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hi I'm sandy Levin I'm the owner ofbeautiful Tara's Design GroupI'm a Home Staging expert and interiordesignerwe home staged throughout the state ofNew Jersey New York the boroughs of NewYork and the Hamptonstoday we staged this this historic housein Mendham New Jersey it was built in1861 it was previously a schoolhouse andit was converted to a residence let's goin and see our staging this is thekitchenas you can see is very warm woods youknow stainless steel appliances I wasasked by the investor but the realtor tobring Cutler into this house because itwas just a very cold house a very oldhouse and that's what she felt would bemore appealing to the most amount ofpeople and get obviously multiple bidswhich we often get with our stagingsso let's see the rest of the housethis is the butler's pantry and now wecommute to the dining room withmetallics people today love metallicsit's a very popular finish and again wefeel a big mom very appealing to themost amount of people and we hope to geta lot of people in here to see the houselet's go into the officethis is the office the house was vacantbefore we staged it so everything thatyou see my company beautiful interiordesign group brought in to the housenow we're going into the family roomthis is the family room with this stainthe stained glass windows we we pulledthe color from the stained glass windowsand brought it throughout the room madeit very cheery with the yellow somegreen because of the stained glass wehave an interesting area over here andagain mice my company we brought ineverything everything is you knowbrought in from ports for the stagingnothing was here previously fireplaceokay so why don't you call us beautifulterrorist design group to have your homestaged we work on both vacant andoccupied homes you can reach you can seeour work on our website at WWE NJ calmor phone us at seven three two threezero three six three eight three thankyou

Beautiful Interiors Design Group Home Staged an 1867 House in Mendham, Morris County, NJ.

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