Antique Furniture Restoration George explains veneer

Oh bananasMaster how are we extremely welloh good good good this is this some ofyour veneer that surrounds thesehorridly your eyes remember remember thead remember the tree Johnny show thetree yeah yeah Berlin side and howthey're slicing into piecesyep well I thought we do assure you showyou this this is this is one of the baysthis is how it comes see that's itokay because you just slicing piecesevery piece is very very similar gaze oncertain terms like a yeahand so therefore depict in this way whenyou come to Muslim if you simply flipthat over like saw everything falls intoplace nicely right that's and the samething applies to that view then turnthat one around that's great what wasAustralia's impossible that way rightand you get so you lay it all out likethis before you actually get this closeto that the top that you're gonna doyeah I do use the motors we showed youthe mirrors yes yeah yeah but I give youthe idea and that's how they comebecoming a bit flat like that it's greator nice a little bit does never just aslice from the same piece yes it'sactually the same colors same kattilineand you saw that you can buy them be ina roll like this or you can buy themlike furtherwhile to preserve a child okay that'snot depending how big how small it isyeah em we'll give you the pick up seeyou don't get to pick table lengthbecause it is actually a small thingisn't it yeah so if you come across areal decent sized piece you gotta pay alot of money for it because it's sorelaughter yeah well these on fellas Isurprised you quite cheap I'm as yetMira Wowso 34 in the yep okayand there's the sizes of it right oneinches in thatthat's right into any of you sir yeahgreat great tear her when they cook themof course he's a big massive press andthe cut them taller as a puck you knowit's like a soy bit of water big presscaused on there big guillotine comesdown good one at time to do here justcrumble like the ever yeah that beer isthere pressed and then of course you'vegot the Kingston things in themwell as you spray them with water andflatten them down you know flattenitself okay because the end or the glutsand water BS tell you in the ones I usea little water best yeah yeah yeahwhat's the trick okay each time so rightright so no good stack on stage itflattened with water well we are usingwater yeah water-based glue and waterindex yeah yeah yeah but now that that'sbrilliantwhat's a real right cool bananas

Antique Furniture Restoration George explains bur veneer, how its cut and how it is used.
He had to wait ages and it looks great.

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