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Amazing Luxury Interior Designers from Design Diva

hey guys how's it going yeah I keeptelling you we're gonna redefine the repmodel and it just seems likeeverything's been going so well sinceNovember when we opened I was talking toPatricia over an autistic and she hadmentioned that Nathalie and Lawson werehere in Florida and we just happened tocome down for vacation and we happen tomeet here at a Starbucks they run anamazing interior designer firm but thecool thing is lost in here has bothinterior design and tech knowledge Imean it's really a great blend of what'sgoing on and I just want to introduceyou guys because you're going to beseeing a lot of these guys on ourwebsite I want to introduce you feel anddesign Eva hi I'm Nathalie I'm withdesign diva I'm the interior designerI really love it give me some projectexamples I mean I saw that one RitzCarlton I'm gonna brag a little bit yeahI've done the Ritz Carlton in Moscowdone their restaurant in their bar I'vedone spas I've done dental clinics I'vegot schools I've done she's being modestit's annoying so I'm gonna put somelinks down below some of theseabsolutely beautiful pictures I mean Isaw this mirror I don't it was just lookat the links down below and Lawson youwork with Crestron you work with Lutronokay I work with the acoustic I did notsound and audio-visual worked for someamazing companies in the world like kidsduring demand which is bought byby Cisco and I'm here with the designalways because people did not understandthis I'm always design you've got to seeit and hear it at the same time sothat's why I had a more technical fordesign evolving down there the kite theclient what you need so these these guysare nervous I just dragged them out fora video I did spit I mean everything'syou Bob and you guys know we talkedabout the smart home and all this goodstuff in the way tech is emerging soquickly hook up with Lawson and have atechnologist and an interior design atthe same point he doesn't know howpopular he's gonna be in about sixmonths to design luxury calm so I'mgonna put again on the bottom of thelinks the book we just looked at isabsolutely beautiful it's like nothingyou guys understand as far as interiordesign and we'll be seeing a lot more ofthese guys all right so welcome to we'realways Stuart Florida we're sucking upthe Sun and again we're gonna get themon the home tech Expo a podcast andlearn about more about what they do allright guys your information again thewebsiteCheersthank you thank you see you soon allright

Had the opportunity to meet up with Natalie and Lahsen of Design Diva, an ultra-high-end interior design firm with plenty of amazing projects we will be discussing. Check out their amazing work here Lahsen is also skilled in home automation which really sets them apart from other design firms.

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