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Hey there! have you got a bathroomthat is so horribly ugly that the only way you want to walk in there is with your eyes closed... at night?II Get it. I've had those; I show those all the timewhether your budget is$1,000 or$5,000 we can make some major changes so that you'll love your bathroom and not have to break the bank!Okay, so those bathrooms are super expensive and so important because we spend so much time and they get a lot of hard use!I am Susan Thetford with Parks properties here in the Nashville, Tennessee area. If you're new to my channel, thank you for stopping in. Here on my channel wetalk about all things real estate andNashville, and the people places and things that make us the "IT" city today.Today, let's talk about something I see all the time and have this conversation about all the time"I love that houseBut those bathrooms are horrible and I don't have the moneyTo be able to spend another twenty thirty thousand dollars to get the bathroom i want!"Okay, most of us don't have the budget to have everything we want, butget into the Location you want; get into a house with the great bones and we'll tackleSmaller problems like the bathroom to make it livable nowUntil you have the extra money or want to really do a full-blown blowout remodel jobThere's so much we can do with $1000 to 5 thousand dollars,even more...That you might just love that bathroom and leave it the way it is.Let's talk about itSo in a recent issue of Remodelers MagazineIt's estimated that the average bathroom remodel is ten thousand five hundred dollars up toFrankly the sky's the limitBut 10,500 is the average cost of a total bathroom remodelleaving the plumbing leaving all the fixtures in exactly the same place justremodelingLet's talk about what you can do and a bigBig changes for less than a thousand three thousand and five thousand dollarsWe can talk about those numbers if you've got $10,000. That's a whole "nother videoSo one of the first things people are always concerned about is. " if I put another3,000 if I put a thousand 3,000 if I put some money into this will I get my money? Well, I get my investment backBathrooms, especially small bathrooms. well done small bathrooms, not over-the-topbathrooms and kitchensTypically get seventy-five to a hundred and ten percent of the remodelinginvestment recouped back and if you're in an area wheremost homes are remodeled, you absolutely have to do it to compete. If you're in an area where mostare NOT remodeled?You're really gonna get that money back. But what a plus that isSo, yes; spend the money now wisely. Enjoy it daily. 'cause you're the one using itNot to get personal but let's spend that money. Let's will spend it wisely.#1So one of the first things you have to do is determine two thingswhat is your budget andHow much are you willing to do yourself in any job50% is materials and typically 50% is the labor. So those two things are first before you start anythingHow much are you willing to do yourself? And what is your total budget?Once you have that determinedLet's goAlright so here we are in the order of importance. You have a thousand dollars to spend and you're going to do some workFirst things first,clean the sucker. Just clean it top to bottom then you see what kind ofpalette you have. if you have broken grout and mortarjointsRepair them; you must get everything in perfect orderOtherwise, you're setting yourself up for leaks and much more expense that you can't control later on.So, cleaning and repairing any groutNumber one paint number two. Suggestion: you have to work with the tile that you have in there because you only have $1000I suggest a white, a cleanFresh white that will go along with your tile. Maybe it's a cool white. Maybe it's a warm whiteWHITE.Number 3 is you only have this thousand dollarsget yourself a better sized mirror and some good lighting.That's probably going to take your thousand dollarsBut no bathroom has good lighting especially if this is 60s, 70's 80s, bathroom, the lighting sucks. There's just no words about itso...Take out the current mirror. It's probably smallThe larger the mirror the better because it's going to reflect more lightDo the mirror to the ceiling if possible and then put the lighting inside at the top!there so that will reflect light will make the room look much much larger andThat's still should not even have you anywhere close to $1000So if you have any more $$ you can upgrade the hardware on the cabinetry;You can paint with a glaze the cabinetry; just paint the cabinetry to look more freshThat will go a long way and you really truly have not spent your thousand dollars. You might even have an extra money toHire someone to come help you do some of this work.That thousand dollars is already gonna make a huge difference in your bathroomAlright, let's walk up the budget ladder. You've got three thousand dollars. Whhoohhoo!Alright, what are you gonna do with that three thousand dollars?You're gonna do the first things I mentioned you're gonna repair the grout, you're going to repair anyCaulking that needs to be done. You're going to do the cleaning. You're gonna do the paintingYou are going to definitely do the mirroring and better lighting. All of those things is in this thousand. Iwant you to check the floor because it's an older homeIt may well have tile floor and it may well have a lot of cracks in those tilesI've seen it many times and it looks really good and clean and freshif you can't repair those tiles and you can't you probably can't getThe copy the exact piece of tile again. I've seen people put in wall to wall,It's just a fragment or a remnant, of a goodnaturalsisal rug. Or, add some decorativeand wainscoting; or, if you have already pretty decent tile you can add(but only up to a certain level) you can add a detailing band a little bit higher to give that shower a more luxe feelAnother thing is many showerheads are very very low andJust not the way people like to bathe anymoreThere's some great shower heads that now go up and over. They typically would come down like thisThere's some great ones that now come up and over so you have a whole lot more heighthAnd it's just, again, a cleaner fresher look; it stays in that same plumbing hole. You're not changing your plumbingWe're not changing any plumbing in this whole bathroom yet with this budget. Can't do it-But you work with the holes you work with the holes that you got, but you can upgrade that showerheadYou can upgrade the cabinet pulls. You can probably upgrade your faucets and keep all of it with them the samekeep all of it within the exact same finish. upgrade your shower curtain if you've got theslider doors that hold mold... that hold moisture... that are really, really ugly. Take those out. Clean the top of that tub, andthen get one of the newer (shower curtain)hardware that comes at a curve- is even nicerAnd then some newLinens (and /or shower curtain)You're going to love your bathroom. You haven't spent$3,000 even with these numbersLet's talk the next step up...Okay, we're up the budget ladderNow you've got five thousand dollars- a max a five thousand dollars and we are gonna give your bathroom atotally wonderful makeover; you've done all the things that I mentioned in the other two makeoversBut you, at five thousand dollars, have enoughprobablyTo upgrade to a whole new cabinet to a whole new bathroom cabinet.You also have the money to put in a new (vanity) top. Maybe you want the Silestone. Maybe you want granite...Go to a granite yard andAsk for their" boneyard" which means their remnants. When you go to a granite yard, typically you're getting a huge slab of graniteand they'll fabricate (cuts and edging for what you need for thatapplicationThere's a awful lot ofextra granite (remnants) that they call their "boneyard"It's in the back and they'll sell that to you; you have to pay for additional; fabrication.For small bathrooms, you're gonna find so manyInexpensive pieces that will work for you. You can easily get that new top made within budget.What about this?What about finding at a flea market an old chest of drawersthat's not expensive at all. You might not like the finish; you can paint it.Cut the top out,put the bowl in, you put the granite top or themarble remnantwhatever you want, should be able to find that for less than two hundred and fifty dollars all said and done.And you've got a whole new updated vanity!Use some ingenuity here guys, it works. So that willnot even take you to the five thousand dollars. You can probably add a whole lotbetter fixtures. I've seen a great application where someone didn't use tile;they wanted to have a much more contemporary look and rather than tile up that whole vanity wall with a mirror...Whatthey did was they cut2x4s ... No,-1 x 6s!They put that whole wall of 1 by 6s. It was stained planks. They were stacked all the way to the topAnd then the mirror was installed and cut inside of it for a really cool look. if that's the type of house you have.Using a little ingenuity will give you a WoW! bathroom without spending a fortuneSo... as you can see, there is abathroom remodel for every single budget.Truly, it's your home, make it yours!But ,don't walk away from a fabulous house and a fabulous location on yourbudget simply because it doesn't have a fabulous bathroom.Hey, I know you've got some great ideas yourself, and I'd love for you to put those in the comments.Have you done some great before-and-afters in your own house?Show them to us! Have you seen some horror stories?Let's see if we can't come up with good ideas of how to make them betterIf this is the type of thing you enjoy... please, I invite you to subscribe to my channel right hereI have a new video every single Thursday. Ishare all things about Nashville real estate,-Nashville homes designAnd the people, places, and things that make Nashville be the "it" city that we are today.I don't want you to miss a thing. So subscribe, hit that bell, and you'll get a notification everytime a new video drops.I'll see you soon

Budget bathroom remodel as a DIY er – is it possible? Absolutely! In this video, you’ll find cheap bathroom remodeling ideas for every budget- from $1000, $3000, and $5000. Don’t miss out on that home in a great location within your budget just because the bath is a nightmare! From paint, to small tile detailing jobs, “Shaw” indoor / outdoor carpeting to cover broken floor tiles, to “S” pipes for a taller shower head, Granite and marble “boneyard” finds and barnyard salvage wood for a pittance, you’ll find massive change to that dated bath without breaking your budget.

As a realtor in Nashville for 30 years, I help people envision what that home with great “Bones” can be with some vision and a little work. Love your home- love your bathroom- without breaking the bank!

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