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hello everyone welcome to my channelthe middle-class mom one day I was goingthrough my facebook feed and came acrossthis notification by the little blackbook app it was about a home decormakeover challenge at famine near storein Koramangala Bangalorethis got me super excited as I lovedecoratingI quickly registered for the same I wasasked to come to the store toparticipate in the eventon reaching the store the organizersweekly briefed us about the variousrules and regulations we were thendivided into different groupsand this this time who you aredecorating it for so no move thequestion is what the person likes andthen you get all right so I actually wasa subject of the stage and he's any ofour statusthe whole book and each of us was givenan area to decorate the rules were thatthere were no rules and to my delightthe entire store was to our disposal wecould use anything we wanted which wasavailable in the storeI was literally feeling like a kid in acandy store we were given a couch and aseating area and a bed to decorate Iquickly went through the store lookingfor stuff I could use for my decorationas you can see they have a number ofproducts they have cushion covers bedcovers curtains of different kindscotton linen silkand they also have various kitchen itemssuch as crockery[Music]different kind of plates bowlsthey also have a lot of lamps[Music]the variety is so much that you reallydon't know what to selectI came across these beautiful fairylights which I'll be using later todecorate my roomthere were many kind of lamps indifferent shapes and sizes[Music]there are also mirrorsbrass itemsthere were many wall lamps candlesthis room contained decorative items foryour dining table crockery sets tablerunners[Music]there was a huge selection and it wasvery difficult to decide what to select[Music]Sam India promotes all the differentkind of materials which are made inIndia here you can see vibrant colorsand vibrant designs all made by Indianartisans here you can see me trying toselect some cushion covers it was prettyconfusing because there was a hugevarietywhile I was trying to find the cushioncovers my other team members we'retrying to get some curtains bed coversand other small accessories to decoratethe table and the nightstand[Music]in front of you you can see the areawhich was given to the other team whichwas mainly a seating area that's adining room area they also did a goodjob in decorating the spacethen I went around looking for someplants which I could place in thecorners who has to highlight the room[Music]now moving on to our area as you can seewe have used off-white of beige andturquoise and light pink colors todecorate the area the table runner andthe cushion covers are of Turkish colorwe also play some photo frames plantsand Here I am giving the final touchesoh my god you can see the mess we havecreated literally all the things werelying outside and here is the finalresult after 45 minutes of painstakingrunning around we have decorated thisplace beautifully you can see a glasstray and we have kept some pink colorand turquoise blue short classes withtea lights inside we have also placedsmall curios and lamps on the sidetables you can see candles photo framesand the cute elephant you can also seethe different kind of curtains and alsothe gota putty work cushions in pink andsea blue the fairy lights arehighlighting the whole placewe have used an off-white bed coverwhich goes against the bright cushionsand highlights it here we are waitingfor the judges arrival[Music]then for the final verdict here we havethe organizers telling us how they feltabout the different sections which wedecorated from the judges[Music]like whatever is possible but of coursesomething catches my eye and at the endof the event we had a small Q&A sessionwith the fab India team they wanted toknow about the personal preferences inhome decor and also how we enjoyparticipating in the event now it wastime for some photograph sessionsmy daughter and I had a wonderful timeparticipating in this event I wouldhighly recommend that anyone inBangalore visits the store I'm sureyou'll find something which is of yourchoice to decorate your home if youliked this video please subscribe to mychannel also press the bell icon so thatyou can be notified of any new videosthat I put up thank youyou

Hello everyone join me in a home decor challenge at Fabindia home decor store. It will give you some ideas about how to decorate a bedroom and living room in ethnic Indian style. The video will bring to you different home decor products available at Fabindia which will help you on how to coordinate colors, add Indian ethnic accents and bring a personal touch to your home decor If you like this video, please LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE.

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