Bathroom decorating Ideas on a Budget! with items from Dollar Tree

hi guys welcome back to my channel so inthis video I wanted to show you guys howI redecorated my kids bathroom and alsomy bathroom I didn't wanted to put insome small decoration so most of thethings here I got them at the dollarstoreI felt really pretty things there todecorate[Music]so this is the final result of my kidsbathroom I like how it looks is verysimple there's not a lot of thingsaround I don't like it when it's verycluttered and it looks pretty I'm reallyhappy with the result now this is thebefore of my bathroomso right here I'm going to be puttingthe same flowers that I put on my kidsbathroom I never the same decoration forit[Music]so to hang the frames from the dollarstore I'd have to staple pin I didn'twant to put any nails on the wall andhold them[Music]so this is the result from my masterbathroom I was very happy with theresult by then like that wall that wasvery clean and there was nothing thereand the flowers are beautiful they lookbeautiful on the counter[Music]all right guys thank you so much forwatching I hope you enjoyed this videoplease subscribe if you're new to mychannel and I will see you guys on thenext video bye

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