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[Music][Music]if you're new here my name is Leah I'm amom of two boys a three-year-old and aone-year-old and today I want to showyou our three year olds room he's beenin the room for around a year just overa year now he moved in just as he turnedto and it's taken us a long time to getit sorted there was a couple of morethings though that I wanted to do and Ihaven't got round to doing it so I justthought I would show the room as it isnow because no doubt those things willtake me a while to finish and somethingwill change like our one-year-old mightmove into here and be shown a room andthen we'll have to change it all againanyway so I just thought I would get onwith it and give you a little tour todayunfortunately or fortunately however yousee it the sun is shining today which islovely for being outside but not so goodfor filming in the room so I might haveto shut the curtain to a little bitbecause it is beaming in the room at themoment but it's my opportunity to filmtoday so I just thought I would get onwith it and show you what we've donewith the room I hope you enjoy so thisroom here used to be Tommy's room andwhen he moved into this room which isthe same size as our room there was astair gate on it I thought Tommy canwork that it's there so phase that our 1year old can't get out if I ever needhim to stay in the room so I'll justtake you in it's a good size for alittle boy like I say it's a same sizeas our bedroom so it's a really goodsize for him two bears are playing herebecause we have nowhere else in thehouse or than our living room to havehis toys so I think I might start onthis side so I'll just start here we'vegot this little I think meant to be alaundry basket I got it from being inbargains I think it was around 5 poundswhich I think was a really good pricebecause it is sturdy that this doesn'tcollapse but I'm just using it for someof Tommy's just enough clothes so easyto see he's got a few in there ratherthan having them all hanging out there'sjust too many to hang up so I thoughtthat went really well we've got kind ofa cloud and air playing theme going onI've toyed with different themes but itturned out to be kind of clouds andaeroplanes mostly so I thought thatworked really well then just above thatwe have this plank of wood with somehooks aren't Keith had this bit of woodthat he sanded up and done like awhitewash on it and then we got thesehooks from Ikea I will link below asmany things as I can but some of thethings we got quite a while ago and itmight not be availableI like having somewhere to hang thingsin the room because it's just easierrather than going the Wardrobe to putthings like his jacket or hisdressing-gown and then if you just wantto hang please dressed in clothes youcan do that as wellthen the paint by the way is I think geelooks washable paint we went with thewashable because obviously littlefingers and it gets dirty and it doesn'twork really well I can't remember thecolor of the gray but I will try andfind out and let you know in thedescription below I really like thecolor I was unsure about it because Iwas I thought it might make it a bitdark in here but I really liked itagainst the white all the walls are thesame color but on this wall we've addedthese I didn't what the cold wallstickers we got these from home base Ithink it was our local home base wasclosing down and they were there it wasthe last packet or just the last fewpackets and they were discounted so Ipicked it up I really liked them Iwasn't sure if I'd like them I thoughtthey might be a bit too and worked itquite neutral in hereand I thought maybe they'd be toocolorful but actually I do really likethem and to be fair I should bedecorating tune it for Tommy not formyself but sometimes we do as mums wantthings look really nice and what is itto be quite classy and neutral in herebut I do think it's worked out quitewell the clouds were also part of thepack and we've kind of clump themtogether in threes and then one two andI think it works really well and just tokind of give it a bit of a feature wallor just step back so you can see thatand then obviously we have his bedthat's from Aldi it's a toddler bed soeventually we will have to replace thatbut for now it's fine he does sleep withhis head on this side I'm not too surewhy I've done it that way that was myhusband case I think he thought thatthere waslights coming from behind of the curtainthat would wake him up but that's whatwe does and that's what how he sleepsevery night now the bed is also fromAldi the other side of this bed in islike a farm scene but I've just got iton the clouds I really like the cloudside same with the pillow that's got thefarm scene on the other side it's onlygot a few bits on his bed he's got hisNight Lights which is Olaf Herbie theHedgehog which was cast as a littlechild and so Tommy has that now bunny wedon't have any or Herbie has a name butthe rest of them don't have any namesbuddy which was what I bought him beforeTommy's first Christmas and then MickeyMouse he looks his Mickey Mouse that'sprobably his favorite and then ice onthe bed we have this blanket it's whatwe call the pussycat blanket because ithas black cats all over it andthere was a gift for my dad and his wifeI think it came from Thailand and theblanket is meant to go in this littlecat but it just sits on his bed and hehas that on at night and the lamp we putthis on for that Tommy could have accessto a light at night so that if he wantedto have a live Tony could put it on andhe puts it on every single night Ialways ask him before going to bed withthe lights on off and I give him thatoption because I don't want him to bescared and if he wants how the lights onI don't mind that he always says hewants it off and within seconds it goesback on again but he always goes tosleep so it's fine it's quite a dolights is that the right it's not verybright but I do think it works reallywell on the wall we were rich they'regoing to have the cloud light all theway up here and I'm not sure why Ithought that but that's what Ioriginally was going to do when it wascase I said it would go well down thereand I think he's right it's perfect downthere it means that Tommy can have it byhis bed it's just for him not like likethe whole room and he has access to theswitch as well nothing that works quitewell you have to excuse the squeakyfloorboards but yes nothing we can dowith about them unless we pull thecarpet up which we're not going to do atthe momentthen these shelves are for Mike here welove these shelves we've got them in theliving room as well they're just pictureframe shelves and what we've obviouslygot some books at the bottom these arethe smaller ones that you can get so atthe bottom we have a few books just afew of the nicer books so he owns and wehave more books on his other bookshelfand then the next one up the rainbowcame from pound lands is at little moneybox then the little canvas that sayslove with footprints ask Tommy'sfootprints and I made that for him andthen the little canvas that says Tommywith Scrabble tiles and it's meant to belike a hot air balloon I made that forTommy when he was newborn and then thetop shelf has a little teddy that saysmy first bear that came from Tommy'sNana and granddad Keith's parents whenhe was first born and then little shadowboard like word shadow boards that Imade her Tommyhe has his first baby grow hat socks the12-weeks camera though it's completelyfaded now unfortunately then theannouncement card that we put togetherfor him and then the little cards thatthey give you when you have your baby Idid that for him and then we have greycurtains these were originally ourbedroom I'm sorry this is quite dark nowbecause I'm facing the window bit betteryet grey curtains they were from ourbedroom and these are from Dunelm Milneand they are look out curtains so Idon't think a lot talking about to showthat you this I'm just about and on thewith the ladies we have this littlerobot at Christmas if you told me thatSanta was going to bring him a robot forChristmas and I hadn't got him anythinglike that so I picked that up in Polandand he was happy it used to kind ofjiggle like this was a solar thing butit doesn't work anymore and then thislittle Tommy train that came from mysister when Tommy was first born I thinkthat might have been a Christmas presentbut Tommy was born in December so he wasfirst born and then this little Marshalland pocket roll nightlight which isn'tbrilliant because it only stays onfor a few seconds but he likes themarshal anywayand then if I come down from there theradiator is behind the sofa I want tojust recently move the sofa on this walland I'll show you why in a second and Ithink it works quite well I feel likeit's opened up the room a bit more thissofa was for Mike here but it wasactually given to us by one of myfriends she was moving and didn't needit anymore so she gave it to us we'vekept it in the room because it's a goodplace to sit on and weave stories toTommy because obviously his bed isreally small and would be quitedifficult I want one to sit on therereally also it's a sofa bed so if wehave any guests stayingme and Keith can stay in here with Tommyand it just pulls out it's acting up touncomfortable so we don't mind doingthat and we've just got a few bits onthere blanket that used to be mine it'sjust a fleece blanket cheap one but itkind of works in the room because it'sgot stars on and a couple of cushionswhich don't need it elsewhere in thehouse of the vended up in here the pawpatrol cushion came was a gift fromsomeone that cotton but who one of myfamily members at Christmas this littlebear is actually phrases you can seesays phrase the bear 2018 but it justsits in his face as bedrooms really tinythe dog came from my mama think and itsays 2015 that's when Tommy was born thecat as you I said before is from my dadwith it that king of the blankets andthe bear that came from my dad's andthey're just I'm here because where elseyou put these massive soft toyseventually we might have to either getrid of them or find someone else tostore them because we are planning toput Frazer in this bedroom once he comesout of his cult then I just come overhere just a choice storing behind theother side the sofa because of nowhereelse to put it then under the Wardrobeyou can just see popping out changingmat we hardly ever use this one now itjust sits under that if we need it andactually works quite well the roombecause it's going got clothes on but itjust sits underneath there because we'venowhere else a story then this wardrobewas thatgiven to us from my sister having noidea where it was from and she won'tknow either because it was in the herhouse when she moved in they didn't needit and just offered it to us so we tookit and it works all right I'd eventuallylike to put two fitted cupboards all theway across here with hanging space andshells but we're making the best of thespace at the moment with whateverfurniture we have and because it's allwhite it kind of matches even thoughit's not all from the same set but whatwe have done to try and make it much abit better these drawers here were fromour bedroom and they are the hem knees Ithink that's the right word from Ikeaand they come with the little blackknobs so what we did was we went to Ikeaand picked up some more to match so weput them onto this wardrobe and justkind of ties it in a little bit more inand we just remove this tie I'll justshow you quickly the Wardrobe so you cansee we've got in here we've got safetycatches on it so that it doesn't getopened by little fingers so they don'thave a lot of hanging space in herebecause we've got a lot of stuff in thedrawers so there's a mostly stuff ofTommy's there's a few items here ofFraser's and then we're storing some ofTommy's nappies that he just wears atnighttime now baby wipes pots we use weuse well wipes so they're just there ifwe go out because that's what we dorather than taking reusable they go outa basket of play foods because it goeseverywhere so it just gets kept in hereplus phrase it was a little bit toolittle for a lot of it so I put it inhere but it's probably not too bad nowhe's a bit older then at the bottomwe've just doing some swim stuff then onthis side is all mostly my stuffcamera equipment I think there's atravel cot in there and then that's allclothes that Tommy and Rosa haveoutgrown on top of the Wardrobe thereare a couple of toys for Tommy and fazerbut most of it's just stuff that we'restoring because we've nowhere else toput it so we've got a picnic blanketpicnic box or basket sorry thatwe've actually never used but this solovely it's got a full picnic set inthere we've never actually used it yeahit's with a gift being Keith and it'sjust where it stores because of nowhereelse to put itthere's a picture behind there me one ofmy sisters my mom and dad I'm a holidayin States and then the top is a set likea puppet show type thing and then theboys rainbowwe love this this is a cheaper versionthen the official oneso I will link it below for you weabsolutely love itthe boys don't play with it enough wethat really I guess now they can't playwith it because I put it up there butthey do have a lot of fun when we do getit down and kind of building differentthings and like I said before this setof drawers it's from Ikea and were inour bedroom but we didn't have a spacefor it really so we just brought it intoThomas bedroom and he's got all theseclothes in her no bedding he put that inthere normally is neater than that andpajamas and swim stuff these topst-shirts and long-sleeve socks and pantsthat's all the trousers talking bottomsand trousers and then the top whichactually has a safety catch on it is amix of things I think there's somecreams in there and the thermometer andsome bits that we don't you boys gethold off because they'll just break themat toys I hope just a mix of things thenon top we have this metal drink bowel Ithink that's what you call it this wasgiven to me quite a while ago I wasphotographing a friend's little girl forher first birthday and she wanted to dolike a bubble bath in this after she hada cake smash and she had two of themenough with me one of them so I took itand we've used it with both the boys andit's a lot of fun I've done quite a fewphotos of Fraser in it for variousreasons but I have nowhere to store itso Keith come with this idea of puttingit on its side and storing some ofTommy's and soft toys in it so that'swhat it states I think it works quitewell in here but it means that we cankeep it without it getting in the waythen the next piece of furniture is alsofrom Ike here and this is a calyx unitthis actually was in my flat beforeKeith and I were even together then itcame to the house and was not livingroom and now it's moved upstairs Iabsolutely love this unit we've got onein our living room it's so versatile youcan put boxes in got some drawers thereyou could have it on its side you canhave it upright like we've done hereit's just really good for storing thingsin and then we've got a few bits on topso I'll just quickly dog see what we'vegot on it the two comes is at the backTommy and I did that last summer justhaving a bit of fun with some paint sothey just stay here this one actuallyhas got a bit of dampness from being onthe windowsill but they just sit thereand then Tommy's footprints from when hewas a babyand then he got actually no this was theone that Tommy got for his firstChristmas this trained the one in thewindow legs was actually from thisChristmas just just gonemy other sister bought it for him notrealizing he had one so he's now got twoand then this little elephant jigsawthat I got for Tommy I think was firstChristmas and it was from will closethen on the couch scene it was stolenmore books chick saws and games hisNoah's Ark I'm not too sure where that'scome from I think about the EarlyLearning Centre it was a gift from mysister then this little like tree withlittle finger puppets in it is gorgeousbut the boys are not interested in itwhatsoever every now and then they'llshow a little bit of interest but mostof the time they're not that was a giftfrom their Nana and granddad then in thebaskets that is just a lot of messthis one is organized baskets in thereand with lids on so that's way to can'topen those and then these are notorganized either and then the last boxis where I store all of Tommy's schooluniform I just thought I'd show you howI organized this reform just to keep mea little bit more organized so I've gotthis basket here that I fill up in theeveningwith his clothes and that goesdownstairs then in the morning when hestressed the basket goes on the stairswaiting for him to come home and whenhe's home I check his uniform and justto see if anything is still cleanhe's running in school for half a day sothere was a chance that some of it canbe clean still then I put this to cleanstuff in the basket and it comesupstairs and sits on his little kitchenhere waiting for me to finish I fill inat the end of the day so then obviouslyat the end of the day I can come to hislockbox and see what else he needsactual one night Tommy filled it for mebecause he knew what I did so I thoughtit was really good not only was itkeeping me organized but he knew exactlywhat he needed to do when he came withevery little bit of clothes and heneeded so I thought was really good thenunderneath I've got a couple of basketsand in there I've got t-shirts andCharles is his jumper sit there and thensocks but somehow I've ended up withjust one random sock and we have days ofthe week so he's got Monday to Fridaynuts cider which is today so I don'tknow whether the Friday's gone and thenthat basket sits on top when it's aweekend and just keeps me a little bitmore organized then in this corner we'vejust got a little bit of storage it's areally good-size room but because thisis like the only space he has forplaying with toys other than the livingroom and I don't want to storeeverything downstairs because that's myonly space and we kind of just have touse what space we have in here theseboxes come from Ikea and there areactually really good these clipdownreally well so I crazy can't get intothem and the bottom will just got hiswooden track in there and there's alittle date a little game at the backI plan to when we get more put histrains in one and is tracking the otherthen we've just got like a car mapbehind but you hardly ever uses it so ithas been rolled up there then hopefullythe Sun doesn't like stop you fromseeing this one okaythis little workbench came from Aldi andthat was a Christmas present from Keithand I think it was last Christmas andone just gone the one before and then Icare table and chairs we used to havethis downstairs and Tommy used to eat atit but it just gotit crowd it downstairs we've brought itupstairs and this is where the stafferused to be along this wall and I justswitched them around and it's actuallyworking really well to have a table nextto his little kitchen and I'll dress itwith the little own knife and fork andplate and bone stuff they don't knowwith it that often but I want to kind ofencourage them that if they are playingwith the kitchen that they are actuallylike role playing so that's my littlebit of encouragement but as you can seethey don't do it very often because it'sall very neat and tidy this set thingcame from my Amazon but it was a giftfor so I'm not too sure exactly where itcame fromand it came with a little salt andpepper as well I love the wooden andtoys like kitchen don't mind the plasticstuff but I really prefer the woodentoys to go with the kitchen and I thinkit looks really nice and lasts a longtime and then the little kitchen thiswas a gift from Keith's parents lastChristmas or just over a year ago andequal to master and it's really nice itwas a around 40 pounds just thought wasa really good price and the last thingis toys light shades this came from dillmill it's a cloud and I just thoughtworked really well with the roomI just put as you can see it so it's notparticularly bright bright enough thoughin the evening but I thought it tied inwell with his theme and that's the endof the little room tour of Tommy'sbedroom I hope you enjoyed it if youhave don't forget to give this a bigthumbs up and if you are new here aslovely - hit that red subscribe buttonit's completely free to do so it justmeans that my videos will pop up in yoursubscription box whenever uploaded oneanyway I hope you've enjoyed it I'll seeyou next time bye[Music]

In today’s video I’m giving you a tour of my little boys bedroom. He was just 2 when he moved into the room just over a year ago. We wanted the room to be able to grow with him so have tried to keep it quite neutral and easily adaptable. Please see below for links to as many of the items that I could find.
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Thank you for watching and for all your kind words and support xxx

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Little Stars wooden rainbow – this link will take you to their page on Amazon, the rainbow isn’t always in stock, but it regularly comes back in stock. You can also follow them on Facebook for updates –
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