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hello everyone welcome back to mychannel in today's video I am showingyou a little room tour of Braden's roomwe have just recently over the bankholiday weekend give it a revamp and Ijust thought I would share with you as Iknow I've been looking for inspirationmyself and we have finally got it doneso this is briefly what Braden's roomlooked like before you had a good sortout got rid of loads of stuff and I'msorry it's quite a quick film and I justdid this quickly on my iPhone um butyeah this is briefly what it looked likebefore on the outside there was juststuff everywhere and then this is whatit looks like in his wardrobeso I had already started his clothes outbefore I took this video but this is hisdrawer at the bottom of his doublewardrobe and all that stuff there iswhat has come out of this section so Ihad a good organized whipped everythingout and reorganized it back into thedrawers which I am going to show you nowso this is Braden's room from the dooras you walk in we kept the covers onthese and you know the protective coverfor yearsno I've took it off so now he has whiteglass cupboards you want to open thecupboards being now organized everythingso that we can see what's in there so atthe top that has all of his bedding inand some school jumpers that were givento us by his cousin so when he's a bitbigger they can come in to use and thenwe have sight through his games and I'vepiled them all up so that we can seewhere they all areand in pull them all to the front sothey look nice and nice and tidy andthen I've organized his clothes he's gotshirts and then all of his jumpers andjoggers and shorts pants football kitst-shirts and school uniform and copsuniform down here was probably with itprobably the worst so this was just palspiled high with things and it still hasa lot of stuff in but it's much muchmore organized so we've got all of itout some trash stuff here like paintsand protective covers at the table andstuff got a huge truck of crayons andpencils this just has all the littlebits in like googly eyes and all I canunderstand blues so that's all nice andnice and tidy and then here he's justgot a magazine some stickers and lots ofwork books that even if he doesn't gothrough when Esme's a little older shecan go through them and then there'sloads of scrap paper down there and thenhe has some arty crafty stuff here andone of those sets that have all thedifferent pens and pencils and felt-tipzoomthat's with mystics and symbols andanother craft thing there so this thisarea is the craft area at the moment inhis single coverage up there he just hasa suitcase and then he has some coatshung here and some Halloween outfitsthis shelf just has a was probably goingto label this at some point so this justhas any plugs and leads and stuff thatyes and he's got some binoculars thereand his LeapPad and his headphones andthings like that that's on there theback he's just got an old school bagthat I'm terrible harder and like tokeep some of his schoolwork then he'sjust got a couple of box there that hewants to keep down in this one he's gothis school bucks that's nice and easy toaccessready for school he's just got anotherlittle rucksack there just kept it justin case whoever needs it one aroundthroughout and walks if not I'm sure smaybe will use it when she's a bit olderand then he's just got him some beltsand some hats and gloves and then thistop drawer I bought these little traysto put in there so we could organize Ithink I did this when I was pregnantit's not quite as organized because Iget Braden's what he's underwear andaway now but you get the gist there's atrainer socks they're ordinary socksthey're boxes there and school sucksthere and then he just has some ties infootball socks football skins and that'sit for that drawerand then this drawer just holds all ofhis pajamas and his bed socks and thisone had and this one has his shin padsand some shoesand then this is his new bed that we'vebought I'm sorry for all the noise thisis his new bed that we've bought so wedid have a tall bed to begin with but itwas a little bit shorter than this andunderneath was just an absolute stateand so it's been really really good andvery roofless and got rid of plenty ofstuff that he doesn't use anyone doesn'twant anymore but this is his new onethis is brilliant cause it's got laddersall the way down the middle so he's gotspace to get in either side we've got anice comfy chair for him these are justsome stuff I want him to try on before Iput them away cuz I'm not sure if theyfit or not when I was sorting throughhis wardrobe and so he's got this nicecomfy chair to sit on and then he's gota desk over there and a new chair thereso he can do his homework mm yeah sothis is his desk area he's got this cooltouch lamp my mum Barton lost that lampand then he's got his laptop which mymom bought him for doing homework onthat's actually mine and then he's gotthis little telly Mantid on the wall himso he can occasionally watch him tellyin here and he's got his guitar justthere which before it was just in a pileat that on the side and causing a messthis is brilliant we've bought this fromIkea and it's just over the bed hangertype thing and it's brilliant for justhousing he's a bottle of water for nighttime and his book and then this is hislittle remote for his lights yes youheard me right this is a light remotethis is this is a Braden's new lights itis awesome it's from Ikea and I'm alwaysgoing to show you who's gonna show youwe're gonna show us what it does so wetreated him and got the very expensivebulb that changes all sorts of colorsand you can dim it and yeah it's prettycool so it's Braden showing you some ofthe lightsso if he blue is his favorite color ifyou couldn't tell already so he justsaid he likes the blue one but yeah thisis pretty snazzy I think he uses thatword anymore but okay so you open thecurtains again so we had fish longbefore I became vegan so we still havethose and then he has just his labelthese in myself with my label maker he'sjust got draw here that's just got bitsand bobs in mm-hmand this one has the fish stuffing atthe moment for cleaning the tongue cowand the feed and everything and thenthis humongous box which we are going topaint soon has got a absolute ton ofLego in and he's got even more than thisit's absolutely ridiculous the amounthe's got but I'm so glad it's finallygot a proper place and this is hisbuilding tray for let go just give meone second this I just pulled out of hiswardrobe this morning and it's just gotsome Halloween stuff in and some Easterthings in so let me have the extensionI'll probably find a place for thatthere and then no just wait a minuteup here is just scrapped all of his DVDssome Wii games which I think we might begetting rid of soon so don't go on itand off and then he's got some readingbox over there he's got a picture of meand his daddy up here when we gotmarried and he's got a little picturehere of him and as my fastest weaknessto each other that Esme bought him forChristmas and this one just has allthese smaller games when I was tossedthrough his wardrobe this morning it'sjust got all the ones that we can takeaway with us or travel in and you cangrab all that easily to play with thisone is empty at the moment then he hadhis big action figuresweapons as he's labeled a and then he'sgot dinosaurs and carsthese boxes are brilliant they holdabsolutely loads and the reallylightweight and they feel lovely butthis is what's this Lego and match attaxso this has got more Lego stuff in andall these tins down there with much taxwhat's this one this one is cars got allthese cars there and his car mats thathe likes to put out when he's playingwith us and he is named this one extraswhich was just me I may need to changethat one it's just the spelling is justa little bit wrong mm-hmm well justchange it won't take a minute with it sothis he said has just got a little bitsof other toys in there it looks like mea little egg oh you've spelt it e x stRas it's just not godly enough yeah yeahsee I knew you'd North's belly so thatis Braden's room all organized and tirednow I can't tell you how relieved we areit has been long coming it's beendesperate and unfortunately I don't knowwhy but I didn't get a clip of what itlooked like before before before weactually got rid of some stuff John andBraden went through it on I think it wasSaturday or Sunday and they absolutelylet's do it anyways Ruth Lessing he gotrid of loads of stuff but some reason Ididn't take a before clip of how messyit was but I've still got it it's inthere so yeah we're really impressedwith this really pleased it's so gladthat we did it and this will or youchange in the color this will hopefullylast him well into his teens it's a niceand grown-up for him and yeah that iseverything I hope I mean I've beenlooking for ages online for differentideas for boys rooms and stuff like thatso hopefully now that we've done ourshopefully now that we've done a sitevideo up hopefully this will helpsomeone give you in cement ideas maybeand finally I don't know but if he doesplease let me know in the comments downbelow I would love to hear em and if youwant to know any more information aboutany of the things that we've bought mostof it is from Ikey or anyway the newstuff and but if you want to know theprices or anything then please let meknow I will be happy to let you know andif you haven't already subscribed to mychannel I would love you to subscribeand give me a thumbs up if you like thistype of video because I have got a lotmore organizing to do in this house so Ican video some more of it and I will seeyou in my next video byeI'm only doing like just quickkeep talking okay watch me

Hello everyone, hope you’re well! Over the bank holiday weekend we finally got around to organising our boys bedroom! Hope you enjoy watching and let me know if you want any more information on the storage we bought.
Have a lovely day
Lauren x

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