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Basil+Tate Leiser Project – Living and Dining Room Reveal

[Music][Applause][Music]hi I'm Jackie no laughs basil and Tateand I'm here today to show you a couplespaces that I've been working on theseones hold a special spot in my heartbecause they're for the client thatfirst gave basil and Tate at start forthose of you who don't know my storyback in 2016 I woke up in the middle ofthe night and decided that I was gonnaput fear aside and follow my dreams ofbecoming an interior designer I sentthis client and email at like or amexplaining my side of the storyand letting her know that I would loveto help her out if she was willing totake a chance and the rest is history soI'm so grateful for the opportunity towork with her and extra grateful thatshe trusted me to keep going so we'veworked on a couple more rooms near housenow we have tackled her formal livingroom and formal dining room as well sowe wanted to carry the rustic farmhousetheme throughout the main floor and myclients biggest request is that work incowhide rug so I'm so excited about thisopportunity and super excited that itgave us a chance to layer another rugunderneath this so we found a jewel rugthat really helped the color of the rugpop and really help to define that spaceas well and truth be told I'm always asucker for joy because I love thetexture but it asked to a room one of myfavorite parts of the room is thecouncil table that we added along withthe arched mirror it really became thefocal point of the room and gave us afun spot to be able to accessorize welayered some books we added somelighting and some family pictures to aspace that didn't have any of thatbefore it was fun mixing up patterns andadding some color to the room with thepillows and the curtains we carried thesame color scheme into the formal diningroom which has both the living room anddining room open up to each other butthis time the pop of color came from thewalls and it ended up being the perfectshade of blue it wasn't too dark itwasn't too gray and it wasn't you lookthe real star of the dining room becamethe dining room table I love everythingabout it especially it's nice simplelines and we were able to contrast thatwith the intricacy and the Lear that wepicked to go above it and it reallyhelps add that glam pieceand we kind of did the same thing withthe sideboards it was a beautiful piecebut not only contrasted with the darkwalls but it also helped add that littlebit of elegance to help contrast withthe rough cygnus of the wood table and Ican never pass up the opportunity tocreate a table scape when I get thechance so for this one I found theseincredible magnolia flower napkin ringsand they became the inspiration for therest of the tableI added some woven chargers that added anice earthy feel to the space and then Iwas also able to drape the napkins overthe edge since we have a bench downbelow it really let that shine as wellso that's it I'm so grateful for clientsthat you meet a chance to decorate theirhouse and also put up with my crazyideas when I tell them I want to comecrash their house for day and takepictures and do video and all this kindof crazy stuffso if you would like to see more of theLeiser project please head to my websiteat wwlp.com and click on the laserproject in my portfolio I also have myfirst ever basil and Tate video thereyou can see their gallery wall in theirliving room coming to life so that's itthank you so much for watching[Music]

Jackie Newell of Basil + Tate is back with more to share of The Leiser Project. See how she combined a little farmhouse + a little rustic + a little glam to create a beautiful living room and dining room for one of her favorite clients!

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