Bedroom decorating ideas – DIY headboard and lots more

hi welcome back to engineer your spaceI'm Isabelle after three years of livingin a studio apartment you have no ideahow happy I was to finally move into anapartment with an actual bedroom with adoor and that's why I'm really excitedto share with you today how I decoratedin my bedroom by making a customheadboard and doing lots of other DIYprojects to take this plain bedroom andturn it into a beautiful elegantsanctuary I can't wait to show you whatI did so let's get started since I leftmost of my furniture behind when I movedfrom New York to LA I was basicallystarting with a blank canvas in thisbedroom now it's 12 feet by 14 feetwhich meant I could easily fit in aqueen-size bednow to save some money I decided to gowith a really simple inexpensivesecondhand bed frame which was perfectbut it didn't have a headboard so ofcourse I thought it would be fun to makeone and you'll see this is a reallysimple project that anyone can do I usedone 4 feet by 8 feet sheet ofquarter-inch thick plywood 1 by 3 boardsand 1 by 2 furring strips to build alightweight structure for the headboardI had the plywood cut at the hardwarestore to be the width of the bed frame62 inches and then I have that piece cutin half so that it would fit in my carthe remaining piece will be for a wallart project that I'll show you later toattach the plywood pieces together I use3 1 by 3 boards placed horizontally thatI screwed in place from the front andthen I added the vertical 1 by 3 boardsthe same way to complete the frame nextI attach very strips at the top and bothsides of the headboard drilling pilotholes and screwing them to the 1 by 3this makes the headboard look thickerand the size furring strips access legsmaking the headboard rest just above thetop of the bed frame now comes the funpart of dressing up the headboard inhere you could really customize it toany look that you want now I thoughtabout making mine into a tuftedupholstered headboard using the samemethod that I use to make my banquettepanel but I wanted a different look hereand I decided to upholstered myheadboard using burlap panels and burlapribbon and you'll see this is actuallyvery fast and easy to do I usecoat of spray adhesive to secure battingto the front of the headboard makingsure to cover all the edges and I addeda second layer for a softer look Icovered the top edge by stapling alength of the 3-inch burlap ribbon andthen stapled three panels of thethirteen and a half inch wide ivoryburlap fabric leaving about one to twoinches in between the panels I coveredthe remaining gaps by stapling more3-inch ribbon and use peel-and-stickfabric tape to close in the seams bysimply removing the backing and pressingdown on the fabric the last thing I didwas add decorative nails to the sidesand staple cardboard to the back tosmooth out the fabric I watched theheadboard between the wall and the bedframe to hold it up and I left the legsunpainted but you could easily paintthem to match your bed frame I also use3m comments tips to help secure the topof the headboard onto the wall I justlove the way my headboard turned out andif you're interested in purchasing anyof the materials that I use for theheadboard like the burlap or the peeland stick fabric tape I'll have links inthe video description below that you canclick on now it's time to move on to thenightstands and here I wanted to add apop of color and I ended up finding theperfect inexpensive tables at IKEA inthis beautiful turquoise color thatmatched the cushion on my bed perfectlybut the tables are too short so I cameup with this easy way of making tallernightstands by simply stacking two ofthe tables on top of each other andcutting the legs of the bottom table tocut the legs I put masking tape toprotect the finish where I want to makemy cut about four inches from the top ofthe leg and then I used a speed squareto mark the cut on each side of the legthe legs are hollow so they're reallyeasy to cut with a miter box and ahacksaw that has a really fine toothedblade and cutting one side at a time isactually the best way to get a straightcut and using these steps to cut thelegs will give you a nice smooth cutevery time you'll want to check that allyour legs are the same length then ifthey're not you can use sandpaperstapled to a piece of wood to make anyminor adjustments all that was left todo was put in the legand then I use liquid nails to securethe legs from the top table to the topof the bottom table and voilanightstands that are the perfect heightfor art I found inexpensive second handframes that I give a new look to by justapplying some rub and buff in antiquegoldI used a rag to do this and wear glovesto keep my hands clean this was reallyquick and easy and I love how the goldreflects the light I also hung some arton a frame that I made by gluing furringstrips to the back of the leftover pieceof plywood that I had from the headboardI added I hooks and wire to hang it andI secured the art to the frame withBrad's it was the perfect thing to dressup that side wall the last thing that Idid in the bedroom was to take care ofwindow treatments and in this case thatmeant getting rid of these ugly verticalblinds and I did that by replacing theslats with this beautiful curtain that Ifound at a Kiev and by making a windowcornice to hide the hardware at the topwithout having to remove any of theexisting hardware I just love howeverything came together to create abeautiful relaxing bedroom to unwind atthe end of a busy day well that's it fortoday's episode if you're curious to seehow to make a window cornice and how toreplace vertical blinds with curtainsyou can click on this video here and ifyou want to see how to make it tough tothe upholstered panel you can click onthis video and for more information onthis project you can go to my websiteengineering your space calm and don'tforget to subscribe to my channel sothat you don't miss any of my upcomingepisodenext time[Music]

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