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Best Kitchen & Dining offers: AEVOBAS Electric Coffee Grinder Coffee Bean Spice Nut Grinding Mach..

https://amzn.to/2VOCreF – AEVOBAS Electric Coffee Grinder Coffee Bean Spice Nut Grinding Machine Stainless Steel Blade Multifunction Household Mill with A Coffee Grinder Cleaning Brush
【200W POWERFUL MOTOR】Different from most coffee grinders in the market, this is a more powerful grinder with a super-efficient 200W motor. This motor will effortlessly grind coffee beans evenly into tiny pieces, unlocking the chemical compound stored in beans for that amazing morning coffee. 【ONE TOUCH OPERATION】With one touch operation, the transparent lid acts as a switch for the unit. All you need to do is press down on it to start and release it to stop once you are satisfied with the fineness of the grind. This saves you unnecessary grinding and electricity. 【LARGE CAPACITY】Up to 60g of coffee beans can be ground for 10-12 cups of coffee per time. The grinding machine is also perfect for grinding nuts, seeds, beans, wheat, rice, spices and other small dry food. 【FOOD GRADE AND EASY TO CLEAN】This coffee mill is equipped with a detachable bowl made from the more safe and durable 304 food grade stainless steel material. You can easily move the ground coffee around instead of moving the whole grinder, and you can easily clean it by washing it after each use. (Of course, this refers to the washing of the bowl and lid and not the MOTOR.) 【SPLASHPROOF DESIGN AND CABLE MANAGEMENT】Other special features include rubber feet for gripping onto your worktop, cable management at the bottom of the unit, and a clear lid with rubber grips so your hands do not slip. All of these features are incorporated into a contemporarily designed coffee grinder finished in sleek black.

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