Bathroom ideas

well hello everybody well you don't haveanother bathroom that I did a couple ofmonths back you actually coming throughthat door and there is a door thatcloses here that way you can have aprivate half bath to uh to get throughand you walk through here and it's therest of the bathroom so what the closetsink and a shower there's a door therebut they blocked it off a nice littlearc that way and a little glass blockwall there and the custom shower oh yeahhow's the ceiling so that bathroom likeI said I did a while back ago did aVenetian plaster on the walls can'treally see in the texture but a shampooshelfthere and yeah it's all antique bronzepainted all the trim molding from tomatch everything pretty much it on thisjob all right guys I came back just todo a quick service cool let's goyeah bathroom looks good and they weredrying it well talk to you guys soonthanks subscribe thumbs up you know thedrillgod bless see you on the next one

New bathroom done with dark moldings and doubles as guest bathroom 2 in 1 enjoy

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