Kid's Room 

Barbie Kids Chelsea Kelly Doll Room Black Panther Bed

[Music]hey my beautiful people and all so it isthey ate I made it today eight and fourday eight I just want to show you aquick little video of a kid's room thatum it's still in progress I still got totweak some things I'm probably gonna endup making it all over but I did want toshow you some of the things the ideas Ihad going into it before I tore this onedown namely I want to show you my BlackPanther bed cuz I'm I had these twoLaboy dolls and well now it's just onebecause I'm selling the other one but Iwanted to make like I want them to havecomic book bats and so I made one blackpanther one Iron Man but I am lovetaking the other one out and this is myblack panther beard and I just made itwith cardboard and some pronounced Iprint out an image of a black panthercomic book for the headboard and thebaseboard and then I made a littledrawer to go under the bed and you guyssee me pulling out the little drawerit's like where he keeps his little toysat all so for now the little boy and thelittle girls are sharing a room - I canmake them separate rooms eventually Iwant to make like a huge house so I gotmy whole doll family and have their ownrooms and everything inside the housebut I want to make this house reallyreally nice so I'm saving up forsupplies for it but anyways the girlssleep in this bed that is actually adoll house I made for my Barbies but Ijust turned into a little like bunk bedfor them yeah but that is pretty much itfor this video I'm going to get somerest and getting my creative juicesflowing so I can go on and make somemore crafts and stop motions and othervideos so I can finish out the monthof August stay about that da life keepit fun keep it cute and I will see youin the next video

Hey my beautiful dolls & peeps!

Day 9 – Just quick show off of a kids room idea I’m working on πŸ™‚


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