AEF InterPlus – Short film 5&6 Flat pack furniture

Ohhi there I'm Daniel I've just bought anew bookcaseall I need to do is put it togethershouldn't be difficult after all all Ineed to do is follow the instructions[Music]okay this might not be as easy as Ithought I don't know why I'm surprisedpeople have warned me about flat packfurniture almost everybody has a storyabout complicated instructions andmissing parts but it's incrediblypopular and today most people own atleast one piece of flat packed furniture[Music]so how has this concept come to dominatethe entire furniture industrywell the story begins with a man calledAiry jay sautersolder owned a furniture business inOhio in the 1930s he made benches butwith the spare wood who made smallcoffee tables because Sal de usedleftover wood the tables were cheap buthigh-quality in 1942 traveling salesmannoticed these tables they really likedthem so they took one and displayed itat a Furniture Show in Chicagoa few days later they returned with anorder for 25,000 tables Souda had totransport all of these new tables toChicago so he invented furniture that hecould take apart and put into boxes thismade it easy to transport and peoplecould put it together at home hepatented the idea in 1951 and theready-to-assemble furniture industry wasborn but the idea didn't become popularimmediately five years later a Swedishman named Gilles Lundgren was movingsome furniture he had never heard ofready to assemble furniture and he wasfinding it very difficult to fit a tableinto his car[Music]but then he realized that if he took thelegs off he would be able to put it inthe car and put it together again athome he discussed the idea with hisemployers a small local firm called IKEAand they loved it and decided to focustheir entire business on itIKEA launched their first flat packproduct in 1956 today it's the largestfurniture retailer in the worldgenerating sales of over 27 billioneuros a year so it's safe to say thatthe flat pack concept has been a hugesuccess today almost everybody has aflat-pack wardrobe table or bookcase butdid you know that there are entire flatpack rooms you can have a flat packbedroom bathroomkitchen you can even build an entirehouse out of flat back there are manyreasons why this type of furniture hasbeen successful manufacturers are ableto produce it quickly and transport iteasily so it's cheaper and moreconvenient than other furniture andwhile it might look complicated at firstit is generally very well designed soit's very very easy to put together infact anyone can do it I'm nearlyfinished and I've only been working onit for a few minutes I haven't usedthese bits but they're probably notimportantso what do you think[Music]

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