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BenQ W2000 Living Room Projector | Review | Spece | Price

[Applause][Music][Applause]true or false using a projector to watchmovies at home is convenient true if youhave just 90 seconds the first step isthe most difficult onetake the projector out of the box prettyhard right don't worry it gets easierfrom here cinematic color rec.709 tatsebingoposition your projector here where itwon't interfere with your feet on thetable top coordinating late night moviewatching experience just a few smalladjustments and the screen is linescreen to low no worries leave yourbooks on the shelf with a few taps youcan effortlessly adjust the height andanglewe still got 40 seconds BenQ homeprojectors come with a preset cinemamode that produces cinematic color andcaptivating audio to set the moodswitch to game load or sport mode to getin on the action with exclusive BenQaudio visual effects 20 seconds to golet's do this next adjust sound settingsaccording to preferences slightly haveyour face clear treble whatever you likeare you ready for the kicker how about a100 inch mega projection screenaction BenQ home projectors consistentlydelivers cinematic audio-visualexperiences at home and it truly is thissimple well hold on give me 30 moreseconds because BenQ can give you evenmore with the wireless Full HD kit youcan be cord free and carefree kick backand watch the magic controlled wirelesshigh-definition transmission allows youto watch anytime anywhereso go ahead I've never been so easy toenjoy true cinematic color right in thecomfort of your own home just like this[Music][Applause]

BenQ W2000 Living Room Projector | Review | Spece | Price

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