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hey guys welcome back to your channelit's so good to see you and it is Mondaynightwhat's Monday while I'm filming so happyMonday night to you yes you girls athome kicking off her actually it was afour day because I was I work today Iwant yesterday and today but I got allreally really early so I was excitedabout that so I decided that I was goingto come home and go ahead and film theremainder of the dining room area tourfor you guys I don't know there's a Ijust tell you in it like a chitchat thisis it this is a setup this is a completelook I challenge you guys and a couplevideos ago I showed you two tables thatI initially was going to get know that Iwas interested in getting and thedeliver was that I loved them both butthey both couldn't come home with me soI asked you guys to let me know in thecomment section of that video which oneyou thought I chose based off how wellyou know your girl so I was excited tosee half of you said the one thing willhappen he said the other table I'm gonnainsert them both right now so we cantalk about them and I can share with youwhy one or the other did not win a spacehere in the home so let me insert thosefor you right nowas you can see that one from the man isa fairly large table the pictures notdoing it any justice and detecting thechairs are really really big in scaleand they sit out really far from aroundthe table it gives a very luxe look verybeautiful table um the Ashley Furnituretable was a little bit more on the toorustic to dark side for me because Iknew this piece was in here and I didn'twant be I didn't want the wood on theAshley table to be in competition withthe front of this piece that I have overhere so the Ashley table did not wineitherso if you're interested in sin what Ihave over here in this face then keepright on watching and I will see youguys at the end of the video and yeahlet's get started[Music][Music][Music][Music]let me explain okay so um if you sawthose two photos of the other two tablesokay um the problem with both of thosetables while I love them both so so muchokay since you like this way hold upokay so while I love both the othertables very very much the problem I washaving was one the the one from the manokay I loved it however theircircumference it's at the rightwardcircumference the width of the round ofthe table would have been out to here Iwouldn't have had any walk the room likethat it would have just taken up way toomuch spacewell I love the entire set the chairs onthat one also had a lot more meat tothem if you will they had the wing backsides and they just they say furtheraway from that table and they took upway more space and they would have setout further because the table was largerso I needed to find some first of all Iwanted to stay in the family with thelight color table so I found this tablefrom the man and these chairs went to adifferent table like a lump of a 16seater it was a lot of these chairs andthe table was like a super dark charcoalgray kind of picking up the darkerthreads in this chair and so I neededsomething that was more streamlinedidn't take up a whole lot of space butthey had really pretty fabric andcomplements it over there with B ofcatchesfocus focus camera focus come back toearth we're here all rightcome so I was able to break up thechairs and you just before that I neededto go with this table I love the detailof this table I love the light and airyfeel of this table and I love the baseof the table and when I tell you thisthing is super heavyit's super heavy it's a three men toactually put the base the top back onthe base when they delivered it to me umso again I went with something superlight I've come close for you guys Iwanted to go light and airy so I wentwith these just greenery and like earthEast stuff with the chrome um bow okaythe element of Chrome and then thegreenery to bring in that light airyfield that I love and I just put thesetable mats down I'm not the one to likeset the table like have a set table whennothing is going on I can't do that soabout this piece over here it's that youhear and I'll show you how these doorsopen up right here okay so much storageon the inside both of them shelf shelfshelf on the amino to Shelton in thebottom oh my god a nice number it's soharder than it scared me so when I putmy white dishes in here it's going toforce me to make sure that they're niceand neat is also going to make sure thatI have control when stocking this withmy entertainment pieces so I don't wantit to look Mansi being that you can seeinside of it but I think the whiteentertainment where we'll actually addto the element of decor in this spacethis piece again is a monster I knowthis camera is not doing this piece anyjustice it is really really big okayand it's really really tall it camealmost up to where I had the mirrorhanging okay this piece ran me around alittle over $2,000 andwhile normally I would be like yeah whatthis piece is a true statement piece inmy opinion is it's true statement pieceI absolutely love it it's a great pieceof furniture I can have this pieceforever okay the table was around $1700once you added up the table and thechair so what that wasn't too bad thatwasn't too bad I could I you know I feltgood about that purchase that's when Iwas like okay but I love me and I didsay that I was only gonna be pickingpieces that I absolutely loved had tohave in my little apartment and I didn'twant to compromise again um sighs sohere's what I've learned sincedecorating this apartment um again thisis a 1,500 square feet of space butbecause I didn't want to choosefurnishings that were on a small scaleor what you typically would see peoplechoose for apartments I wanted tobasically have that house feel and myfurniture reflecting that so I'velearned that you have to in a space likethis when you don't want to overcrowdthe space when you're using like likelots of fabrics like for example theliving room that you guys saw the toreup to two couches the chair and then thepillows which is a lot of textile a lotof fabric but to break that up I use theclear see-through coffee table sort ofthe eyes and flow and then at the end ofit I went from heavy down to light openand airy with the TV stand which ismirrored in the front and then thelittle table over in the corner sothat's how I ended up playing with theweight of larger pieces of furniture andI totally could have went without thesecond couch but I just felt like it wasincomplete like I needed to complete itand I love how it turned out so backover here so the greenery the big treeover here it's from home goods and thistree was like a hundred dollars Ibelieve it's humongous okay that's thetree right there at the top of the treeup there okay you guys not already hadthose two pieces which was also part ofthe driving force for this piece I feltlike it just went with this decor and Istill didn't compromise my glam factorbecause again I'm tying in the Chrome'sthe emos a ixora and very well with therustic carve out gold pieces of artthere that you see and then over hereagain these pieces here I'm playing withSilver's some more of basic bling orglam if you will and then this pieceright here so the circular Americusyou're brand new to this channel youhave no idea like who is she what isgoing on that mirror is from a pier oneokay this big chest right here is from alocal consignment slash furniture storethat sells consigned and new pieces andboth this table and the buffet and thetable were part of the new pieces thesewere actually samples that went to thefurniture market for showing and theywere brought back or they were boughtand now they're being sold so this isthe only one like this one and that wasthe only table like this and then theother table I told you was dark like adark color like a dark gray and thesechairs went with that okay so again letme go over here to my bar car I wanted abar car in this space but I didn't wantone that was going to do a whole lot andyou're probably looking at this one somuch sharing a girlso on this bar first of all let me justsay this this piece right here okay Idon't know if this is really a bar cartor not I saw it it was acrylicsee-through and it had three levels andthe little rolling wheels and thisthat I'm gonna hang on riku towel off ofit when I finally I don't know who was aplant stand or what it was when I saw Iimmediately knew Marquardt for mebecause I'm loving the lucite feel of itwhen she's still giving me my light andairy feel over here and this kind of aheavy dining-room semi heavy but againnot too heavy because the white on thebuffet kind of grounds that black or adark gray color that rustic look thatit's like rustic glam at its finest tome okay these chairs absolutelybeautiful the texture on these chair thefabric on these chairs amazing okay justamazing in there perfect for me soanyway on this bar card I just have myacrylic one my crude wine bottle holderwhich is from Target down here on thisshelf I have pink straws because youknow I love pops of pink I have thisbeautiful crystal bow right here thatI'll be putting like nuts in or candy orsomething like that and inside thismirror jury boxright here is the corkscrew and thebottle stoppers the yeah the wine bottleof wine bottle opener and then the corkthe fancy cooks are put put back in backthat's in here as well and then thislittle lid with the crystal top camewith this so I just I just have it thereand then of course I added some pinkflowers and Indian I try to play withitems that were see-through that youcould barely see through again to keepthe eyes flowing so like the crystal themirror box that you see there thisacrylic being here and then the flowersthat you can see through the vase andjust the Pops of pink and light whitesand then down below I have some fauxlemons and limes for that pop of colorover here sitdown in a bowl just like the one on thetable but smaller and then I just haveit in a one of those little mirror trayswith the edging on it just to add alittle bit more dimension and then Ihave four wine glasses down there andthen two bottles of spring water and ofcourse the napkins the only thing I'mmissing from this bar cart is thecoasters which is fine because I havecoasters all around the apartment sothat is what this looks like is I lovethis little thing like it just sitsright here and I'm gonna hang my littlecute towel off of that that's probablythe most color ever in this apartmentbut I love itand again this is the new space you guysum so that being said I'll be workingover here in the kitchen area next sothat's it that is the dining room touryou guys let me know I know you willdown below what you think I absolutelylove it I wouldn't change a thingbest purchases ever best purchases lovelove love so again let me know what youthink down below where you tricked ofcourse you were everybody will exceptfor the one person that said I know youdidn't choose me the table um yeah sothat's like my most favorite piecesecond to the UH buffet okay guys sowith that being said um let me sit youguys up here I hope I covered everythingin this videookay you sit there no sorry no no mycounter skillsit is a thunderstorm like legit goingdown right now skater oh my understormsokay guys I hope you enjoyed the diningroom for I hope it was fulfilling to youas it is to me leave me a comment downbelow let me know what you think thenext video I gotta say it will be eitherone of the bathrooms or the other guestbedroom I don't know just whatever I getdone as I get it done um you know I willbring out come on here and show youwhatever it feelsum and I have dinner over there so I'mhungryand I'm sleepy and I will see you guysmaybe in a chitchat video just to kindof catch up and just kind of share mythoughts on with you just a little bitone-on-one you know so don't take thisas the official dining room tour I'mabsolutely in love with the space can'twait to sit down here and have my dinnerand a glass of wine here in just a fewminutes okay so I'll see you guys mm-hmmeveryone stay blessed stay positive stepright up don't anybody touch our movesound do something good for yourselffamily and always always always dosomething good for somebody elseum sectional to the end and I'll leavesome pictures for you guys at at theback end and then I'll come back laterand change the thumbnail because I don'twant to give it away okaythat being said see you guys in the nextvideo while[Music]you

Heyyyyyyy Fam hugs everybody i hope you enjoy the video and were inspired in some way….see ya in the next VIDEO

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