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BA’s Real Estate Ride: Home Staging/Organizing

so in my last episode I would havethe real estate photographer Mike Gerardone of the key pieces to selling yourhome this week another key piece tohelping you sell your home is a stagerso I'm gonna be interviewing JessicaDolan of room to breathe so stay tunedall right so room to breathe tell me howyou got started in insurance paperwork[Music]right they say if you could find a jobdoing what you would do for free yesthat's your bliss and for those whodon't really know we have an inventoryshortage all over the country and one ofthe things that helps move a property isthe staging parts off talk a little bitabout thatsmoothly my goal is to get multipleoffers into property but that doesn'talways happen so some of the top thingsto do if you do nothing else to get yourhouse ready is personalize pack awaykids artwork diplomasI think a lot of people and I understandthat you if you've lived in the housefor a while you really attached to itand you want to show the house as if itwas yours but the idea is the show it sothat it's generic and anybody can seetheir vision so what is the hardest partof the biggest challenge what you do soif someone's yeah if someone's thinkingabout putting their house on market thisthe spring well like how much lead timeis like optimalyou want to give yourself at least acouple of weeks and that's partiallybecause the contractors do needand I always say even if you're thinkingtell me in the next one two three yearsI ask questions like what's gonna makethis more marketable whether it's akitchen or bathroom or finishing abasement tell me some of the biggestchallengesState so it's not only getting the houseand other than the fact that it's yourbaby what do you love about what you doand what do you do when you're notstaging what do you do for fun what'syour getaway so if somebody wanted toutilize your services how would they getin contact with you it's called apalindrome yeah yeah your Facebook withuh no your websiteyes the cassette yeah now I'm sure thathappens to you all the timeany major goals from the as we finish upany major goals for this year now soit's not just staging there's otherthings that are involved just give us alittle bit about being in your home youdo have a giftyou're like a savant with this stuff soalright I appreciate you spending timethank you and best luck for twoyou

Jessica Dolan of Room To Breathe

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