Broken toe? How to bath shower or go swimming? Medical Ideas waterproof shoe review & unboxing

Hello I'm Neil and I'm injured - I've got a broken toe so today I am unboxing or unveilingthis it's the medical ideas waterproof I don'tknow why I'm laughing I'm in such pain! It's the medical ideas waterproof boot orshoe for leg, ankle foot toe post surgery bath or shower or I've used it in a swimmingpool and I'll tell you about that in a minute I'm gonna put it on for you it's gonna bereally difficult because obviously I'm holding the camera as well as trying to perform thisdelicate operation but here goes There's my broken toe - the star of the showit's taped I can't stop it shaking - it's taped to a metal splintIt's gone a normal colour now. It used to be black and purpleRight so I'm gonna do this with one hand The idea is - I won't tell you where I'm holdingthe camera - [laughter]There's a GoPro hero right there. I hope no-one walks into the bathroom rightnow. You just you just open up this silicone collarI'll put my arm in to demonstrate before I put it on and the collar keeps it waterproofso it's like a seal that forms So let's try that first okay I've got thecamera balanced on my knee so just very gently you know open it up sorry I'm not gettingall of this but that's the best I can do you open up the silicone hole with your handsand just very gently ease it over the injury ThereYou can see it swallowing up the foot There's the little toe in there - hello - oh,don't bend it. Right, and then - why am I doing this?I guess it's to answer the question can you take a shower or have a bath when you havea broken toe? And I've just spotted one massive mistake.Right so this is how it goes on and that's goodbut I've still got my underwear on! So there's no way I can get it off!I can't get it over the boot! And then what I found was when I when I wentinto the swimming pool it was better to keep the air sealed in there because that actuallyacts as a bit of air pressure to push the water out and keep the water out without puttingthe water in it's completely dry insidedon't know if you can see but it's kind of inflating the air that's in there.And I'll launch the good ship right foot into the bath, here we go.There, so that is what it looks like in a bathit's alright the boot's great it's just the bath's a bit hot so some questions you mightbe wondering these are the questions I had before I bought it was that is it any goodfirstly yes it's brilliant Can it take hot water?Yeah I've got this this bath is pretty much scalding and the the plastic boot and thesilicone around the leg seems to survive that I actually went swimming with this I wishI could show you footage a bit but funny enough they didn't want people filming in the swimmingpool - especially weirdos I - I thought I had disabled rights but apparentlynot those rights - but anyway when I went swimming it was great because it inflatedlike this and I was able to stretch my legs and exercise my ankles it was really reallyhelpful to just be able to go to swimming and to just float and stretch and the watertook all the pressure off all my joints and I stopped walking funny for an hour beforeI then had to struggle out It looks terrifying because the last thingyou want to do is to get get it wet especially if you have a woundif you've got wound or a plaster cast I would probably think twice about using this becauseit is safe I'll show you it does keep the foot dry but in the swimming pool I did kicka bit hard and I pulled the boot the wrong way like this and the water pressure got intothe boot so I had about only a dessert spoon of water in there but obviously if you'vegot a plaster cast and or wound that you shouldn't get wet that could be disastrousI'm sure it's okay for a shower - I think I'd be extra cautious though - I've got abroken toe, so if you've got a broken, if you got broken toes this is definitely foryou The other thing I did when I went swimmingI I tried one because I went every day for about four days I've used this four timesin a swimming pool it was great but the first time I was like floating like this and itwas annoying me but I think it's best if you do because the air pressure in there keepsthe water from going in here - it almost sort of pushes the pressure in there pushes thewater out when you sink your foot to the bottom of the swimming pool it's a good thing you'vegot air in there - on the second time I went I burped it because it just felt a bit weirdhaving the balloon on my foot and I that was where I got some water going in because there'snothing inside to push the pool water out especially when you bring it down to one metreor 2 metre depth below you really does there is a pressure for the water to want to getinside and this pushes it out which is a good thingSo guess now is the time of the moment of truth to show you whether or not my foot staysdry here we go I’ve got to be careful taking it off becausewater is on the top here again I've got to do this one-handed whichis really annoying here we go there you go there you go it's completely dry if you cansee that Bit you saw I had the foot completely underthe surface of the bath and it is completely dryAnd looking really manky as well! it may be a good thing to have a washIf you have a broken toe or foot or ankle I know exactly what you're going throughIn, in the description I've put a link to where you can buy this medical ideas waterproofshoe for post-surgery broken toes I've also put a link to another shoe thatI'm using on dry land for walking around something I bought on on Amazon so that might be usefuland if you've got to this part of the video thanks for watching this far I don't thinkthat anyone's going to get to this point of the video but if you did it'd be lovely toknow that someone got there if you're able to click a thumbs up underneath or even betterleave a comment and let me know how you get on with your with your shoe and your injuryIf you really wanted to help me I am trying to get to 1,000 subscribers I'm on 320 atthe moment so I'm a very very long way off from the 1,000 where YouTube starts payingfor these videos if you could subscribe that'd be fantasticand either way good luck with your injury good luck with your baths and showers andthanks for watching bye Can you please help my daddy get 1000 subscribersjust click on his face thanks bye

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The shoe I use for walking around during the day is here:

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Can you take a bath, shower or swim in a swimming pool with a broken toe, foot or ankle? Yes, you can! This is my unboxing and review of the “Medical Ideas Foot & Ankle Waterproof shoe”
Protection During Shower & Bath | Latex Free | Reusable.

In the video I clumsily show how to put the cover over your foot and even take a bath on camera to test it out. I’ve used this in a swimming pool, and it works (though a small amount of water went in because of the swooshing around and sheer pressure of the pool at standing depth).

At the moment I have to keep my toe straight, so being able to exercise gently and wash is really difficult – this shoe (they call it a cover) has helped massively.

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