboard canopy givethe ceiling a lift with this budgetbathroom my dear by covering it inbeadboard and extending it down thewalls a bit for a canopy effect painteda tranquil shade of sky blue to invokethe porch ceilings of yawa number threesinks tend and a curvy console towelrail and gleaming chrome legs to a wallmount basin or even swap out a pedestalbase for a style and storage boostnumber four layered mirrors give awall-to-wall mirror some focus with thisbathroom remodel inspiration idear byhanging an oval mirror over it above thesink number five handsome seatingintroduce a piece of upholsteredfurniture to ratchet up a bath style theslim profile of this British colonialinspired armchair doesn't hog space andthe casters make it easy to move aroundnumber six concealed curtain rod installa track on the ceiling to keep showercurtain Hardware out of sight bonelesshanging the curtain from ceiling lightmakes the room look and feel la fere tosave on the cost of a custom curtainfashioned one from burlap or a canvasdrop cloth number seven red hot linoleumtake a walk on the wild side with avibrant floor sheet linoleum is a greatchoice for high-traffic areas like bathsand can stand up to spills and splashesnumber eight white washed barn woodthe rustic look by whitewashing salvagedplanks it's an easy and affordable wayto add character to walls that's all fornowdon't forget to Like subscribe and giveyour comment if you like this videothanks for watching and see you in thenext video[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music]

These budget bathroom ideas include fresh takes on wainscoting, tile, flooring, and more make it easy to trade up to one-of-a-kind style. here are 8 Budget Bathroom Ideas and Bathroom Remodel Inspiration.

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