Bathroom Sink From Wooden Pallets DIY

[Applause]so this is the idea I'm building thisout of wood pallets in this case they'refairly new I'm building this nice sinkbathroom sink so how about crystal ballthat is gonna go on top like a countermount mounted ball in a nice like onehole faucet the ideas to kind of recycleall this this pieces I mean they wereready to be thrown in the landfillchopped up and burnt or something so Iwant to extend the life of all this woodespecially because we don't wanna wewant to reduce the impact on theenvironment but beside that it's gonnabe like a nice rustic finish so the ideais this I've been trying to dismantle adog palace for for a while and sometimesthey kind of break especially when youput it on pressure wheat whateverwhatever tool I have in like crowbars orlittle specialty tools that I make orwhatever they end up sometimes just kindof breaking apart so the best thing thatI found so far is using a reciprocatingsaw you know it's also without withoutblade of this kind nothing other ones inso this this is like something like ademolition type of blade these bi-metalby Lennox laser metal or whatever thickmetal in the idea with this is that youknow this will actually go through thistype of metal more lloyd will go throughthese nails release so when you do startcutting these edges you know try to cutin the other side and being like ainches long will allow you to kind ofstretch a little bit and cut throughthis so you're gonna have a little bitof damage in the back or whatever butit's less than using something else sothat is the that is that the other we'regonna you know just cutting them so umthis is idea I mean to have our I don'tknow why I'm getting this is kind ofweird okay better so that is to havethis cabinet that will um that will youknow evoke a little bit of that woodpallet finish on the side that will youknow usually make you know that you'reusing a wood pallet and that we're gonnayou know that you can feature againnice stomped up in this case I'm gonnause a wood top and in a single you knowcrystal vessel in the middle with afaucet so oh that yes you know to put inthis case like to the walls and and howabout the draw and the size can expose alittle bit of the legs curvature so it'spretty much we're gonna you know whatit's gonna beI'll show you the measurements in amoment so this is gonna start you knowthese are the sights of our cabinet theidea is that we we want to have we wantto have the two legs you know they soundlike 28 inches because after you put acounter it's gonna be like aone-and-a-half this is going to be aboard and and you know this has gonna be20 but when you turn it this pieces areactually eighteen and a halfI left a 3/4 of an inch on both sides sowhen I put the other part of thestructures right here and I just washthat's kind of what I want in the backof the of the piece and you know so inthe front also when I'm making the frameit's gonna be you know workable in thefront so that's it I left like fourinches apart for the people in the areathen later on I'm gonna put a littlemore on on top of this so so we can youknow have a bottom of a of the cabinetso to fill up and in both side panelswhat we did is that we start with apiece is 24 inches long and we just kindof follow the contour of the other legso just to give a little more depth alittle more more curiosity here and wedid it without with a jig there's a jigsaw and so around gonna do it somethingwe just trace this one prospect part ofit of the board to make em look a littlea little nicer[Music]so as you can see we put it togetherfairly quick what we did is that whenyou have the two panels that I show youand then we put a board in the frontwith a 3/4 reset so that's that's kindof help you use a lot of glue all thetime the back rest and for the bottomwhat we did is that we actually put abase but for that base we added a littleextra little piece on the bottom so itkind of secured them and they wouldapply would suck up inch half inchplywood that and we were able to find onthe sides what we did is that we arethere this is nice and sturdy so weadded this little trim on the topnothing on the bar to kind of show alittle bit more of a Oh the wood thecontour over here was follow us we showyou and then the doors how many doors wemade pretty much a borethen we cut it right in the middle becareful when you're working with thenails because you're gonna find thenails around and you don't want todamage your machine so just got a testfor they know they're gonna hate it youmay need to remove few nails so I put mydie and it's gonna be bear with me it'sgonna be right hereso this is how are you going to gobefore they put the hinges what I'mgonna do is I'm gonna stain all this welike a nice light brown color I guessand then we go ahead and put a stop forthe top I'm gonna use some all the wordsthat I have and you know and I'm gonnaleave like a one-inch so you know theperimeter except the back and so we gotthe the you know the three planks weactually cut the one in the backshoulder so you can go against the wallwe clean this board really well but Imean that's how they look for nowand then what we'll do now is with thisthis inch and a half whole top will makea perforation for the drain then theywere not gonna make the perforation forthe drain I mean for the for the faucetso now I'm in the part of installing thedoors and here are the hinges so here'slike one one of the examples of thehints that have been very common mybottle at Lowe's its own peanuts reallycool I'm using this little piece ofcardboard to kind of help me line upreally well the spaces so you know itworks really well so it will not be kindof grind against each other andobviously a drill to really I'm gonnaput actually have some little door knobsI'm gonna just just place right thereyou know I guess and some little magnetsand then back each other - that I have Iwill be just kind of put it in the backgonna put a little piece of walk on theback so you can hold the magnets and youknow that's just pretty much what I'mgoing later around I'm gonna put thephoto on the faucet fossil the faucet ontop and the vessel so it should beshould be pretty finished and just takeit to a shop and see if I can sell itokay so um now I finish with hinges andthe doorknobs and a little some littleclips that I have on the top so they canactually close really cool the ideaobviously because of the nature of thepiece of furniture that is unique isthat nobody has the same thing andyou're prolonging the life of the woodthat otherwise will be destroyed andburnt or whatever and which Dawson in aland filled it kind of is kind of kindof crazy right to think that you'regonna throw all these things in and justkeep the forest in there you know natureanyway they've all the vessel and andfaucet I'm gonna install them the shopmeaning a little a little boost that Ihave when I'm selling you know a lot ofthe upside called material furniture andthe reason is that I don't want them toget scratched and stuff like that soI'll show you the last video clip withthe last part of the video clip overthere what I'm gonna take the piece offurniture and just kind of put ittogetherso yeah just stay stay for a second I'llshow you more so now you can see thecabinwith the faucet on top and the vesselDavian now is that it will be here atthe store for so and hopefully somebodywill will buy but that's it I meanthat's how you can actually extend thelife of this material and give it a nicerustic unique look to your to your housealright so thank you so much forwatchingdo not a subscriber please subscribe youare thinkers always I'll be actuallymaking an or video of the sequence forthe episodes and in this place that Igot to sell you know furniture so seeyou in the next one bye bye

Detailed Woodworking plan here –

There are plenty of wood pallets that can be transformed into an interesting shelf, sink or anything else that might perfectly fit into the bathroom. It can be easily done by anyone who has a basic set of tools. What is required is a plan, one or few pallets and effort.
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More Detailed Plans you can find here –

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