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At Work: Kristen Wilk of Key Changes Home Staging

[Music]Home Staging is helping homeownersprepare their house for the marketusually it entails a lot of declutteringand really deep personalizing becausepeople live in their homes but when yousell your home it's a completelydifferent experience you're trying tomake your home more appealing to themasses as opposed to appealing toyourself how long have you been doingthis for um I got certified in 2012 andI remember saying to my mom wouldn'tthat be like the best job ever you justhad to go into a house and be like hmmchange the hose paint that do this youknow let's do this and then change itall in okay on to the next you know likethat kind of thingit was exciting I'm getting busier I'mhaving to have more perhaps because I'mhaving more homes at once I'm having tohave different things I try to keep theprops as light as I can just because itjust show better you know and it's justonce you take the photographs it justit's like a light and bright alwaysworks better that's what people look forin their space anyway where do you getsome air design inspiration um well I'llwatch a lot of HG yeah that changed themarket a little bit more at you know asyou said that DIY yeah style I thinkthat it has changed the style that's outthere quite a bit and I think I think ifyou look anywhere you see thatfixer-upper style is everywhere and it'sgotten to the point where I feel likeit's a little bit oversaturated like youcan't even walk into Walmart now I knowthis you like a fixer-upper style youknow country living kind of thing andit's a nice style but it doesn't fitevery house that's more when you walk inand you just kind of get a feeling forthe way that it's laid out and I have togo through my mental prop inventory andyou know what do I have that's gonnawork and if I don't have it then I haveto go out and shop for it which is awit's fun to staging is a it's acombination of decorating but you haveto be so careful with what you spend youknow people are not looking to spendthousands of dollars to get their houseon the market you've got to do you haveto be so careful I some of the placethat you shop oh my gosh I like probablyown half of home goods and TJ Maxx andMarshalls those are my my main ones butthen I have Macy's has quite a fewthings in their place that I've I'vefound sometimes Target not as much as Ithought I would and then I have a secretstore but I can tell you that is tellpeople when I first meet them you knowwhatever I say please don't takepersonallythe way you live is the way that youlive you know and you're very obviouslyvery comfortable with the way that youlive but now that we're gonna sell weneed to talk about what's best forselling tickets kind of take a step backand I take the after pictures and I goall right it was a house now it's a home

Talking with Kristen Wilk about her business Key Changes Home Staging in Southington.

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