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APARTMENT RENOVATION: Modern but Cozy Living Room Makeover

[Music]they are my living room in my diningtable but I hope you enjoy the video andhave a look here my living room in mydining table before in fact it'll behorrible but they aren't quiet oh thelight yellow war and the tile that itjust hated so much they are so not inthis thought I want to have for myliving room so I did he pendingon the time in the war to white color Ialso painted all my furniture was thatmy cabin ass my fridge and my diningchairs to wise then I clean the room toinstall my fat war floor at what I didto my bedroomI cut the last of the cabinet to turn itto become my TV's then I move my TV frommy bedroom to the living room because Ididn't you is not in my bedroom then Iput some high decoration deuce I up myTV to make my TV stand look stunningthen I put my cooking book at the urbanshelf and pin it with her plan a boldedTV and make the sale to put my printingthat I could Ryu from the current oneand just replay the printing our insidethen I have two small plane to sign up acell to give it some creams I keep myown sofa because it's still good andpretty comfortable but I put a new rightunder my sofa and it really outs theirname above my sofa and you too Ohprinting from my bedroom before and Ijust change your new artwork inside formy sofa and for some pillow - Emma clickover by myself hand yes and make themwhen I meant a pillow cover for mybedroom the color I chose a pink Y andraised therefore I decided to have aPinkerton instead of the white one oneside of my sofa is cast by my cat so Icover it with a blankethey you tomorrow sticker to cover for mysofa table under War my dining table aHindu butcher of my favorite place inVietnam that ever been - I really loveit it remind me about the great memoryand a wonderful time that I have I do torub under myself a be far for my diningtable I think with their bohemian lookis Wilmette perfectly hereI keep the same dining table because Iloved it that would color but I paintedthe chair - why and is Mac my diningtable so modern but it's the warm andcozy[Music]in a small pink flower on the top then Iput a plan to separate my sofa in mydining table and tada here my new livingroom and dining table[Music]so yeah there are my TV group in mydining table I hope you enjoyed thevideo 3 lies and surprising my channelsI hope dances another part of mypartner's innovation show so see you inthat video[Music]

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re having a good day. I finished the renovation for my living room and dining table. And I’m so happy to share with you how I did it. I hope you enjoy the video and get the inspiration to makeover your place.
If you have any suggestion for my living room and dining table, please give me a comment.

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