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hi I'm back here with Jennifer out ofNadi and she is doing a takeover on herCostco Facebook page I hope you've beenable to see the last week's segment thisis our fourth segment so I'm gonna letJennifer take it away or in my bathroomwelcome to every moving part of my housewe completely gutted this space it wasreally dark heavy dark wood floors indark cabinetry and a lot of tile on thecountertops and it just wasn't what Iwas envisioning for the master bath andwhen you do a remodel there are twoplaces that when you spend money thatyou can typically get the money back andthat's a master bath and in the kitchenso it's well worth remodel but you don'tgo too crazy I went into the bathroom tostay Zen like and like a spa so I didn'tuse a lot of different materials I keptpretty simple you'll notice I did a wormon the floor but I didn't wanted so likea dated to traditional marble so I foundreally big pieces and offset the joy andwhen your blank tiles right now atighter do a tightertitle when the titles are closertogether nothing's a lot better and lessmy grout line that's striping and thenbringing it up to the countertop when webrought marble up to the counter and ina more modern application so it didn'tlook too traditional we kept it tightwith the cabinet so there's not a lot ofoverhang and that's something whenyou're going through a remodelingprocess your edge detail the counterdoesmake a big difference to the overalllook the bathroom and for the cabinetsartists were too far gone but typicallyyou can paint them or just resurface weended up having to thrash them becausethey weren't really functioning well sowe opted for really deep drawers and Ireally because I didn't have tall modelsI'm gonna show you the inside of mydrawer but I can actually access theseand function really well and then keptthe bottom open so it looks like it's afloating piece of furniture with alittle bit of an accent light down therethese mirrors are my favorite thing theyshow everything so I'm guaranteed toknow what's on my face before I believethey're called electrics I'm gonna showyou this you just turned right off andit turns on and then I didn't have tohave any sconces or anything on the wallI really like those oh my favorite partshower and then we'll get to accessorieswe've brought that same tile that's onthe floor it didn't do a threshold wejust brought it straight on into theshower and with the back wall because itwalks into my shower space but you coulddo like an accent wall here but insteadI decided to have these little cubbiesit just keep it really functional andcreative but little puck lights up atthe top and plants you already realizedI'm obsessed with plants I use them asaccessories all the time and then theyalso just roll up towels because we havestorage here and I don't have to have alot of cluttered accessories or tilesI'm going to take you right back on overhere you'll see these unexpected objectsthese elephants there it almost looklike there are dogs in fact when wefirst put them in here my little Oliverwent underneathcheck it out the reason I brought thesein here these are from my husband was ona business trip and they didn't costthat much and he just loved him so hebrought him here and this was a lot ofwhite right in the center of thebathroom and I want to bring in thenatural wood because that raw wood andnatural color really does help break upsome of the white tones and so that weuse as an object cervix accent I knowbut you if you have the space you canalso just get like a lime edge or Rotchon the wood and you can use it to put aglass of wine your taking a bath or atowel or anything so that could beavenged as opposed to an elephant okaytell us it's someone on our last segmentwrote in and asked what to do aboutbathroom towels and clever ways todisplay well if you're anything like meI don't have the extra storage space inmy drawers that when I dedicate totowels so I have to use the ones I'mactually using out on the countertop soI love baskets these are the towels Iuse to wash my face with in here thehand towels that texture is a really funelement to bring into the bathroom and Icoordinate the towels with the rosebecause my robes it actually this iswhat we're giving away at the end of thesegment say these exact rows we've gotum I'll show you it in another color butthese are the robes that you've enteredto Wed but I keep my towel in mybathroom the same color as the rowbecause they don't really want them tobe noticed and then it's act like anaccent item and then store the towelsright there on the shelf space we alsostore handI'm going to show you right over herethis another fun way that you couldstore handouts so right here arewashcloths actually this is like a traythat you would typically put hand towelsit would throw away and instead justfolded the towels right here and itlooks like an accent piece but it's alsofunctional and then for the accessoriesI don't like a lot of matchy-matchy butbecause I have other objects breaking itapart I do have the same bathroom solotion dispenser as some of the otheraccents in here and it works and it'sfine okay so now what about a smallbathroom I've got a small bathroom overhere that we remodeled as well I'm justgonna sneak you through the courtyard[Music]you don't have as much space to storethings so here'syou can come in and just pay on thespace because it's kind of small in hereher bathrooms can be tricky to film itwith they're smaller so this bathroomwas small and so I wanted to keep itlight and natural or organic but alittle bit of a pop it didn't need to bequite as done like as our bathroombut I still wanted it tranquil so mycolors I use were actually charcoal soyou use charcoal in the bath mat andthen rot and charcoal up into thisplanter and then use charcoal as therope that might sound like it's overkillbut all of these things are functionalexcept for in the bathroom went a littletip because plans are so great in thebathroom but if it's a dark bathroomthat doesn't have new windows and itstays closed up your plant won't lastvery long but use a plan if you havegood air flow they tend they'rebeautiful I didn't want to mix I mean Ididn't want to be too matchy on theaccessories but they had tied togetherand I had a bunch of odds and ends thatI had around the house so what we justtook lotion dispenser that had someGray's from the rug and also acts as awhite but you'll notice it contrastsfrom the other white and so that's whyit works does it look too like webrought in two different whites and mixthis up but didn't quite work and thenwe took silver from the other accentsand brought in an old wastebasket andthen just tied the look together and forthe materials kept it very simple thesame stone that's on the floor is theexact same stone that's on the showerwall and to keep it interesting we justcut it to different shapes so the flooris a herringbone pattern and the tilesetter just did it right here we didn'thave toexpensive mortar details or anything andthen we just used a rectangular shapewith no expensive borders or any fancydetail and it just it works all right soare you ready for the bathrobe giveawaylet's go find Joeywe're gonna spin right back outsideagain and we're going to be giving awayseveral of the batteries oh thank youall ready for usmagically appeared helpers and also thiscomes in to talk about the differentcolors that they can choose oh yeah soyou get to pick your color and you getto pick your size and the robe is thesame fabric as our internal sheet setswith a really plush soft liner it's ayear-round robe and it used to wash itjust like normal and it's so you have toput other than I think it's like 85degrees here in San Diego don't forceyou to wear a robe all right we havefive winners today so John Pierce yeahwe have a bike I think your men rooms orum unisex okay so we've got everythingsmall medium large and I think weactually have Excel as well so JohnPierce Vivian Schuler Emily pond lon Ohanother gentleman Steve thuringer I'dget I'll say it again Steve fahringer fah RI ng our congratulations and for thefinal winner of our robe sue Fitzpatrickcongratulations and you guys thank youso much for commenting and sendingquestions and submitting for thegiveaways we've got two more segmentscoming upyes at I've lost track of what time itdoes two o'clock and then three o'clockis that right yep and we've got thepillow giveaways coming up and themattress and at the very final segmentwe're gonna be answering a lot of yourquestions so continue to send them inhow do we send in the clock yeah justcomment on our facebook lives and thenwe'll be looking at those questions andthen we'll be answering the followingquestions at the very last segment greatso make it personal make it be what youwant it to be and we'll see you soonthank you

Learn how to create the ideal bathroom with Jennifer Adams.

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