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#Boutique designed by “Design Evolution Lab” (#Architect and #interiordesigner, Pune) for Plumage. “The only Indian brand that celebrates diversity and collective heritage by blurring borders across the Indian subcontinent with the ambition of providing a modern collection of apparel and home decor, handcrafted with traditional technique”.

Effort is to express brand’s #design values through #interiordesign; attracting interest only towards products. Glamour doesn’t always have to be dramatic; using white is the best way to subtle glamour. White colour with lots of textures gives this space freshness during day time.

In this Interior Design Pune project in order to express brand’s identity fairly; reels of cotton thread; arranged in a grid are used as background to display logo. One can notice large logo painted on it in bold acrylic colours. It’s a symbol for brand’s noble intention to use sustainable, handcrafted materials for their products.

It takes lot of effort and time to pick perfect outfit from store; seats evenly spread across passage can offer needed comfort during tiring process. Display units are designed to be flexible to facilitate display of any product (#decor, apparels etc.). Set of interlocking, movable platforms can be arranged into different shape to accommodate pieces of different size. Overall it was a great learning experience for us. We enjoyed being part of the this venture. (Search under catagory: Boutique Design, Store Design, shop design, shop interior design, interior design mumbai, interior design bangalore, interior design hydrabad, Architects in pune, flat interior, interior designs pune, interior design delhi, showroom design, interior design of house, interior design home)

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