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[Music][Applause]they're shondaland Simon here from SLSAcademy and I am here to answer yourquestions today all about a career inHome Staging there has never been abetter time to get started in a careerat Home Staging so here's the deal Ijust want to bear with me really quicklyI'm just gonna share this video so thatother people can join us as well I wantto be able to share this video into acouple of Facebook groups so they canjoin us so they're with me for just amoment as I get this done I'm doing myown technology today so so listen I'vegot I've been get a ton of questionsfrom people about becoming a home stagerand that's why I wanted to do a livevideo we have our Black Friday specialgoing on right now and with that we'vehad a ton of people contacting us askingquestions not only about our program butalso asking questions about what it'slike a really be a home stager andthey've got different questions abouthow to transfer into that career andtransition from whatever it is thatthey're doing right now so that's why Iwanted to hop on here live answeringyour questions so if you have a questionabout getting started as a home stagerplease write your question here like Isaid I'm doing this live right now it isone o'clock Eastern TimeI'm planning on being on here for thenext 20 30 minutes or so to answer yourquestions so if you have a question thatmaybe I haven't answered yet anythingthat you've got going on let me know Ido I did kind of stock pile a fewquestions that we do get frequently thatI wanted to make sure that I addressedon here but again every situation isgoing to be unique so you probably haveyour own questions as well so I oftenget the question from people when I'mactually out on a staging job and forthose of you who don't know me I am anactive and practicing home stager myselfas well so I created SLS Academy becauseI saw a real need for this type oftraining program in the industry it's asuper comprehensive program and what Ilove about it is that because it'sonline we deliver the information inbite-sized pieces that are easy tomanage and we have all these checkpointsalong the way to help you to really testthe informationthat you're receiving and make sure thatyou are understand that sign you canhear a little jingling in the backgroundit's my kitty cat so I'm just gonna takeher collar off so she's not distractingeveryone with her jingle bells which arevery Christmasy right now mind you butanyway so so yeah so what I love what aprogram is you know it's it's the waythat the information is delivered nomatter what your learning style is it'sreally well-suited for you but I knowthat one of the big questions that weoften get about it being online ispeople said well I want the in-class youknow I'd rather heavy in class I want tobe able to have that instructor that Ican ask questions to so here's the thingfirst of all inside your online trainingportal you can actually ask anyquestions you have and I will answerthem as well you're part of a Facebookgroup where you can ask questions to thegroup I can answer the questions butalso other students can also help toanswer the questions so this groupconsists sauer RESP members only groupand it consists of people who arecurrently taking the course as well asgraduates of the course so they can helpto answer any questions that you mighthave in regards to a particular moduleor maybe then you've got a situationthat's come up in your own business thatyou want to you know crowdsource someanswers for we have that opportunity aswell you can also always email us sowhat's nice about the online portalthough is that you can learn at any timeso if you've got a hectic schedule youcan put that learning and whenever youwant to and there's no time limit onwhen you have to complete it you cancomplete it you can work at your ownpace and complete it when it'sconvenient to you at the fastest you cando it is 22 days we release 22 modulesover 22 days and this is done on purposebecause in order for you to properlyabsorb the information you need to takeit in in smaller segments I also polledit if you happen to hear what soundslike a baby crying in the backgroundright now that is another cat for anyonewho doesn't know I'm a crazy cat ladyand I'm doing this from my home officetoday so please bear with me our actualoffice gets really really hectic withpeople coming and going so I thoughtit'd be easier to do this from my homeoffice but I was hoping my kitty catswould be a little bit more cooperativeif you hear them or see them on thisbroadcast but like I said I wanted tocome on here and answer your question sohopefully we can cover all that soonline training is definitely one ofthe number one questions that we getpeople that prefer to learn in theclassroom type of study like I said youget all the benefits of that it'sactually even easier I know that a lotof our students English is their secondlanguage so one of the greatest aspectsof the online training is that if youmiss something you can rewind it and youget lifetime access to the course so ifyou ever have you know maybe you you'vecompleted the course you've gone ohyou've done your first consultation likeyou know what there were areas of thisconsultation I feel that really couldhave done betteryou can go back through that module inthe course and review everything ormaybe you kind of forget about someFlorine things that we talked about youcan go back through that module sothat's the nice thing too that you havelifetime access you always have thatinformation at your fingertips and theother thing is that because it's onlineany updates with you to the course aswell you will automatically get againyou have lifetime access so youautomatically get all those futureupdates as well so you're always gettingthe most current information then weemail you and tell you hey by the way weupdate us some things in the course okayso questions we get do I need to have acreative eye for design the answer isyesand if someone tells you otherwise I'msorry I don't agree with that I thinkthat you do definitely need to have somenatural talent the idea is that yourhome stager training will help you toreally hone those skills and really knowhow to put them to the great to greatuse if you have staged your ownproperties for sale you you've probablymade you know you probably only have acreative eye for things which is greatwhat the training does is it helps youto properly utilize that we utilizingthe techniques of home staging to ensurethat you're actually marketing theproperty so it's not just aboutdecorating it it's actually aboutmarketing the property and so the homestaging techniques that you will learnand the different practices of homestaging will help you to be able to dothat not to mention it also the coursewill also teach you the practices ofworking with the homeowner the wholeprocess of doing station I know when Icompleted my home stager training I feltthat was something that wasn't reallycovered thoroughly in my training so thefirst time I was doing a consultation mythought was okaywhich room should I start in howI start the conversation how do Iintroduce myself should I ask them somequestions initially when they call me tobook an appointment what questionsshould I be asking them and then onceI've done the consultation now what do Isend them an estimate how do I send themthat estimate and then what happens thatvary send that how do I run the wholestaging project from start to finish andbook the employees and everybody that Ineed in the truck and everything else sothis course actually takes youstep-by-step through from the verybeginning of every single thing that youneed to know about running theconsultation and the actual stagingprocess itself and you will obviouslytweak that as you go on to suit yourneeds but at least it gives you a reallygood starting point ok so let's see whatother questions do I have here is a homestaging business a low-cost startup thisis something that I think is a bit of amisconception in terms of home staginghome staging starting a business is likeany business it is a business so withthat you requireyou got a registry business sometimesthere's fees that are associated withthat you do have to get insurance evenif you're not planning on owning yourown inventory you need insurance inorder to be able to be secure inentering people's properties they'regonna want to know that you've got aproperly insured companyyou'll need obviously to some generaloffice supplies there's going to be somemileage and everything attached to it soeven if you're not planning on focusingon renting any items and building yourhome stage and inventory there is stilla great deal of expense that is attachedto things you need to create a websiteyou know you need to print somemarketing materials so all in all tostart off you do want to have at least afew thousand dollars because you'll alsowant to pay for your training as welland I know you're probably thinking wellof course I run a training program I'm alittle bit biased when it comes to thetraining aspect but let me tell you whyyou know they hear people often thatthis the money aspect holds them back soI don't have the money to invest incertification so I'm just gonna startworking in the business and then peoplewill pay me and I'll make some money andthen I can use that for thecertification here's a couple of thingsthat are wrong with that first of allhow does you make that money what you'llend up doing is investing it back intothe business the chances of you actuallyspending it on your own education rightoff the bat it's fairly slim because youcan kind of get started working onthings you thinkkeep working on this and then the nexttime I get a job I'll put that towardsmy trainee and then the next time in thenext time you kinda keep putting it offand here's the thing when it comes tothe training it's actually lessexpensive to take the train initiallythen to be writing around in circlesyou're gonna be less efficient forstarters without the training withoutthat direction you're also going tospend a lot of time reinventing thewheel so our training program gives youall the templates that you need to beable to run the business right out ofthe gate you'll have to create all ofthose on your own I know from experienceI am professionally trained as a stagerI am not professionally trained as aninterior designer that said and I can'ttechnically call myself an interiordesigner for the record so nobody throwany sort of trademark issues or legalbattles or anything at me but I do offerresidential design services I wish thatI had gone through training as opposedto just getting out there workingbecause I did a couple of things wrongfor starters I spent more time trying tofind the answers to the questions that Ihad to ensure that I was doing thingsproperly and I ended up making costlymistakes because of it so it cost meboth my time and my money okay now theother aspect of ensuring that you havethe proper training from the get-go isyou'll also price yourself accordinglyyou want to get paid your worth in inorder to be able to charge the fees asan expert and get the industry standardhere's the thing if you're not chargingindustry standard pricing you're notmaking money you might think well I justwant do this for fun you will quicklyrealize that you're not making money andyou're also bringing down the wholevalue of the industry this is anindustry that is going places there hasnever been a better time to get startedas a home stager this industry isgrowing at a rapid pace right now and soit's a great time to get into it so nowyou might also be thinking okay welllisten I don't want to I don't want toopen my own business I want to work forsomeone else which if you had come to mefive years ago and said that I wouldhave said good luck there were very fewcompanies at that time that were hiringemployees nowadays lots more companiesthat are hiring employees so you mightactually get hired to work for anotherstaging company what I can tell youthough is unless you're planning onworking at the stage in a system ifyou're actually just if you're actuallyplanning on working as a home stagerare very few exciting companies thatwill hire you without some sort ofprofessional certification trainingbecause they don't want to train youfrom the get-go okay so that's where thetraining is really going to come in likeI said it's investing in the training upfront will first of all show that youare serious about this as an industry Imean think about your clients from theirperspective hiring you they're hiringyou for your expertise on their largestinvestment they put a ton of money intotheir house and it's hard for them totrust anyone with that so if they'retrusting someone who hasn't got theproper training for starters and hasn'tmade that investment in their ownbusiness it's a hard thing to put yourlargest asset into somebody's hands likethat okay so just something to consideranyway okay let's see what otherquestions do I normally get here oh Ioften get this how much money can I makeas a home stager this is my one of myfavorite questions actually because Iget a lot of people that say to me howmuch money can I make it not only howmuch money can I make as a home stagerbut they'll say to me can I actuallymake money as a home stager and here'show I think that's hysterical becauseI'm doing this as a full-time job and Ihave been for a number of years I'vebeen a stager for 10 years I've beenfull-time at it for I want to say fiveor six years now I think it was 2013 Ithink I'm just over five years going onsix years now that I thought I wentcompletely out of so for anyone who'swondering I was working actually had awhole corporate career before this and Ileft the corporate world went back tobartending full-time and I was stillmanaging one shift a week about five anda half years to go by the time I finallygave up the restaurant I was given awaythat shift most times so I was barelyneeding that extra job I just kind ofkeep it as my security blanket so notonly have I been full-time paying all ofmy own bills with this but I haveemployees as well who cover their billsand they do this full-time as well so ifyou're wondering if you can make acareer out of this and really makeenough money to be able to supportyourself and your family absolutely Ihave several friends in this industry infact whose husbands have quit their jobsto join them in the business okay ortheir wives have quit their jobs forthat matter joinin the business and so they're nowcovering the full salary of both ofthese basically so you can definitelyhave a very lucrative career in HomeStaging now if you're saying well homestage is not very popular in my areaI've I've heard it all like you can youcan give me every excuse for why youdon't think that you can be successfulas a stager I'm here to tell you you canbe with the right training with theright education and I will give you sometips hang with me for a little bit I'mgonna give you some tips on how to makesure that you are a successful homestager but absolutely if if stage is notpopular in your area then there hasnever been a better time to get startedas a home stager be one of the firstones I was one of the first ones in myarea to offer home staging servicesso now when I actually had atelemarketer called me that day tryingto tell me they can get me on the firstpage of Google and like honey take alook at Google I'm already on the firstpage oh that's greatare there any specific terms thatanybody has to enter into anythingsomewhat related to home staging orinterior design or interior decoratingin Kitchener Waterloo Ontario that'swhere I come up for doing doesn't knowwho didn't catch onto the ice and I amCanadianjust slightly that I grew up across fromDetroit so I feel them a little Americansometimes but anyway so I told her youknow I said listen I'm already on firstpage of Google doesn't matter how yousearch for my type of company I'mguaranteed to come up on the first pagepart of that is because I've been aroundfor 10 years so with that I've got somestabilityGoogle's known me for quite a whileright and I've always been and that'sone of things that I do teach in thecourse is how to make sure that yourwebsite does get found how to optimizeyour search engine results it is harderand harder to do now mainly becausethere's so many websites out there 10years ago when I started my website theywere barely another any other websitesout there in the world in general andnow I mean there's billions of them sodefinitely something to keep in mind butin any case if you're thinking thatstation is not super popular in yourarea right now and you're thinking oh Ican't really make a real go at it we dotalk about it a little bit in the coursebut here's a couple of tips so you wantto do is you want to focus on educationso instead of worrying about trying tosecure all these jobs those will comeyou just say establish yourself as theexpert inarea on not only home stage it's notjust about home staging you are a homeselling marketing expert okay so you areyou marketing expert when it comes tohomes you position yourself that way andthere's ways you can get into thedifferent real estate offices and talkto the different agents you get to knowthem and get on their radar so they willstart hiring you so say if you got anyquite specific questions feel free toask them here what I'm doing is I'm kindof going through some of the questionsthat we get quite often and some of thequestions I've come up this weekendspecifically we've got our Black Fridayspecial on right now so if you sign upfor our RESP certification trainingprogram so that's for becoming a realestate staging professional it's yourcertification through SLS Academy if yousign up for that before Monday you canget our black friday offer whichincludes our business of staging coursewhich is a five hundred ninety ninedollar value get our business of stageof course absolutely free you're alsogoing to get a stager swag t-shirtthere's a couple of different teachersso we have depending on which one youknow what you how you sign up for itwill determine which one you get butthey're really cute designs they saythat your home stager basically and theyreally help to showcase who you areright from right out of the gate as wellyou'll be entered in for a chance to wina free iPad that's right a real AppleiPad in all compliments of SLS Academyso you want to make sure you sign upbefore Monday to take advantage of thiswhole offer okay so let's see oh this isa great question that we get sometimesabout our program specifically if youtake our program what additional feescan you expect down the road now this issomething you want to you if you'rereviewing a couple of different stage ortraining programs this is a reallyimportant question to ask them what sortof additional fees whether it's amembership fee or renewal fee should Iexpect down the road a lot of times yourcertification can actually expire okayin SLS Academy we yours it never expiresnot only does your certification neverexpire but you have lifetime access tothe training material including futureupdates so there are no additional feesonce you have registered as for a realestate staging professionalcertification training programonce you're registered there are noadditional fees related to the courseyou may choose to take some additionaltraining courses down the road that areoutside of the what's it alreadyincluded but inside our course wealready include our client care packagefor no additional charge our webinarreplay all-access pass which means youget every webinar replay for free so youalready get a lot of that included withyour corpse ok let's see what else I gothereI think that part we've already coveredokay so um if you have been interestedin home stage and design you you readall the homes the home design magazinesyour costly rearranging your own livingroom you love shopping at the home goodsstores you're probably very well suitedalready for a career at Home Stagingwhat I think a lot of people love aboutHome Staging is it's a great way tomonetize your passion for the home withwithout the same sort of extensive anddaunting training that interior designcan bring now you do want to weigh outif you want to become an interiordesigner you should take the interiordesign training again don't do it theway that I did it I would neverrecommend that someone goes intointerior design without getting formaltraining but the same way that I don'trecommend get into staging withoutformal training but if you're if you'rethinking that interior design is notwhere you want to go really depends onwhat you're looking forHome Staging can be very gratifying it'skind of that instant gratificationaspect to it where interior design cantake months if not years sometimes tocomplete a project and then even stillsometimes it never feels completedsometimes you know there's littlelingering things that are just kind ofoutstanding that just never quite seemto be done and and off and completed sowith staging there's a much more it's amuch quicker turnaround on things youget to see a results a lot quickeryou're really helping homeowners in avery stressful time of their lives so Ilove working with people that's onething that definitely drew me to HomeStaging was I saw that I had thisnatural gift that I could just reallyturn this into a real you know realspecified skill and help homeowners Icould be causing I could be helping themto move on and to get out of one of themost stressful times of their lives anddo so in a way that that they that canreally help them and do so in a way thatyou know they like they normally like meafter I left there for starters so Ithink I've gotso she'll welcome she'll says what is arealistic investment one needs to get astaging business going very goodquestionso I could I could kind of mention thisearlier so if you in case you missed itby all means feel free to review throughbecause I might I might have mentioned acouple things earlier that I might beabsolutely sticky now but when it comesto your investment in becoming a homestager so first of all of course thereis a training aspect of it and thetraining cost itself the investment thatyou have in training can vary from onetraining program to the next you want todo your research and see what all isincluded but in addition to that thoughthere are a number of startup costs thatcome with the home staging business sofor starters you do not need to own allof your own home staging them and foryou to start off this is one of themisconceptions I think that people areafraid they've got to spend tens ofthousands of dollars to get their owninventory that is not necessary howeverI definitely wouldn't call home staginga low cost investment to start it as abusiness because at the end of the dayit's a business just like everythingelse it's a business and I want to makesure that you are if your entry into thehome staging industry I want to showthat you're entering with your eyes wideopen so you don't want to give you somesort of false promise and say hey youknow you don't really need to spend anymoney on anything because the truth ofmatter is you do so for starters you'regonna need obviously some officesupplies I'm a standard you know withany business you're gonna need insuranceto get your business here so technicallyit is not illegal to operate yourbusiness without insurance but Ihonestly can't understand why anyonewould you need to cover yourself in theliability standpoint if you're enteringinto someone's home they're gonna wantto know that you are fully insured younever know what's going to happen youcould end up accidentally tripping whileyou're at the consultation you could endup in a situation that you're feeling alittle bit compromised you could end upmaybe their dog bites you or whateveryou know there's a lot of differentthings I come come with things and youwant to show that your your work in afully registered business in addition tothat you'll want to go obviously get awebsite up and running a fairly low costif you to do websites you can do youknow full WordPress website customdesign there's also a lot of greatwebsite builders out there now there'sWix Weebly Squarespace that are fairlyinexpensive usually a few hundreddollars a year a WordPress site is alittle bit less than that but then youhad to pay for your hosting see I buyyour domain you've got to get a properemail address usually that can come withyour website fairly easily as well butthere's some expenses of course attachedto that and then I don't care whatanybody says about going to a paperlesssociety at the end of the day we stillneed paper we still need business cardsyou're gonna want some sort ofpromotional flyer or brochure orpostcard to be able to advertiseyourself and then you also want to makesure you're branding your company alittle bit too and I get into this alittle bit further in the business ofstaging course what all branding is andbrain doesn't have to be a significantinvestment but you will want to makesure you are putting some money aside tobe able to pay for some aspect ofmarketing you'll also want to look atjoining some of your local associationstoo there's local and nationalassociations specifically I'm a memberof the real estate staging Associationand I love everything but real estatestaged association is doing for theindustry essentially they're like thereare trade organizations so similar tothe National Association of Realtorsthat's how we've got risa and what Ilove about risa is it helps to reallyadd credibility to your name as well soif you're just starting out it willconnect you with other home stagers thatyou can bounce ideas off of you canpotentially collaborate with in yourlocal areathere's a huge significant help but inaddition to that there's also theopportunity to just add that credibilityto your name you get to use their logoon your business cards on your websiteso there is an investment in themembership fees for that and of courselike I said any business it requires aninvestment so in above and beyond thetraining your insurance you know youryour overall supplies are overheadyou've got it your cell phone usage isprobably going to go up you need to havea reliable internet you know all ofthose are part of things obviously notto mention a reliable vehicle themileage attached to that so essentiallyyou want to make sure that you have atleast a few thousand dollars at minimumfor starting off we actually do gothrough in our course I'm indeed in abit more detail all the different costsassociated in the business of stagingcourse which right now if you sign upfor a Black Friday offer we're givingaway our businessstaging course for free so it covers allthe different things that you may nothave thought of when it comes to feet sothings like our gonna hire a bookkeeperI have a bookkeeper it makes my life alot easier it's a small investment thatfrees up my time to work in my businessare you going to hire someone to do yoursocial media for you you'll want to havecontracts and would you actually giveyou the contracts some sample contractsin the course however you have to keepin mind that every state city countryfor that matter has differentregulations so you will want to ensurethat you have that contract reviewed bya lawyer so initially there's a numberof things that you're going to want toinvest in here's the thing gone are thedays where home stages are consideredpillow fluffers essentially home stagersare running serious businesses and ifyou're not willing to run a seriousbusiness as well you will get leftbehind okay so you do want to make surethat you have a nice amount of moneythat you can invest initially in gettingyour business going and then you'll wantto ensure that you are continuallyreinvesting back into your business aswellany other questions that's a really goodquestion though Thank You shel any otherquestions you guys have let me know likeI said I've got a few more questionshere that we've been receiving this weekso and if you harab what I'm actuallygonna do is in case you're interestedthis check out our offer our blackfriday offer styled listed sold calm forAsajj rock Black Friday I can scooptoday so just posted a link there onthis video so feel free to check thatout and see all that our offer holds foryou let's see I think that money isprobably one of the biggest things thatdoes tend to hold home stages back didyou know that a lot of banks will offeryou a small business loan to start yourown business a lot of times localmunicipalities will as well so you cantalk to you your local government to seeif there's any sort of grants availablesometimes there's federal or stategrants available as well for startingyour own business because you'reessentially adding to the overalleconomy of your city so there'sdifferent opportunities out there shortof thatin order to get that money you can likecity like for the for the trainingitself of certification training we doaccept credit card put it on your creditcard I'm not asking you to go intosignificant debt to get started what I'msaying is that this is an investment andyou will make this money back I assureyou but having a little bit of businessdebt to start off with is it not ahorrible thing you can also check talkto you family and friends and see if youcan borrow some money temporarily ifyou're not comfortable taking out a lineof credit or putting things on yourcredit card but like I said a businessloan is definitely not uncommon to helpyou to get started so I think and theother part of it is - now this is notapplicable for a Black Friday offer butwe do offer a payment plan where you canpay in three installments unfortunatelyyou cannot get promotions like this bypaying installments but if it'ssomething that you're interested in youcan get started right away get fullaccess to the course and then you payfor it in three installments so justsomething to consider anyway I did say Iwas gonna give you some tips forbecoming a successful home stager so letme talk about a few things for thatnumber one never stop learning there'sit doesn't matter what training programyou take initially I shouldn't itdoesn't matter I mean obviously I thinkmine is the best but I mean there aresome quality programs out there what I'msaying is that regardless of whichprogram you initially take for yourcertification training whether theyoffer additional continuing education orin Cape maybe there's other people thatyou know other other training providersthat have some continuing educationcourses that you're interested in maybeit's some local business courses youwant to take maybe your local businesscenter is offering a course on socialmedia whatever the case may be neverstop learning attend conferences attendevery event that you can get your handson where you can an opportunity to learnagain it doesn't have to be industryrelated but it can be I go to the Risaconvention every summer well sorry itwas just recently moved with summer butevery year I go it's now in July end ofJuly in Las Vegas you get a trip to LasVegas out of it but that's an investmentthat I put into you better in mybusiness and learning so I highlyrecommend doing that if in order to besuccessful so take your business courseto stay continue education courses wealso through SLS Academy we offer anumber of webinars you'll see a lot ofdifferent webinars online sometimesoffered by different training providersand different business professionalssign up for every one you can possiblyget your hands on these can provide somereally good usefulTibbits of information and then takeadditional courses where you feel thatyou need a little additional help aswellanother tip to being successful get paidyour worth make sure you're chargingindustry standard pricing for yourbusinessnot only because it does actually pulldown and devalue the whole industry as awhole but also because it is not aninexpensive thing to run run and operatea home staging business especially asyou as you grow I have employees on myteam and one of the things that I saywhenever someone says to me that mypricing is high say well my pricing isfair because I pay my employees a fairwage and I always want to ensure that Ican I can make sure my employees havefood to feed their families and a roofover their heads and I never want themscrimping and saving because they can'tafford to do something because I haven'tcharged enough money for their work thatI can't pay them enough money right soespecially as your business continues togrow your overhead will increaseespecially if you decide to invest ininventory invest in inventory can makeyou a ton of extra money versus rentingbut you can be very successful withrenting as well without the hassle andthe headache and the overhead that comeswith owning all your own stuff that saidyou're putting money into somebodyelse's pocket still when you're doing itso it's great when you're first startingout I do recommend eventually switchingif that's the model you want to go intoif you want to go into staging largehouses full vacant houses that's abetter way to do it that said that's notthe only way to do it okayokay so let's see oh if you're currentlyworking full time and you're interestedin in pursuing Home Staging and alwayssure how to transition over that's somethat actually get a lot soif you're working a corporate job it canbe a little bit more challenging but seewhat you can work out with yourcorporate job and see if there's any waythat you can actually scale back yourhours maybe you get every Friday off orsomething it's difficult if you'reworking a standard nine-to-five job tomanage the business as well but it's notimpossible so you can you know work yourevenings work your weekends and thenlook at trying to get you can go down toa four-day Work Week talk to youremployer I do recommend being as honestas possible with your employer and letthem know the direction that you want togo in most employers will support you inthat direction assuming that it's notcompetitive to what you're doing but ifyou find that your current work hoursare simply not going to be conducive toallow you to start the business andbuild the bins that you want you dostill want to study pay check look atchanging to a temporary part-timeposition that will allow you to focusyour energy on your job for myself itwas bartending bartending was super easyfor me because I had done it all throughuniversity and through the beginnings ofmy previous career so what I actuallydid was I worked every Friday nightSaturday night Sunday daytime and Mondayevening if you think about itessentially I pretty much work theweekends I could take clients on Mondaysduring the day and any other day duringthe week day or evening it also allowedme to take clients on a Saturday morningif I wanted to I mean did it mean that Iwas I was burning the candle at bothends sometimes it did I will admit thatyou do want to be careful with that butyou can pace it out a little bit so thatyou're not overwhelming yourself it'syou know and as you build the businessscale back on on the other job so thatone's paying for the other essentiallypart of the reason why I kind of burnedthe candle at both ends was because Iwanted to own all of my own inventoryand I wanted to buy a ton of it rightout of the gate which I did so I couldfurnish full houses and I started makingmy money back very quickly on itso it was done strategically but you dowant to be careful make sure that youare being mindful as well and allowingyourselves a view of families especiallyI know this is a big thing do you havefamilies you can work your hours aroundyour family to an extent as well youjust want to make sure whateverpart-time job you take allows you to dothat and then treat your business like abusiness so even if you don't haveclients you want to make sure thatyou're if you if you're not working withclients you want to spend some time on aregular basis on a weeklydaily basis working on the businessbuilding those connections attendingevents where your real estate agentshanging out you'll find them go hang outwith them wherever they are if they'reat a golf term and hang out with them ifthey have a pub that they they always goto hang out with them if there's afunction going on some sort of gala orevent or whatever go hang out with themthere's definitely ways that you cankeep growing your business even when youdon't actually have a lot of business tostart off with let's see uh-oh I getthis sometimes I'm not very organized soI might really be really good at runningmy own business I won't lie to you itdoes take a certain organization factorin order to be in order to run a stagingbusiness to be able to grow it properlybut you don't have to be as OCD as wellI am and anyone who knows me knows I'mkind of the organization Queen and Iknow that's sometimes verycounterintuitive I suppose to what youthink a creative person would be so mostcreative peopleour brains are kind of going all overthe place in mind does that to you I'vejust found ways to hone in on that andreally to be able to put everything ontopaper so I get I have lots of checklistand lots of tools to get things out ofmy head and onto these paper and thathelps to organize me so one thing thatI've done in the course that I createdis I've given you a lot of thosechecklists in fact pretty much everysingle one of those checklists I'vegiven to you and I give you tips on howto run your business on a day to daybasis to get you organized from out ofthe gate and this is one of the biggestmisconceptions to use when you're firststarting out you don't think to trackcertain things and you don't reallythink well I don't really need aninvoicing program I don't need a CRMprogram I can use tools for having thoseprograms and having things in place assoon as you start so you're not havingto backtrack once you do get busy that'sdefinitely the key part of the key forit for sure let's seeand Oh business plan um I'm starting abusiness there really need a businessplan so one of the things that we'regiving away with the Black Fridayspecial right now is our business ofstaging course you get it free when yousign up for our RESP certificationtraining so you get everything you needto become a certified home stager aswell as the business of staging coursewhich gets you started in launching yourbusiness and it literally walks youthrough step by step through yourbusiness plan this is incrediblyimportant to any business and it'ssomething that I did not do as well whenI first started my business and I spentabout two years kind of running aroundin circles let me tell you a little bitabout why my business almost failed andthis is often surprising to people surewhy would you want to learn from someonewhose business almost failed in thefirst two years because I've learnedfrom my mistakes and obviously I'mrunning a successful business now like Isaid I am still an active and practicinghome stager I have two other stages onmy team we're working on hiring thethird right now I also have an interiordesigner that works with me as well asan office assistant in addition ofcourse to our staging assistance ourmovers and such so I'm writing afull-fledged staging firm staged anddesign business that said it almostdidn't happen I almost didn't have thisbusiness I almost lost it all and acouple of critical mistakes that I mademy first two years of business so onewas that I thought that when I openedthe doors the business people would justflock to me they would just be liketripping over themselves and trippingover each other to come and hire me andthat wasn't the case I didn't realizethat there was a little bit of a salesaspect to it so it is something that Iactually do cover in the course is howto sell yourself because sellingyourself is very different than sellinganother product because I can tell youall about this new vacuum that I justbought and I could tell you everyfeature about it and why it's superamazing and why you have to find one -and you'll probably go running out andbuy it but when I tell you that you needto hire me what a people a lot of peopledo is you tend to kind of downplay justhow awesome you really are and how greatyour service is because it's kind ofharder to talk about the benefits ofwell you so that was one of the mistakesthat I made I'm actually a vegetarianand workedsteakhouses and other restaurants thatsold like major meat type featureproducts and I sold them the bejesus outof them like I I couldn't I sold I wonevery contest for her selling the mostdinner futures constantly and part of itwas because I would take the time tounderstand what it was that I wasselling and I would describe it peoplein a way that they just couldn't resistbuying it but when it came to my ownbusiness I was like oh I'm a naturalsalesperson obviously I can do this Idid here's part of the reason why Iwasn't able to sell myself as well itwasn't just that part of me had someself-confidence issues that maybe I'mnot as awesome as I think I am at thisjob but the other part of it was alsothat I had failed to properly definewhat it was that I was doing therethat's where your business plan comes inI didn't know who my target clients weregoing to be and if I didn't know who myclients were gonna be how the heck was Isupposed to find them I didn't have anyany clear marketing message to them Ididn't know you know when I was talkinglike I'm a home stager I helped you sellyour house for for more money and fasterthat's cliche nobody wants to hear thatinstead now when I talk to some you knowwhen you see an assistant I'm a homestager what I do is I am a marketingexpert I work with homeowners at one ofthe most stressful times in their liveswhile they're selling their home and Ihelp them to create a marketable productthat's ready for sale to make the wholeprocess of selling a lot easier on themI give them a detailed checklist oneverything that they can do to help toimprove their chances of selling notonly faster but for the maximum amountof mine they possibly can and they loveme for it so which person would yourather hire right when you're comingfrom a place of passion and we're comingfrom a place of of real expertise thatyou really understand exactly what yourworth is and who you are and what you'reoffering it's so much easier to sell sothese are all things that I teachthroughout the course as well as in ourin our private membership groups as welland I'm constantly adding to the courseas well so okay let's see what else canI dooh I have I've had a few people thathave contacted me this week - listen Ireally want to take your course but Idon't have time right now to take yourcourse so here'sbeauty of it there is no time limit onwhen you can complete the course butthere's also never been a better time toget started than now so here's the thingif you think you might have a fewminutes to spare here now we give youthe information a very bite-sized piecesso you don't need a lot of time to getthrough it so why are you putting off totomorrow when you can be doing todaydon't regret tomorrow that you didn'tget started today right so in thisspecial that we're offering for theBlack Friday we don't offer this everydaythis is a once a year thing every yearwe you know it I I'm always amazed byyou know everything that we Jam intothis I said you can win a free iPad comeon who doesn't want to win a free iPadreally so please please please pleaseplease do not delay do not miss out onthis offer I'm telling you if you cometo me next Tuesday and ask me for thesame offer I'm not gonna offer it to youthis is only for Black Friday it's alimited time and we do this once a yearto help people like you to get into theprogramnow when you really want to get into itand I said even if you don't have thetime to get started today doesn't matteryou have lifetime access to the surgeonyou no limit on when you can complete itbut at least you can get started okaylet's see I think that pretty muchcovers most of the questions that Ireceive so if anyone has any otherquestions about anything that you buttell me what's holding you back frombecoming a home stager or tell me youknow if you are working as a home stageror any other advice you can offer toanyone about getting started and youknow what what it took for you or anytips of advice definitely wouldappreciate that but if anyone else hasany other questions please just typethem in the box below comment on thisand I'm happy to answer your questions Icould stick around for a few moreminutes[Music]but hopefully this helped to answer alot of questions that you guys had likeI said you don't want to miss out on theBlack Friday special oh we have it'sonly until end of day on Mondayand I'm really hoping that you'll comeand join us I'm really excited to havesome new members to our REO speakcommunity you've already had some peoplesign up that they got the early birdthat we did over the weekend and thankyou so much welcome to our new members Ican't wait to get you guys started so ifyou already like I said you alreadyworking as a home stager and you want toadd some tips or advice by all meansfeel free to to add your two cents onthis video as well and tell peoplewhat what is it you love about being ahome stager and any any tips and adviceyou can give them for getting started aswelldo your research though I mean here'sthe here's the deal I suppose the CADamis training program may not be theright training program for you ourprograms been designed to accommodatepretty much every teaching style outthere but it is also designed for peoplewho are motivated and really want tostart their own home staging businessyou can definitely take the course evenif you plan on working for someone elseit gives you the full comprehensive insand outs of everything so if you knowthere's pockets of things that you don'tknow or you don't know what you don'tknow our course will cover it okayall right well I think that's about itthen at least if you have any otherquestions feel free to throw them onhere I'm happy to answer them as wellI'm going to be in the office for thenext couple of hours for the day sodefinitely make sure that I'm checkingback on here and answering any questionsthat you have you're also always welcometo email us at info at styled listedsold you know it's 100 with SL s standsfor so info at stylistics old comm getin touch with us check us out on ourwebsite stylus is sold comm for massageBlack Friday will get you our currentBlack Friday offer like I said it'spretty incredible you get a chance towin an iPad you get a stager swag shirtfree business of staging course craploadof stuff basically over 700 where thestuff free stuff for you so do check itout and if you have any questions pleaselet me know so thank you so much toeveryone who joined me today and I hopethat you all enjoy the rest of yourbeautiful afternoon or morning dependingon which side of the country you're onthank you everyonetake care[Music]you[Music]

Originally aired on Facebook Live Nov 20, 2018.

Are you thinking about a career in home staging, but not sure what to expect? Want to know more about the certification process? In this video Shauna Lynn Simon, Founder of SLS Academy, provides you with answers to the most popular question that she receives about becoming a home stager, including what sort of investment it takes to get started, how to transition from a current career, and so much more! Plus, she provides some great tips for how to become a SUCCESSFUL real estate staging professional. If you love home decor, re-arranging spaces, and working with people, you need to check this out.


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