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I'm dining to living to wherever we helpgive confused rooms new direction thisis the confused room podcast welcome tothe confused room podcast Joanie andJenny brewski joining you once againplease be sure to press subscribewhatever platform it is you listen tothe program on like us let your friendsknow that we exist we greatly appreciateit we could not do this thing withoutyou guysso I thank you in advance for doing justthaton today's episode of the program we aregonna be taking a basically I've come awhole bathroom or a you know it's likethe the catch-all bathroom and this isyou know it's a bit of an older home sothis is kind of like you know the onebathroom for the floor if there's thatrooms there this is their bathroom ifthere's guests there this is theirbathroom it's it's it's the everybodybathroom and trying to update it andkind of give it you don't just a betterfeel a more modern feel a nicer feeltoday feels and so that's what we'regonna be going into on today's episodeof the program and some design ideasbefore we get any further I want tothank our creative juice of the day ofthe episode todaythis is sette Delory and these are folksout of colorado and what's interestingabout this wine is they they fermentsome of the the skins on the grapeslonger on the vine they're to reallykind of change the flavor a bit so youget a deeper richer flavor to it itreally you can tell a difference betweenthis and a lot of other wines it reallyhas a unique unique flavor to it it'sgood stuff a good red wine good deep redwine out of Colorado and they only useorganic Merlot grapes and I don'tunderstand how people use organic grapesI'm not slamming it by any meansI'm just when I when I garden when I tryand grow things I can't keep anythingbug free so more power to you if youknow how to do that and do that wellbecause that is not an easy task and soyou get really a nice set nice qualitywine here there out of Coloradorings by the way so thank you guys nowthey've won a couple awards or theirstuff some governor's awards and such sothank you guys for being our creativejuice of today's episode of the programso who's up first I have these in noparticular order am i up first we spin abottle and you're wearing white I can'tprepared to wear black so I thought ifwe spun a bottle with wine in it itdoesn't matter it's exactly well yeahthere's white on it it's more than morethan me okay so okay so we'll spin thebottle okay okay let's see here yourroom is right here yes this is you okayyou're ready yeahhere is let me show the before quickthis is it before let's describe thebefore yeah let's do thatgood idea okay so you can tell thatmaybe the last update was in the late80s early 90s by the country bluepainted wall if it's not wallpaper belowthe chair rail mm-hmm and the seashellpedestal sink which is not terrible butit's peach I'd feel like a mermaid everytime I used it and all the hanging likethe hanging medicine cabinet and shelfand tau bar and everything or just yourclassic kind of honey oak so it wasreally you know it was up to date forthe dayand there's a wallpaper border aroundthe top the bathtub is kind of a pinkymauve color and then kind of a tileabove it that goes from the top of thetub to the ceiling because it's also atub/shower combo it's kind of a brownwith a little bit of that pink in thereand then I'm assuming this is a laminateflooring unless it'soriginal hardwood either way it's prettydated there's a lot going on what Iparticularly love is the white picketfence the miniature one that looks likeit's made out of popsicle sticks thatruns along the the border of thewainscoting on the wall here yeah it'sright above the chair oh and you cantell that's a wallpaper border is thatare you sure it's not popsicle sticks itlooks like it could be popsicle sticksand that's a lot of popsicles to go Ihave a real difficulty parting with thepopsicle stick border okay you ready toshow what you did this is before this isJenny's after with it being the onlybathroom I decided to go white on thefloor white on the tub and showersurround in the sink and even the doorsand go dark on the walls I went with areally dark it's a color called RiverWay by Sherwin Williams is kind of aBluegreen like a super dark teal and onthe wall across from the tub where thethe sink is the pedestal sink in the thetoilet I chose to do a wainscoting ofbeadboard up to about the 36 inch heightmark and then above it is a wallpaperand kind of a seafoam color that's avery simple pattern it's birds andleaves but it's only black like it lookslike sketching on this seafoam color soit's not overpowering but still add somevisual interest I did do a penny tile onthe floor because I think that's classicand with the all the grout lines inpenny tile then you have that it's notas slippery as if you did a regular tilewith you know fewer grout you get moretraction there right I went ahead and inthis room because we did so much whiteto balance the dark I wanted to paintthe ceiling and I carried that same kindof seafoam color from the wallpaper ontothe ceiling added some extra lightingand then I didn't do a window treatmentI just simply did kind of a fog or afilm over the winso you get all the light you can withouthaving any privacy give it out the lastthing I'll say is that the mirror Ichose it actually it looks like a windowbut I figured since this probably isgoing to be the bathroom where guestsare gonna come in and everything Ithought this might be more fun to showit other than just a traditional squaremirror sure and then I did a couple ofsconce lights beside it I did keep apedestal sink because this bathroom doeshave a fairly large linen closet so Ithink most everything's going to bestored in there I like it I mean I likethe use of that that window mirror we'vebeen using that and quite a few designslately and I like I mean it's just it'skind of funny how you kind of like finda product you like ooh that's fun and itworks you know and it's gonna beinteresting to watch the evolution ofthe show over the years to go and younotice when I old school bathrooms herelike this the placement of the windowsand I like that you have fogged them upso there's some privacy there I rememberin my parents house there there'swindows in that those bathrooms toalmost very similar placement in termsof where it actually falls but I alwaysthought it was interesting when you'reyou know a little kid and you can barelylike you're just standing above it youknow it's not a big deal but then whenyou're an adult and it's summertime andthe windows are wide openand there's people in your backyard andyou stand up from using the the restroomyou need to be cognizant yet that peoplecan see through screening and and and Ihad I never had a moment where I waslike oh my god and everybody's likelooking up there or anything but I hadat a moment where I'm just like standingthere you know zipping up and all thatand goingOh God like I stood up here and thankgoodness nobody's looking this directionbut this could have been that thispotentially could have been ainteresting family memory for for allthe world to what well yes they arethere is a film on that that's alwaysbeen there and and that's nice for whenthe window is closed but the thing is insummertime up there they just open thewindows so that then that goes away andyou're so accustomed to it being foggedand they're basically just beingsquirrels or raccoons in your backyardbut then when people are actually inyour backyard the windows are open forthe the breeze and all that and yeahthere's a breeze I'll tell you that muchthe breeze really affects you when youstand up from the toilet right there[Music]nobody needs to see I'm not a cute girland you know who's interesting is withHarper it was it was quick I mean cuzwas for a while like people thought youwere like going to be like and you yougot your baby bump and it was there Imean it didn't like get bigger it wasjust like Harper was almost like a fullterm like eight monthsHarper being the second baby you knowthings change quicker than with yourfirst one sure so yeah but I was like Ilook six months pregnant like threemonthsmmm-hmm gross she liked to dance a lotwhen we play music she would chew medancing around and having a good oldtimeand she loves to dance now as uh as afive-year-old no it's interestingokay well let's go over to our next spayor room or the same room my room myversion of the room so there's thebefore and here is my after I went witha shiplap wall but I went with the thedarker wood the brown wood version of itand this is no it's kind of a rustickind of cottagey I did completely ripout that tub and did the whole clawclassic clawfoot tub I really like thoseI think it's one of those things where Iwish I've always wanted to have one andwhen you see a space where you couldpotentially put one and get rid of themob thing I did and added a nice littleglobe sconce light above that and Ireally I went all out with the theplanking it were the the shiplap I didevery wall in it there isn't a specificaccent wall here it's the only accentwall that now exists is actually alittle bit of a divider between the thesink which I kept the the pedestal sinkI did change it up from the the seashellI know everybody's gonna be sad aboutthatbut I did put a little divider there soyou one could use the restroom in thereand someone could still be at the sinkand you have a little bit of privacythere not much not much but it's it'smore than there was and it's you knowespecially if this is like the onlybathroom in the house and it's you knowa husband wife getting ready orsomething or whatnot and the way peopleuse the bathroom this is it it gives youa little more privacy and with that Iadded I just kind of a tile pattern arectangular tile pattern what colorwould you say that is of the tiles it'salmost kind of like a seafoamslate slate blue okay we're out of thewood tones I did white curtains to coverthe winner that's how I covered it upand the curtains also match all thetowels very kind of a little bit of anoff-white there medicine cabinet mirroris what I used for this so there's alittle bit of storage in there andthere's also a nice little rack for somebooks for some reading and some candlesabove the the bathtub so it's a nicelittle space where you can kind of getmake this a retreat you know it's kindof make as much out of this room as youcan when you only have the one bathroomor the two bathrooms in your house youdon't have to just make it you know oneway or the othertell me about your floor yeah I usedthis is a penny tile but it's a blackand white pattern back and forth betweenthe two I think it's funny that we bothknowing this was an older bathroom stillkind of went with more of a vintagestyle the fixtures and I figure it's avintage II house you can tell by thefixtures and just by the architecturethe framing of the windows from theoriginal before picture so I figured youknow and obviously what we're seeinghere in the before picture is three orfour decades of updates you know andthey're all kind of mixed matching intothis cornucopia of God knows what andand that's where I thought you know picka direction make it kind of classic butbut go wholehearted into that directionand finish it out because at first I wasthinking of an accent wall but it's likethis is just it's too small of a space Ifeel like for an accent wall in somecases although you did yours wonderfullywith your wallpaper if they're not vinylalmost have like a vinyl feel and sothey protect walls really well soinstead of doing a backsplash oranything behind the sink I went with thewallpaper on the whole washer and itlooks great i I didn't think to do thatyou've been really using a lot ofwallpaper recently and at first I wasthinking oh god wallpaper but it reallylooknice because the patterns like we justwe talked about this earlier thepatterns in the wallpaper now are notoverpowering unless you're going forthat you could still find it but there'sa lot of really settle just cute onesthat you can add just a little bit ofinterest without it looking likegrandma's wallpaper there is I mean yeahit really it really can look very verynice so I I think you win this bathroomin my opinion I think a combination ofthe two would be the perfect bathroomcould you combine the tomb and they'reso different in kind of feel though Iknow it's a way to do it there's a wayto do it speaking of bathrooms now we'vealready talked about thatI don't know I'm still waiting for youranswer on that though awkward bathroomconversation what's the weirdestbathroom conversation you have ever hadto endure you know and like I probablylike a public bathroom you know thoughit doesn't have to be do women engageeach other in the bathroom withconversation if it's more than one stallwe go to the bathroom and I heard andsometimes we'll do that we'll talk yeahit's not a you know I know guys youdon't want to talk or look at each otherwhen you're doing your business oh ohjust you tell your story I'll tell my soI think my story has to be when I was Iwas younger than Libby so I was probablylike eight or nine and we were on a roadtrip and I had to go to the bathroomreally bad my mom went with me becauselittle girl restroom at McDonald's howto stay anyway she went with me and wedidn't know anybody else was in therewas like three stalls and she was in oneand I was in another and all of a suddenwe hear there's really a hellacious fartit's just like terrible it's horrible mymom giggles go god Jennifer what did youeat and I didn't playand not say anything I just announcedthat it wasn't this poor woman and therehad to have been mortified justabsolutely mortified of course I afterwe figured out that it wasn't either oneof us we just died laughing and someonewas in there the exact date we couldknow who is really not digestingMcDonald's food well well that's prettymuch everyone Diana says I have workedwith people who take conference calls onspeaker in the bathroom No thank you nothere is I mean I I just as we talk moreand more about this topic I just haveall these things and I'm flooding to meand when that happens my sentences startto make little to no sense because everyword starts to come out of all thesestories simultaneously but if I canfocus for a moment on what some of themwere the big one for me I hate I hateconversating in the bathroom withstrangers but for whatever reason quiteoften I will conversating sometimes welike to mine each other you know we'llstand there your hands are busy wellthat's the thing it's really weirdbecause you're not controlling thenthat's where you hit the walls andeverything cuz you're miming to eachother in it's okay it's awkward I I hatefor whatever reason it seems some peoplebecause it the men's restrooms you knowthere's there's the urinals and Ihopefully there's a divider there butsometimes you know there's not but itwill either way sometimes people justlike to stand there soyou see that game last night and thenfor whatever reason like they standthere and shake a little bit this is andI mean this is typically older men wholike to engage people in theseconversations I don't know whyand I'm like no so I I no longer ifthere's ever an option I do not go tothe urinal I'm locking myself in a stallI don't careI just handicapped or not I'm going inthere over standing by the at the urinalwhere I'm gonna be engaged in somepointless conversation with the 70 yearold gentleman who you know I'm sure ifwe were at the coffee shop and he wantedto engage in conversation sure I'd behappy to talk but not there not there'sno reason there's no reason at thatmoment to engage in any conversationwith anyone for any reason what so everthat's my biggest pet peeve with it butI can relate to Diana's point about thethe people on speakerphone I had ageneral manager at a radio station whowould always be sitting in there on hisphone in in-depth conversations in thestall and it's like I get it some don'tknow I mean in a public setting I don'tget it you shouldn't do that otherpeople can hear you people are comingand going if you're at home I'll admitit I've had a conversation or two I'veanswered a phone call when I've beenthere if I like needed to get it but Ivery quickly try and wrap it up and andI don't flush right there when they'reon the line like what's that noise youknow you got to be kind of strategicabout that that's where you have to gobe ready to flush and run because if youflush and run they won't hear the flushyourself that's a great idea because Imay be talking I may be the one speakingat that moment in time and you have toget away from the flushing sound butfor the other person on the other linehere's the flush here we do a flush andrun never did a flush and run I'vemissed out on life you gotta be thatthat's a scale flushing and you can'tyou reach way over so you're alreadykind of further away see about a fewfeet that you know I'm gonna drop it I'mgonna drop the phone in the toilet howmany times have you done that twice okaythat's okayone other question before we wrap upthis episode most luxurious porta pottiyou've ever been in I know this um thereally high-end shopping center inWichita is called Bradley fair I don'tknow why but coz Bradley is fair therethey had some kind of event oh I know itwas like an outdoor concert thing anywaythey brought in these really they'relike luxury porta-potties you know I'mlike a semi oh that's all it's sunnyit's almost like a trailer right yeahyeah yeah but it's it's like you don'teven realize you're going in a portapotti it's like a nice bathroom hmm andI was so curious I said I needed to goand I didn't have to didn't have to butI went you made yourself go just joke Iwent in there to see what it was andwashed my hands and stuff anyconversation with somebody no but Ipurposely went just because I wascurious so training says I clean housesfor a living so I'm constantly flushingtoilets but yet I'll be on the phone andI laugh inside because I know what theyare my boyfriend Wednesday says myboyfriend just asked me what the hellI'm doing I'm in our bathroom watchingthere you go there you goI agree that is I I know what what portapotties are talking about they were atsome event that we were dealing withthat I remember where but I I knowexactly what you're talking aboutno it's like portable building yeah it'sreally why I don't even know if I wouldcan it Sporto it is I get it but it'snot what you think of when you think ofblue building port-a-pottyone of the most disturbing sites I thinkI've ever seen was at a Country MusicFestival that we were dealing with and Isay dealing with the folks other folkshave been hosting is what they thecorrect term would guess my my term wasdealing with because it's like I reallydon't want to be here but there was abig storm that came through and I thinkyou know where this is going and itliterally knocked some of them over sothere's just the smell I mean I didn'tsee any light seepage out of them but Iimagine if I examine further I couldhave but everything was so wet from thestorm you don't even know what was whatyou really do hope it was from the stormbut that smell never left that area nomatter they got it all cleaned up in tobring in like tons and tons of likemulch and stuff to try and get thisfield that people were standing in tolike not be a giant mud puddle it wascrazy but that was one of the moredisturbing moments of porta-potties soanyway there you go from nice bathroomto discussion of tipped overporta-potties that's what you get on ourprogram every single week here atconfused room all right thank you guysfor for listening we do appreciate itvery much I want to note to everybodythat we're going to be taking a week offfrom the program so next week I'm sorryyou're going to be episode list but goback listen to an old episode and you'llyou'll think it's brand-newyou really won't but do that if you'dlike you back again the following weekjust so everyone is aware we're notdisappearing when going into the etherit's just we're taking the week off butwe'll be back again in in a week so ifyou're watching on Facebook stick aroundeven other episode to to do for you thisevening and of course if you're listento this on Monday Wednesday is theirnext episode and that is going to befive mistakes home sellers make whenthey're staging their home so it's gonnabe a fun one lots to talk about therethat's on our next episode of theprogram so for Jenny Bruce game Tonybrewski thank you for watching thank youfor listening to another episode ofconfused room

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