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Baby – Which Room Should Whiskers Go to? | Potty Training for Children | Kids Good Habits | ep 904

baby bus hi click here to subscribe[Music][Music][Music]whereas the boys you have to go to thebathroom don't hold it in[Music]oh you better hurry up how can you leavein the bathroom then I want to join withme boy you have to the restroom you[Music]weren't able to because you weredistracted by the toys and the snacksyou brought with you how about I teachyou a song about going to the restroomit's called by myself[Music][Music][Music][Music]my stomach gonna feel very good do youneed to go to the restroom yes you cango right now what I want to keep playingon the slide you feel worse if you don'tgo to the restroom now how about goingto the restroom firstand then enjoying the slide again[Music][Music]all right let's all go together guysplease be careful when you go to therestroom five little crocodiles feel sobloated so they all go to the restroomthe teacher says stand in line and waityour turnalways be careful and stay safe forlittle crocodiles feel so bloated sothey all go to the restroom fancywitches girls and boys always[Music]don't feel so closeso they are going toa teacher says make sure to close thedooralwaysclose the door yet little crocodilesfeel so bloated so they all go to therestroom the teacher says wash yourhands and dry them well always becareful and stay safe little crocodilefeel so bloated[Music]goes to the restroom now the teachersays watch out for the wet floor alwaysbe careful and stay safecome backtheythey did not push the toygo now and take it by to your gunkids be careful when you go to therestroom after using the toilet rememberto flush and wash your hands[Music]I'm so tired I need some rest I'm sohungrywhen will these kids[Music]the scary germs we are love to Easterbig one June 3 for candy let's eat outof bed[Music]the scary germs sorry our beloved u8ttakes 1 2 3 4 5 let's eatwe love to drink sweet juicebe forecast let's follow them[Music]there's family judge my heartbeat I'vescaled up here comes a big toothbrushlet's run away[Music][Music]wash your hands before you killed Hrenit's time for lunch go and wash yourhands[Music]be sure to get them clean I'm starvingwhat is he first oh my stomach hurtskeke what's wrongmy stomach it really hurts I'll get adoctor for you there are germs in yourstomach take some medicine and take restyou'll get better soonkeke you got sick because you pay withdirty errandsno way yes Kiki invisible germs on yourhands can get into the food and make yousick well germs can make me stick mm-hmmit's the germs that get into your mouththat's why you have to wash your handsbefore you eatwe've got germs I need dude oh why doyou need to do I want to beat thosegerms[Music]Sena Here I am dodo I need to talk to mygerms but they're too tinycan you help to make them bigger okay noproblem[Music][Applause][Music][Laughter][Music]how will you make me so sick I'll dryyou out in the Sun you[Music]my hands are freezingkicki wash your handsyeah snack[Music]they're clean now kids don't forget towash your hands before you eat it's donenow I'm gonna play with kikyo don't runwhile you brush your teeth it can bevery dangerous I understandMimi I'll teach you a song aboutbrushing teeth you can learn some safetytips for brushing teeth from this songlet's see[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]please don't[Music][Music]kids long careful when you press yourtea it smells great and looks delicioustoo oh I can't wait this is not too hardhey drink some cold hey you should becareful at the table why should we becareful about you should be careful atthe table if you know you could get hurtwhen you eat some hot soup blow on itfirst and don't sip it while it's toohot wait please wait please[Music]when you eat some hot soup please coolit down first be careful at the tablewhen you're at the table please becareful the food could get stuck in yourthroatenjoy your food nice and slowslowly slowly and don't go don't be takeyour time take your time with your foodplease when you eat something enjoy itslowly you should cool down the hot soupwhat else should we be careful about youshould be careful at the table if youdon't you could get hurt don't run allaround sit up straight and watch overyour sharp floor you should watch outfor your shot boy hold your bowl withyour hand and sit up straight[Music]always be careful at the table I hatecarrots bell peppers and tomatoes Buddhapick eating habit aren't good for you OhI only want some fried fish[Music]this tomato's really good Rudolph he'sright Rudolph listen to meRudolph's a picky eater what should wedo let's get some help from doo doo baby[Music][Applause]wow what a lot of food yes we have corncarrots potatoes with bell pepperstomatoes with eggs apples grapes andrice but Rudolph doesn't like to eatcarrots well that's because we have nocarrots bell peppers and tomatoes wellthese aren't carrots are they wellactually they're sugar-coated Hass fromthe moon sugar-coated a horse from themoon yeah they came all the way downfrom the moon to the earth sugar cornhorse from the moon I want to try someoh it's so sweet they're stars from theskywhat do they look like that and thenthey go down to the earth whoa a fatstar hey do you want to try this one toooh these are the tears from the Sunviewers the sun's crying why because thetemperatures too high and no one wantsto play with him[Music]okay done you won't be sad anymore[Music]kids picky eating is really bad everykind of food is a gift from MotherNature if you stop being a picky eateryou'll be healthieryou[Music][Music][Music][Music]baby bus hi click here to subscribe oneof your slippers is big and the other issmall that's why you fell down baby B'stoothbrush it's so big and small tobrush whose is it[Music]this big tube brush whose is it[Music]using baby smell[Music]complaint for baby it's so big it'ssmall plane whose is itFinn's big plane whose is it[Music][Music][Music]see those bubbles in there[Music][Music][Music][Applause]I'm making cupcakes for the partytonight please wait until all of yourfriends come go to your room and playtogether[Music]one two three four five five cupcakesone two three four I need one more[Music]sweetie sweetie yes mommydid you take the cupcake no mommy do youhave a cupcake no mommy show me yourhands a cupcakeone two three four sweetie did you takethe pudding no do you have to put ignoreshow me your hands - pudding[Music]one two three four five five pieces ofbread[Music]sweetie sweetie did you take the breadshow me your hands1 2 3 4 5 cookies sweetie sweetie didyou take the cookiedo you have more cookies for me show meyour hands the other hand or cooking[Music]one two three four five five candy youshould wait until your friends come didyou take the candy no I should go nowplease be good when I'm away okay Mimi[Music]you don't need me daddy's leaving rightnow[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]let's run a race away[Music][Applause]I love you too[Music][Music]purple red yellow green and purple[Music][Applause]this is your house whoa it's so hot I[Music]want to go swimming[Music][Music]my water turns blue where is my bluecolored clothes[Music][Music][Music]who are you why did all of you become wetogether I'm a bad boy[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]I'm sorry Mimi it's okay I'm sorry thatI got angry with you - it's okay let'skeep on playing what are you doingoutside my father's really harsh on merecently go actually I don't even wantto go home why would he do that - such agood boy like you don't worry I'll helpyou Oh[Music]let's get inside firsthuh if there's any problems I'll handlethem vegetables carrots I've been eatingthem for months oh I hate vegetables[Music]don't worry greens carrots give them allto me what do you like you can go aheadand help yourself hmmRudolph eat vegetables first don't bepicky mr. foo I like the carrots most[Music]Kiki's not a picky eater what a good boythe bitter gourd is for you here you goRudolph YUM[Music][Music][Music]I'm done can I go play with Kiki outside[Music]hmmRudolph what should you do after meals[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Laughter][Music][Music]good job know that all the dishes areclean can I go out play with Kiki no youcan't first you have to read threecharacter classic rent you to singpensionsings young teen poor Rudolph you don'thave time to playoh I've an idea hey story machine riddlelet's play Chinese checkershuh I have to read the book pillu thestory machine boo read it for usoh but yeah listening to it sounds greatoh she's young jeez she's young[Music]yeahOzzy or woody let me show you what I got[Music]omelet for breakfastthat's Rudolph's favorite and bread andmilk for snacks Rudolf will be so happyhmm I should leave a note for Rudolf OhKiki what are you doing over here lookat thisno dear Rudolf I'm leaving for threedays business trip in the fridge you'llfind your breakfast omelette for thefirst day tuna vegetable salad for thesecond day and the third day I hope youdevelop good habits and grow up to be agood man am I too harsh on Rudolf whatif he hates me for that Rudolf your dadloves you so much dad are you alrightI'm fine dad is alright I'll be a goodkid and I won't let you downyes[Music]what's taking you so long I love fruiteverybody gets fruit are you readya shiny red face sweet and crunchy Whoam I Who am I[Music]let's chat the spell bobbidi boo itsmells great it's so good[Music]I love fruiteverybody gets I love root are you readygreen green clothes and a big round bodyWho am I Who am fine[Music]let's check the smell BBD bobbidi boowho wants to reach into this magic box[Music]it's big as big as an apple bigger thanthat it's bigger and it's round I canbarely hold it with my arms[Music]everybody gets fruit are you readypurple beads sweet-and-sour Who am I Whoam I[Music]let's chat the spell Betty Bo change nowcan we try it I eat lots of fruit fruitwill make you strong watermelon I lovefruit can't stop eating themyou[Music]you

Baby – Which Room Should Whiskers Go to? | Potty Training for Children | Kids Good Habits | ep 904
Baby – Which Room Should Whiskers Go to? | Potty Training for Children | Kids Good Habits | ep 904
Baby – Which Room Should Whiskers Go to? | Potty Training for Children | Kids Good Habits | ep 904
Baby – Which Room Should Whiskers Go to? | Potty Training for Children | Kids Good Habits | ep 904
Baby – Which Room Should Whiskers Go to? | Potty Training for Children | Kids Good Habits | ep 904
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