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Behind the Scenes – Hertzstück Future Dining Room

[Music][Music][Music]what you want to present to you today isour miniaturized infrared sensors whichwe call help stick and I think this isan innovative event in its innovativelocation and it was actually one of thereasons why we chose London becausebecause we said London is veryperceptive for also doing thingsdifferently doing a little bit crazybeing creative that's why we launchedthis year and I think it was a good ideato do that if I see the reflection onthe table and the people are here theylike it and I think that's exactly whatwe wants to have to launch this newinnovation what we have here in ourhands is called a near infraredspectrometer and what it does basicallyis that it's the world's most commonproduct no technology which can scan andanalyze the origin of organic moleculesand matter in a non-destructive andphysical way other people actuallywanted to take the system because theythought it was just so fantastic and itwas also great inspiration for us andthe team to take it further[Music]the evening's greg does the first timewould present the spectrum meter forbroad audience so we on the way to fiveyears time we'll go to semi-professionalmarkets agriculture and in healthindustry medical industry but in the endwe were going to the smartphone for sureeveryone had fun everyone had a realnice time working with the spectrometerit was actually difficult to push peopleinto the dining area and make them eatbecause they wanted to measure more withthe spectrometers my name is JD fromgadgets boy and I am here because I wasinvited out to see some interest intechnology we cover a lot consumertechnology and these guys said somethingthey working with is kind of showing uswhat the future of food could be so Iwas curious about what that would meanyou know so there was I was promisedthere be some good foods that's kind oflike end of next year actually firstproducts will come on the market withthese technology and it will be kind ofa semi-professional application forexample it's our big goal to put thistechnology into smartphone and make themagic and power of a chemical labaccessible for everybody[Music]you

In October 2018, we invited influencers, media representatives and the general public to the “Hertzstück™ Future Dining Room”, a futuristic pop-up restaurant in London. The focus was on one of our latest innovations, the infrared sensor HertzstückTM. HertzstückTM was developed by trinamiX, a start-up company and wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF.
In the restaurant, our guests were able to get up close with a prototype that uses the sensor for NIR-spectroscopy. Dr. Michael Mosley, science journalist and nutritionist, as well as trinamiX experts guided our guests through the event, highlighting the sensor’s potential and future application possibilities. More highlights of the event and more information about this exciting new technology can be found at http://www.basf.com/hertzstueck.

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