Bath & Shower Tile Ideas EPISODE 13 Full Wall Subway Tile

[Music][Music]what's up guys welcome to bath andshower tile ideas episode 13 will showyou a quick walkthrough of what materialwe used and layout on this bath andshower remodel here we go now this is abath and shower remodel we did a littleover two years ago we're in the currentprocess of remodeling their masterbathroom I'll show you that in just amoment but let's go over what weinstalled we like this build quite a bitso decided just to come back and film aquick bath and shower tile ideas we'llstart with the floor installed here wasa 12 by 24 rectified porcelain verydurable heavy-duty tile this isrectified again you have 1/16 inch groutlines cape gray was the groutit's a Carrara marble look-alike onlydifference is very durable compared tomarble it's at a 50% offset pattern weinstalled a custom vanity a quarry ontop let's take a look at the showerthis shower turned out beautiful we'llstart with the tub we've got a very tallsoaking tub here we installed for thefield wall tile is a 3 by 12 inch highgloss porcelain subway tile we staggeredat a 50% offset tiled this entire backwall as you can see it turned outextremely flatwe've got a 12 inch by 12 inch nichehere trimmed out with matching quarterround clean tight miters all fixtures inthe shower are crumb we've got thechrome valve trim kit chrome hardwareone thing I want to mention I'm notquite sure why they didn't install adoor here this is a standalone panel adoor would have allowed you to open thisa bit in order to turn on the water andif you're soaking in the tub you canopen this to rest your arms on the sidesof the tub give you a little extra roombut nevertheless the glass turned outgreatone panel there as well as a panel thereyou guys had it back in shower tileideas episode 13 let me show you whatwe're currently working on we'll uploadanother video bath and shower tile ideasepisode 14 next week let's take a quicklook we're in the process of that rightnow[Music]here's the master bathroom we're gettingthe prepped up today starting tiletomorrow here's the shower it's gonna bea full seal Schlueter shower systemwe're gonna tile this entire back wallhere with large-format we've got pantile going in in just a minutewe've got a soaking tub right here we'regoing to tile the tub deck withlarge-format we're going to have somecustom glass installed right here andthe floor is also going to be largeformat tile so stay tuned we'll upload afinished bath and shower tile ideasvideo on this next week thanks forwatching guys if you haven't yetsubscribed go ahead and subscribe downbelow if you are subscribed don't forgetto hit that Bell notification so you getupdates on when we upload a new bath andshower tile ideas[Music]

Episode 13 Full Wall Subway Shower

Episode 13 Bath and Shower:
Shower wall tile: 3″ X 12″ Porcelain
Trim: Matching quarter round trim edging
Grout: Custom Cape Gray
Shower head, valve trim kit and all fixtures chrome finish

Floor: 12″X 24″ Rectified Porcelain. Color: Carrera Gray and white, matte finish and texture.

Custom vanity and Corian top with under-mount sinks and chrome faucets

Bath and Shower Tile Ideas is an ongoing series of episodes. These videos are intended to provide ideas on different types of tile material, sizes, colors and designs to help designers, builders and home owners create their perfect shower.

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