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Hi everyone, I'm Alejandra from and in this video I'm going to share withyou how I'm organizing the bathroom, so I can find what I'm looking for, it stays niceand organized and I'm just very efficient when I get ready in the morning.But first, if this is your first time watching any of my videos and you're just startingyour journey to getting organized, there's a link below to help you get started for free.All right, so right here is the bathroom that Ed and I share, and there's one sink, there'ssome countertop, and it's pretty basic.What we do is we keep the things we use on a daily basis, daily or every other day ... Ifit's frequently used it's kept out within reach.So things you use often, you want to make them nice and accessible so you're not fishingthrough trying to find what you're looking for, just a nice easy grab.So, if you see it out right here, it's used daily or every other day.And the biggest thing here is there's small things and then there's big things.So if it's small, contain it.So it's nor floating around and it's not just, I guess floating around is the right word.If it's big, it just gets lined up, stacked up, it's on its own.So, all the small things are right here, and I use this nice clear three drawer organizer.I like that it's clear so I can see inside without having to open the drawer to see what'sinside.And each drawer is it's own category, so this is like dental stuff.This is Mojo stuff, and then this is grooming.And what you can do is, you can actually, you can put a label right here if you don'thave clear drawers, so then you know what the category is, but I don't have my labelmaker, and the drawers are clear, so it's great as is.Now, what I did at the bottom, was I puttied down the drawer organizer so it's not goingto shift around.It's just nice and puttied down, and the putty I use, I'll show you what it is.It's this stuff right here.It's called museum putty and it works really well, it doesn't damage surfaces and it justreally holds things in place.All right, I will put a link to this below, if you're wondering more about this.So the big things right here that we use every day are in this tray, so this tray was alreadyhere.It works great because whenever you clean the counter, instead of having to move everysingle thing, you just pick up the tray, move the whole tray and everything moves at once.This is, where we're living right now is a rental, so this is not our bathroom, so it'snot my stuff, but the tray works well, so I just have the things, the big things rightthere.And then, there's some more big things, lotion, spray, Mojo's dental wipes.Then these two bags right here, I have a bunch of small cosmetic samples, like hotel samplesand stuff that I'm using right now, so I keep them out as a reminder to use them, becauseI find that if I can see things I remember to use them because I'm so visual.So, keep those in plain sight.All right, so over here is our toothbrush and toothbrush holder.And what's great about this, is I have this cord organizer on the cord, so the excesscord doesn't just dangle and it's near the water, it's kind of just away into this cordorganizer that you just open up just like this and it just wraps around this wheel andthen you close it, and it's like this nice donut that just hangs out right there.It's so awesome.So, a great habit to get into for keeping up and cleaning and keeping up with the organizationin your bathroom is to do a little bit at a time before you go to bed.Spend five minutes making this space better than it is.So, putting cosmetics away, putting anything that out, if there's clothes on the floor,taking the clothes putting them in the laundry room or wherever they belong, but just doinga little bit at a time.A good motto is leave it better than you found it.Kind of like nature.Do the same thing with the spaces in your house.Before you go to bed, in your bathroom, how can I leave it better than I found it?And maybe you just take one thing.If you don't want to do your five minutes, or you don't feel like doing your five minutes,just do one thing.Just leave it better than you found it.It's a great habit to get into.Okay, so on the shelf down here, is things we don't use as often.So weekly, monthly, seasonally.And so what you want to do is keep things you don't use as often lower or higher, justnot within reach.Just save the stuff within reach, like the prime real estate for the everyday stuff.All right, so, what I'm doing is I'm using all of my travel bags right now, because we'rein transition, as organizers.So this has all of my small hair stuff in the big one.Makeup goes in the medium sized one.And then, long makeup stuff, like brushes, mascara.If it's long and it's makeup, it goes inside this bag right here.And then in the back of the shelf, so the back of the shelf has even less frequentlyused items, like monthly stuff and seasonal stuff, and just stuff that we're not usingweekly.This is more like weekly, back there is monthly.And again, because these things are all small, they get contained inside of an organizer,and because those things are big, they just get stacked and lined up next to each otherback there.All right, and so Ed's cosmetic bag is right here.His side, my side.And then on this side, there's these three baskets that were already here when we temporarilymoved into this space, and they work great for this size shelf.So right here, I just have all of my big hair stuff, so it's the blow dryer, the flat iron,the brushes and stuff, and then right here, I just have all of, like, bulk back up stuffthat goes ... it's like bulk back up of stuff that stays on top of the counter.Yeah, that's pretty much what it is.And then, in this one right here, this has, let's see, there's feminine care, there'sstuff for Mojo, and then there's some small medications and more back up stuff, but smallerstuff.This is more like the big back up stuff, and this more like the small back up stuff.And then, at the very end of the shelf is cleaning supplies, and then behind these baskets,because these baskets are, the shelf is deeper than the baskets, so there's space behindit, I just have rolls of toilet paper that just get kept back there.All right, and that's it.And then in the shower, I also wanted to say in the shower, only keep the things that youuse on a daily basis.So instead of having five shampoos, just have one shampoo.When you finish the shampoo, recycle the bottle, bring in the next shampoo, but don't havefive of something open at a time because then the shower just gets cluttered and makes ithard to clean.It makes it hard to squeegee and stuff.So just have one of everything open.And when you're organizing your bathroom, I think the bathroom is such a fun place toorganize, because it's a small space.You get to see progress fast, just have fun with it.Ask yourself questions.What do you use daily?If you use it daily, keep it accessible.What do you use weekly or monthly?Put that in a lower shelf or in a cabinet or in a drawer or something.Just have fun.Make your systems work for you.If you set up a system and you find that it's still not working, or it's difficult to access,it can always be tweaked down the road.These are not permanent systems, so just have fun.Find what works, and just enjoy yourself while you do it.That's one of the most important things, is just have fun while you do it.Bring your best self and see what kind of systems you can create.Thanks for watching.If you're looking for more support on your journey to getting organized, there's toolsand training on my website, for watching.I'm grateful you're here, and I look forward to seeing you next time.Take care.Bye bye.

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Hello All!

In this video, I show you how I’ve organized our bathroom countertop/vanity in our temporary home! If you need bathroom organization & storage ideas, I hope you find this video helpful!


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