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A Simple Show: Room Colours?

it was brought to you by tims thisepisode was brought to you by TimHortons always freshcheck yourself bit hello everyonewelcome back to a simple show but yousee Johnny no it's up yeahthanks for eating that play button I'mnot really sure what we're doing thisepisode we never do do we know we justkind of just kind of go with it go withit today today Johnny I thought we wouldtalk about what your favorite room coloris like favorite colors for rooms ohokaylike this room this is the office or thestudio and it's kind of like a lightblue I like a nice light blue what anice like magenta or like a ruby ruby istoo dark red no or black I just want tobe in a black room with no lights that'sa good roof of sleep and that's a goodbedroom color hmmI love dark rooms oh yeah I have a darkgreen roof for my bedroom right now it'sdark green yeah pretty black like it'spretty at night time especially it'sreally dark it's darkyeah I like that dark is cozy dark isgood I like thatbut when you when you have companythey're like why do you who said thatthey're like yeah why are you livingthis cave what am i drinking I thoughtthis was water so why do you bring outroom code what about bathrooms was yourfavorite bathroom color I don't out ofwhite I guess white is your face no Ilike a yellow a lemon yellow nothingyellow bathrooms not is good oh I'vemissed those baths so when you smelllemon I want to feel like you're walkingin a lemon yeahpooping in a lemon alignment I like thatthat's one of the best places to put youknow any in the lemon yeah I'm surewe're we're about kitchen colors which afavorite kitchen color Oh red red justlike straight-upred whoa I've never been in a redkitchen floor what about you how do youtell what color your food is ifeverything's red isn't it isn't it gonnamake your finger look everything looksright in a red room you just use getused to it yeah you see like a cat likea scale is like this is doser pink inthis chicken so how would I know I'm ina red room yeah yeah you're alwaysdouble checking food and you're likestill never tell yeah well okay redthat's good color though what about whatabout for your torture chamber ordungeonwhat's your favorite color for you likefor your tortured you see this is thisis one where I would probably pick likemy least favorite color which is likewhat most of my apartment is right nowand that's like the color of plasterit's like white but like off-whitelike Matt way matte like white and it'sgot like a texture to it it's like aprison wall like a prison wall gray thatwould be a ball gray that that's like atorture room yeah I was thinking aboutthe same thing - yeah I thought so butthen I also thought like I wouldprobably paint something happy and onone of the walls like maybe I got ahappy faceyeah like maybe paint wrong McDonaldthat would be I mean creepier that maybea la creepy that way when people gettingtortured they can look over and see likeRama oh and get even freaked out anymoreyeah that way that way that way they'regetting they're getting tortured butthey also are getting tortured for theircravings for french fries damn I wish Ihad a fryer yeah their body beingtortured yet man when I get out of hereI'm get a big mag no you're not gettingout here what about for the inside ofyour private jet what color is the bestcolor for the inside of your private jetokay inside of my private jet yeah I'dlike to have it uh ooh maybe like amaybe like a green oh yeah I think aneasy green not too hard but I mean likea light green yeah yeah that would thatwould be all right with like blackleather seats oh yeah that'd be sothat's what I don't my jet to be likewhat about the inside of your sleepingbag oh oh uh mines mines grey right nowI don't like great I like black on theinside but I'm not really part ofsometimes I like the UH I think of avelvet like a like a like a like a bloodred oh yeah you like to sleep inside theblood red andyes about the velvet is nice man yeahwhat about the inside of the doghouse Ohcolor should be inside black yeahdo you paint it or you just kind of letthe wood rot black just rot yeah justleave it leave it let it form its owncolor what about what about the bottomof your coffee cup what color shouldthat room be I don't even care what itisno most of our time most of the time Ilike a white bottom of the coffee cupyeah that is a tiny room though it's atiny little yeah four o'clock uh whatwould i I mean if I had to choose maybeI don't know I don't even what would Iwant to look at if I looked at thebottom of my cup what would make mehappy to see gray I don't knowgreat boobies sure yeah dude this goeswith everything that way baby couldmaybe make some people happy yeah Idon't get it I don't get Beach oh itdoesn't make you happy no no no but itmakes some people who just think aboutyour guests that's very kind of it yeahwhat about yeah what about the inside ofthe swimming poolwhat color should that be oh oh yeah skyblue sky blue oh yeah I was thinkingabout having like a big yeah I agreewith sky blue but then on the bottom ofthe pool have a big money sign on thebottom II oh okay yeah yeah that remindsme of GTA yeah I think that was a GTAwasn't the pool in the shape of a dollarbill or something oh it was I think yeahso something to do it I think it was inVice City something like thatwhat about what a good game what aboutthe inside of the rut of your rodentcage ooh um like an even darker beige soit just looks dirty all the time yeah Iknow what you mean almost haha almostbrown like a sandy oh yeah sandy yeahyeah yeah I get that for sure and whatabout the inside of your pickup truck ohI would actually went beige on thepickup truck is really but now we'vebeen going a lot so I don't knowI think we've engaged twice vade yeahit's a lot of beige that's too much butdo too much beige to bottom of my coffeecup in the inside of my rodent cage Iokay much I don't like Bayesian occur atall not even know I don't even come outwe're not going with that I would justsay like we're not going there I wouldjust think black just blind easy blackyeaheasy black is that a color it is now puta coin on that easy black I got the easyblack interior hard black easy no no nono not jet black no not cool yeah thatwas some good questions yeah we askedsome questions we learned some thingsyou guys what let me tell you what timewhat's a favorite what's the favoritecolor for your torture chamber orprivate jet leave us comments in thesection below or don't or whatever Idon't care[Music]silent but deadly[Music]

whats your ideal torture room colour?

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