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hello everyone today's video is aboutbathroom cleaning and organization hopeyou guys find it helpful so let's beginso this is how the bathroom is lookingright now it definitely needs cleaningand organization[Music][Applause][Music]so to begin with this is my climbingbasket where I've stored all the thingsthat I would definitely need for ourbathroom cleaning versus cleric ordisinfecting wipes and some lead geldisposable gloves for sure and somepaper towels a glass cleaner liquidduster and some scrub[Music]so I'm going to begin by using Clorox ordisinfectant wipes this is really goodfor cleaning a least any kind ofsurfaces it gives an instant shine couldhe pick up any kind of dirt that issitting in any corner so I think this isa really good door disinfectant wipes toclean the bathroom as well[Music]the Clorox wipe cleans the tap alsoreally been[Music]so for the toilet bowl I am gonna put insome bleep they'll scrub it with a brushand leave it for a while[Music]cleaning the top of the tank with thewipers well[Music]I use Clorox wipe to clean the bathtubarea as well[Music]so next cleaning the mirror[Music]and dusting the lights gently[Music]I'm gonna drop one of these tabs intothe Flashdance next I'm gonna use theairfix teacups for a good order[Music]so for the organization part in thebelow shelf in the bathroom I have kepttwo baskets the first green basket isfor the cleaning as I showed you earlierin the blue basket I have kept extratoilet rolls and another toilet bowlcleaner tabsEvek freshener an extra suitcase handwash[Music]so in the side mirror caplet i have keptsome extra face masks makeup removerface scrub sanitary pads and tampons foremergencies bath bombs face masksand extra toothpaste and toothbrush[Music]so this is how the bathroom looks aftera turnaround of cleaning one tables Icaught the shower curtain from Targetand it is 100% cotton and it's machinewashable so it's easy to treat[Music]you[Music]thank you guys for watching to follow meon instagram for daily updates meet sureto hit that subscribe button and evilIsland to watch more such videos see youin my next byeyou[Music]you

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