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hey guys and welcome back to my channeland if you're new here welcome I hopeyou decide to stick around and hit thatbig red subscribe button in today'svideo I'm gonna be giving you a tour ofmy daughter Isabella's room she is 18months old and her theme is like aprincess theme and her colors are greypink and gold so I hope it gives yousome inspiration maybe some ideas ifyou're wanting to kind of do yourdaughter's room and I hope you like itand give me a thumbs up I'm also thisvideo is in clap with my YouTube mom hername is Brittany she has two little dogsa husband a beautiful little girl shelikes to do cleaning videosday-in-the-lifereviews what's in my diaper bag so ifyou enjoyed my channel I think you'llreally enjoy hers as well her link isgonna be in the description box so onceyou're done watching my video I hope youhit over to her channel and check it outand maybe you'll decide as well to Ijoin her journey along with mine I'mgonna insert a little clip of hernursery tour and then we're gonna getinto mine don't forget to subscribe giveme a thumbs up turn your Bellnotification on to let you know when Ihave new videos and as always thank youfor the love and supportso as you enter Isabella's room she hasa little sign that just says princesssleeping on the door I thought it wasreally cute her room is painted gray ina light pink and she has pink curtainsup on the wall her room also has hertoys because we don't have a playroom inour home right now her theme isprincesses she has all the princessesabove the crib on the wall I don't haveany pictures in those frames thatpicture up there is of my sister and Iwhen we were younger and that's me as ababy that rabbit is something my grandmaactually made so that is why it is inher room because it's sentimental[Music]this says it's not easy being a princessbut at the crown fits it was an Etsyshop and it just kind of went with hertheme her colors are like grey pink andgold that's her little play area overthere she has a little princess mermaidtheme toy storage I thought it fit hertheme it was super cute just because wehave to have her toys in her room rightnow she has the little mermaiddecoration and then some more princesstheme these are from Target and fromEtsy shops this is where her TV will gowhen she ever does get a TV it was anantique piece that I redid and paintedit pink and white to match her room thegold baskets are from Target I just keeplike her sheets and blankets and burpingcloths and then and then I recreated alittle reading nook at the bottom thesparkle pillow is from Target as welland she loves to just kind of pull thebooks down this is our little storageunit where I keep our shoes and extrablankets and things like that and littlegold bags and I put gold hearts in theback of the white shelf this is where Istore her hair bows I got this off anEtsy shop that has little pink flowerson it and little grey elephants and thenthe trim is painted pink and gold tomatch the theme of her room this iswhere all her little push toys go wejust kind of push him up against thiswall this is an antique dresser that I'mLeary said to match her room it's pinkand white to match ctv's she has her8-month footprints up on the wall weused to be tech sound machine for whenshe goes to sleep you can adjust themusic and the volume this is a pictureof Isabella when she was first born Iput a little gold candle in here she hasa Disney Princess Ariel mermaid doll andthen she has the Little Mermaid theme upon her shelland that is her amber teething necklaceshe has a little ballerina doll thatkind of went with the matching of thetheme because it's gold in pink and shehas like a little puff ball right hereis where I put her dirty laundry it's upon the things that she can't mess withit and also um I hang her jackets behindthe door as well I hope you enjoyed herlittle tour please give me a thumbs updon't forget to subscribe and I hopethis helps you with your little princessroom decorating as wellyou

Thank you for watching our collab nursery tours. I hope you will decide to SUBSCRIBE!! Isabella is 18 months old and has a princess theme room, favoring The Little Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ . Her colors are pink and gold. Please everyone after watching mine, click the link below and join my YouTube mom friend Brittany on her journey as well!! She does cleaning videos, Day in the life, Reviews. She has the cuties little girl!!

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