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welcome to Paul's toolbox this is myhelper LC so we're gonna let her setaside right now because she gets alittle bored or run function she's readyto get rough today we're gonna cover areally cool project this right here is acabinet that I built into the wall andI'm gonna show you step by step all thethings we did to get it to this pointbefore that I want to announce lastvideos lucky winner Chad LaBeouf ofPearl River Louisiana has just won thistool right here and we have a lot ofgiveaways just like this this is aRockwell Sonicare variable speed 20 voltmulti-tool this thing is fantastic andwe're gonna have another giveaway at theend of this video make sure to check itout to see how to win one let's get onwith the video I made mirror frames hereand I gave it a little distressed lookthis is cedar I want to get the sametype of old look right here so this isan old Cypress window we're gonna cleanit up I have to change a pain no bigdeal and we're gonna take and make thispart of the cabin we need to do is getthe measurement of this window and I'mgoing to take it out and make a framethat'll match this okay so once I have aframe that matches this and I know I'mgood with thatwe'll build around it to get it to fitin the wall just the way we want wantedto so let's take this outside and getstarted first thing we're gonna do istake the plywood and just make a littlebox and then we'll work off of that sowith my box I need to come out 1/4 of aninch wider than this so I can fit myhinges in there in order to open andclose it because this is going to be aninset dooryouand it just gives me a reference pointto go off up that's why we want to makeour cutyouthis plywood is as bowed so it's it'snot gonna be square so what I did was Iset the window down in here and I tookmy clamps with my speed squares now thisis a 12-inch when you don't have to use12-inch ones I just happened to have itthere and this will pull it I'll let itsit down in the middle with my Erlinclamp lock it tight and it squares it upright here so now I can see exactlywhere my window is supposed to go I cansee my reveal and all my total width ofhere from the inside the inside is 31and a quarter but what I want to do isgo right to that edge and come out sothe inside part of this needs to be 31and a quarter I'm putting this togetherwith my k4 pocket screws set this is afantastic little tool it's a littlepricey so if you need a smaller onethey make smaller ones too I'll flip itupside down do the same thing it'sgetting late I started real late on thisthe clamp keeps them perfect with eachotherniceI'm gonna run the glue all the wayaround itwe're gonna start from this corner herebecause I know it's square and we'lltack that in first I'm using inch and aquarter nails you really don't want touse anything more than inch and a halfon this because it's only a half inchplywood a lot of times I like to use 3/4but I had half inch here so I'm gonnashoot right into there and you don'twant it splintering out an inch and aquarter does a good job inch and a halflike it will work but if you start goinginto two inch nails if you just off atiny bit it's gonna kick out so we'regonna go right here with this get it topand bottom pop a few nails in heresince I'm by myself it comes in handy tonot have a piece of glass there I'mgonna cut one for it but but hey itworks out just right so I can hold it uphere make my mark hold it on that sidemake my markwe will get that measurement from thesemake sure they're right and then we'regoing to add a quarter inch to that so Ihave an eighth inch on the bottom and aneighth inch on top I have a piece righthere that I can use and I can get to itfrom the backside so I'll put pocketscrews in thatyouwe want to have this right here cutoutand I'm going to block it off frame itup so the cabinet can go back in herewe're gonna set it back all the way tothe outside sheathing right thereI'm gonna use my jigsaw with my specialblade that I made for this and you cancheck out the other link it's gonna bein a description box to shows you how toget to that so you can cut out thesewalls easily without having to worryabout hitting anything behind themyouI have stood right here I'll just run itright up next to stud you can see how Iwas able to make that cut all the wayaround and not even touch the studsyouI already started the screw and I put iton the angle so I can get to it easilynow I'm gonna push it down and get itright on that line on my lower lineright there and I'll run a screw intothe wall on the studyouand we'll take this baby and set it inhere put it against the wall on thisside here make sure it's good and tightand then I just have to put a couple ofblocks in here on the level on make sureeverything's good good so I'm gonna getup here and mark the lines across theedge here I'm using some scrap pieces ofwood to shim this I just saw screwing itto the stud right hereyouthere's a couple of key things that Iwant to bring out to you so you canunderstand when I built this cabinet whyI did certain things I didn't show itbut I mentioned a little bit while I wasbuilding it but the face frame righthere is flush on the inside and itoverhangs all the way around the reasonwhy I did that was because I wanted toset this into the wall and by setting itin the wall I had to have a hole cut inthere I wanted to make sure that thiscovered all the way aroundso with this lip hanging over right hereI was able to cut a 1 by 6 and rip it towhere it's at just behind my face frameand it went against the wall tightenedso now it looks like it's built into thewall and it has a nice clean lookanother thing is I didn't cover on thevideo the backing that I put on thiscabinet but all I did was take thecabinet set it down on a piece of luanthis is uh this is luan it's it's aquarter inch plywood that's finished andwhen I set it on there I just tracedaround it and cut my piece I cut it togo to the outside of the frame justright around it and then I tacked it onthe back that way when I set it backthere I didn't have a full half-inchpiece of plywood or anything like thatthat's gonna take up space on theoutside and I didn't have to inset it totake up space on the inside because Iwant as much room as I can have on theinside of this cabinet is okay I want tostep back a little bit so I'm gonna putone right here on the second hole and ona second hole from the back I don't wantit to go all the way through so I'mgonna use a bottle cap you can use tapebut I really like the way this works youcan use both of them together if youwant I'm just gonna go through rightthrough the bottle cap and the coca-colacaps have that rubber seal on the bottomso it really grabs and it stops whereyou want it to I take this and I'ma setit to where it goes about halfwaythrough my board and I'll just drill myholes so I have right hereuntil the hits at I'll follow it backhere and do the same thing that's it godown and do the bottom ones when youmark it off you keep this the same wayit goes here first okay or on this sidefirst it doesn't matter make sure thebottom is tight and not kicked outbecause your holes will be off then youjust slide it over so and use the samethe same hole now I just mark my line onboth sides that way I know exactly wheremy lines are on the next video we'regonna cover how I made this door withthe metal metal part in there and we'regonna we're gonna show how to do thatand then also I'm gonna show you how toget the proper hardware to do somethinglike this and we're gonna install thehardware as well you want to payattention to my new videos if you don'tmind subscribe this is very veryimportant if you subscribe you have tohit the little bell if you hit that bellyou'll get a notification when I put upa video the reason why I'm stressingthat you need to hit the bell when yousubscribe to my channel is because Ineed a way to get in touch with you wehave giveaways all the time and theseare three different giveaways that Ihave that people have not claimed rightnow we're gonna give away one saw thisright here is an oscillating tool andit's not just a saw it's a sander it'sall types of things you really want tocheck this out it's a sonic crafter byrockwell rockwell has excellent toolsand this has a 20 year warranty on thetool and a 20 year free replacement onthe batteries check them out and you can see just look atsome of the reviews on rockwell ifyou're not familiar with them nothingbut positive stuff to say about themgreat tools right here is works worksmakes a lot of different things for theDI wire and this right here is a greatinnovative little tool it's a an exacttrack saw and I'll go into this when wehave that giveaway we're going to begiving away this in one of the futurevideos coming up and we're gonna giveaway a Louisville ladderthis is the best a-frame ladder that youI promise you I use these our time andI'm gonna be touching on these tools asI give them away so you make sure tocheck out my next few videos because wehave a giveaway right here for oneperson who's gonna win out of the firsthundred and fifty people at comment dropa comment on me you have to hit the bellI get back with you you win this toolyou have ten days to get back with methat way I can send you this tool orhave Rockwell's send it out to you ifyou don't want to have notifications fora whilehit the bell again and it'll turn it offand you won't get notifications from methis right here is a set of doors thatare made out of simple two by sixes andand plywood I'm going to show youexactly how to do it how to make theframe how to decorate it up the wholeworks we're covering this whole bathroomreal soon I'm gonna be ripping out theshower and I'm gonna show you how wetile that so make sure to check me outon the future videos I'll see you guyson the next project if you don't mindplease hit like for me come on you wantsomebody else[Music][Laughter]fire house LZ[Music]you

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