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[Music]hi there I'm Cornelius crouppen andwelcome to all about property whenputting your home on the market you wantit to stand out between all the otherproperties that are also for saleespecially in a buyers market and oneway of doing this is through conceptcalled home staging where strand realestate professional Hanna lien LaRueexplained exactly why staging your homecould lead to a quicker sale[Music]and indeed welcome to all about propertyThank You Cornelius now Home Staging isvery popular and it's been aroundoverseas for a long time but relativelynew in South Africawhat exactly is Home Staging HomeStaging is the process of neutralizingyour home so that it appeals to abroader market what's the differencebetween home staging and interior designinterior design is personalizing yourproperty personalizing your home yourtastes your look and feel we homestaging is totally the opposite it isneutralizing this space taking yourselfout of the property so that it appealsto a broader market and the buyer canidentify with the property beta so whenyou say neutralizing the space is itwhat like like a hotel room almost likea Nutella room yes that is that isalmost the space we want to createbecause everyone can identify with itit's not a personal place and that'swhat those staging is taking yourpersonal taste out of the equation yesand letting allowing more and morepeople to to identify when they come viathe box exactly that is exactly that nowthere are a lot of perceptions are therearound home staging some people feelit's only for the upper end of themarket others feel it's a very expensiveprocess what are your thoughts aroundthese perceptions home stagingdefinitely need not be an expensiveexercise on the contrary it is seldomthat I advise sellers to go to greatexpense at that point in time you knowpeople sell for different reasons and ifit's a distressed situation youdefinitely don't want to put the sellerin the situation we need to spend moremoney so no it does not need to be anexpensive exercise cleaning declutteringdoing the basic things is going to go avery very long way in getting theproperty sale ready now let's talk aboutsome of these recommendations that youmake to your to your clients firstly youbelieve in the philosophy that if youwant to say ohm successfully less ismore at this absolutely true youdeclutter is rule number one so yourworkbenches your workspaces in yourkitchen is going to be clean yourbathrooms are going to be clean andnothing standing around so what do thebrushes do now its hide everything awayhotel room scenario where you don't seeanything in the kitchen fresh fruit onthe dining table fresh flowers and itlooks amazing in in the pictures lightfresh light coming into a property inthe property so on a show day definitelyno animal smells fresh linen on thebeats fresh fresh everything just tocome back to what you mentioned earlierabout neutralizing the space what do youdo with your wedding photos against thewall the photos of your grandchildren onthe piano where do you go with all thesethings we know in the selling processthe idea of the selling process is thatyou're gonna move so start packing okaythat's that's a yes so you you keepboxes and that that's really what Iadvise sellers to do I'm not saying packeverything away but you know we getsellers where the whole house is full ofstuff and pictures and it's that is howit is it's your personal intimate spaceand it's perfectbut once we enter into a sale processyou have to also cut from the house youhave to move art mentally and that'spart of the mental processbacking up start packing up yes now whyis an uncluttered look so so importantto a buyer if when they walk into thathouse it's very difficult is to identifywith a property if all you see issomeone else's stuff around and the moreneutral it is the more clean it looksthe easier it is to say oh yes I canlive thee and you also recommendationsaround cleaning and maintenance what doyou mean with that cleaning is soimportant besides decluttering cleaningas this is the second thing no one likesa dirty place you know and you spot itby a mile cleaning work goes withcleaning the air cleaning the yard sothat it appeals to everyone it attractsmore buyers now again I I can move thatextra couch or the table but we don't gowith these things that that I move upyou know sometimes these space in agarage garage is more less a storagespace so we don't need a clean showroomnecessarily we the only thing that yousee is to cause that that's not what agarage is so yes maybe these space in agarage or short term get a storage unitsso they are feely non expensivesolutions aren't they and give away payit forward give away to these lots ofcharities that would accept yourdonations with open arms so it's also anopportunity to to declutter your lifeabsolutely and do you see a bettersuccess rate in homes that have beenstaged absolutely up to 70 percentremember only about 20% of people havethe ability to visualize themselves in aspace in an empty space very few peoplecan visualize furniture or where theygoing to place things if it's completelyempty the same goes with a placethat's over cluttered they can'tvisualize themselves living the thee orseeing themselves the if it's soclutterednow just in closing AnnaLynne what wouldyou say to the seller who says to youyou know what I want to solve but Ireally don't have the time the energy orthe money to go through this whole HomeStaging process what would you say tothat person are you really ready to sellbecause if you're really ready to sell Iwill assist you you know we you aregoing to as I've said before you aregoing to move do you really want to moveare you ready to sell you know find mein a month or two when you've taken thatfinal step because actions speak louderthan words and it's small efforts thatcan really really assist in getting abetter outcome for you well I'm alunatic lovely chatting to you thank youvery much thank you for doing this thankyou[Music]

The most important thing you can do to prepare your home for sale is to get rid of clutter. Make a house rule that for every new item that comes in, an old one has to leave. One of the major contributors to a cluttered look is having too much furniture. When professional stagers descend on a home being prepped for market, they often whisk away as much as half the owner’s furnishings, and the house looks much bigger for it. You don’t have to whittle that drastically, but take a hard look at what you have and ask yourself what you can live without.

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