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A Beautiful Flat Interior Design In Mumbai – Featured in Vogue India!

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Location: World Crest, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Size: 4 BHK spanning 1,450 sq ft approx.
Budget: Rs. 40 lakhs approx

Livspace Team

Interior Designer: Pallavi Goel
Project Manager: Ravindra Panchal

Livspace service: Full home design

The foyer to this fetching apartment houses this rustic beauty, only to lead you to a house full of surprises.

Living Room
The living room is breathtaking with a view to boot! Livspace designer Pallavi Goel has fused different styles, without going overboard. The Victorian accent chairs match the plush upholstered ottoman, while the cream couch adds grace to this space. The red painting adds an element of fire to the room and is the centre point of focus in this room.

Dining Room
Across the living room you will find the muted dining room with light blue upholstered dining chairs. Plenty of natural light seeps in through the arched balcony, that lights up this corner.

Reading Corner
Done up entirely in dark walnut wood finish, this library was carved out of the powder room, which wasn’t of much utility to the couple. Pallavi has given them this pretty reading nook that is complete with ample shelves and cozy seating for some me time!

Balcony with Bar
They converted the front mask of a Tata truck into a bar unit with Pallavi’s help. It’s quirky, unique and customised to stock liquor. Guess what? The headlights actually work!

Master Bedroom
The master bedroom is an amalgamation of elegant and offbeat design aesthetics. On one side, Pallavi has given the couple a rich blue upholstered bed with a cream wall, while on the other side, she has given them a quirky wallpaper with matching accent chairs.

While the kitchen flaunts brick tiles on one side, it sports ravishing red-hued cabinets on the other. Also, the little one can accompany the parents in the kitchen while they cook up a storm, given the breakfast counter that’s been installed.

Guest Bedroom
This guest bedroom is used by the couple’s parents when they visit. Keeping the elderly in mind, Pallavi has given them two comfortable and practical accent chairs right across the bed to enjoy their morning read and coffee. They have been given a TV unit for entertainment while they rest in the room.

Kids Room
The kids’ room is so dreamy, yet so simple. The highlight is the peppy red couch that is essentially used by the parents when they are reading bedtime stories to their little one. The tall unit beside the cot has drawers with fabric on them and holds all the toys within. Convenient and coordinated, the cot and the tall unit play match. Kids would just love this room!

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