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Absolutely Comfortable Single Family House with Modern Interior Design

Absolutely Comfortable Single-Family House with Modern Interior Design
Price: $781.96
Comfortable single-family house with usable attic, which combines the traditional shape of the building with a modern interior design. Wiatrołap with a large wardrobe brings us into a spacious, glazed living room and a slightly remote kitchen. On the ground floor, away from the living area, there is a study room, which isIt can also serve as a guest bedroom. Elegantly exposed stairs lead us to the attic, which has three bedrooms, two wardrobes and one bathroom. CE – the design meets energy standards, the project includes all and complete installations, including: water and sewage, electric, central heating. Each project with CE has a calculated energy performance. pracownia-projekty

With the WT 2017 standard (?) Call
Pow. Usable (m 2 ): (?) 167.58
Pow. garage (m 2 ): 27.31
Pow. total (m 2 ): 194.89
Pow. buildings (m 2 ): (?) 178.62
Cubature (m 3 ): (?) 95,00
A depression angle of the roof ( 0 ): (?) 37.00
The height of the building (m): (?) 8.00
Min. Plot width (m): (?) 23.35
Min. Length of the plot (m): 22.65
DOM HO1-08 house design ID pracownia-projekty

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